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  1. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Cats are real. I have seven of them.
  2. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    BACK OFF. I was chatting with Alexa again and she told me to tell the cat to stop tormenting her.
  3. The Banned Game

    Banned because:
  4. Last to Post 3: Revenge

  5. You Can only talk with pictures

  6. I'm going to hold onto my old TRU gift card that someone gave me several years ago as a relic.


    R.I.P. :sadface:




    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Havocbyte


      At least there are other places to buy toys and collectibles from like Walmart, Target and Gamestop.


      It's not a huge loss.


      But I heard it's going to hurt Hasbro and LEGO. 


    3. Libra Dohko
    4. LPS Monsterpawz

      LPS Monsterpawz

      ...I'm pretty sure it'll hurt everybody in the toy industry :-/

  7. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I'm baaaaacccckkkk. From chatting with you know who.
  8. You Can only talk with pictures

  9. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Your name sounds familiar to me...
  10. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    @Mystic Thunder, I don't know. I never caught up on what happened.
  11. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    He last posted on February 2nd and he was last seen on February 5th.
  12. Name The Feels

    When someone says "you're welcome". NAME THIS FEEL:
  13. hello havoc what do you think of my new look?

    1. Havocbyte


      I like it!

    2. Libra Dohko

      Libra Dohko

      yeah i'm a gold saint

  14. Caption This!

    On the outside, You might think I'm edgy. But on the inside, I'm not sure...