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  1. I never really though of myself as being a member of the furry fandom, though I have been a furry since my senior year in high school when I discovered the work of Dr. Comet (this was back in 1999, and Dr. Comet's work was being distributed between friends using diskettes. Anyone remember those?). They were highly compressed images, so the quality was just subpar, but my heart was stolen. Still, I guess that's different from actually being a part of the furry fandom. Oddly enough, the fandom doesn't interest me that much. I'm finding as I get older, I play fewer and fewer games. Well, no, I have a LOT of games, but I rarely play them. I have mobile games, console games, PC games, you name it, but I'll only play them briefly and cast them aside. I think it's because the style of games that are made and sold today don't interest me as much as when I was a kid and my parents had bought my brother and I a Nintendo Entertainment System (with Mario Bros., and Duck Hunt!). That said, like you, no fandom has gripped me as much as the MLP fandom, not even Star Trek, and I wore Spock ears to a school costume party, and brought a toy tricorder, too (I wish I still had that one!). MLP just blows them all away, and I still feel for the show now as I did for the very first episode. I love my sweet, sincere, pastel ponies. ♥
  2. No, they're not, because if they were, the show would have been ran into the ground or split off into 500 different versions years ago, with each claiming to be more true and authentic than the last. Every fandom has its issues, and in each fandom there are some who cannot tolerate the slightest deviation from their headcanon that they somehow expect the people at DHX to automatically know and act upon. We are outside observers when it comes to the creative process. We get to join in the fun, they even throw some fun inside jokes our way, but we are not the target audience, nor should we be.
  3. LotusTeaDragon

    Any fics you wrote you're no longer proud of?

    My first story I wrote and posted to Fimfiction was back in 2012, and called "Of Clouds, Seeds, and Apple Trees." It is a romance story between Applejack and Rainbow Dash, and it has glaring grammatical errors, and a plot that doesn't really get very complicated. Since then, I've written a grand total of 11 stories (with one on the way in the next six months). I hope that with each one I've improved in my usage of grammar, and in my ability to create better plot development. Am I ashamed of my first story? No. Even with its errors, I wouldn't remove it for the world. It was the first time I published a story that I had put my heart into creating. I even have a clopfic in there, and I'm not ashamed of it, either. I think every story we write is a little piece of us we've decided to share with the rest of the world, and we shouldn't be ashamed of ourselves for who we are. I say roll with it and enjoy it.
  4. LotusTeaDragon

    If MLP were TV-Y7.

    Everything I love about MLP:FIM already exists within the guidelines of the current rating. I think raising the TV rating would allow for a greater level of cynicism to bleed into the show, and I most definitely don't want that to happen.
  5. LotusTeaDragon

    Kiss the above you

    I'm pansexual. Guys, women, non-binary, it's all good.
  6. LotusTeaDragon

    Kiss the above you

    *kisses Toki Zensekai on the cheek*
  7. LotusTeaDragon

    what was your first MLP fanfic

    Yeah, I found a number of fantastic stories in the fanfic community. There are well written stories from amateurs just futzing around that surpass some of the novels you can buy in bookstores. One wouldn't expect that kind of quality from folks just doodling around in their favorite universes, but I became a believer after I read my first fanfic. As a result, I tried my own hand at it. There's a rich and varied universe of fictions out there, something for everyone and to every taste, if people just give them a chance.
  8. I'm into lots of things, but the only thing I was into before MLP that could rival my love of MLP was Star Trek. I have been a Star Trek fan since the tender age of 4 (back in 1984 when you had to watch a TV broadcast when it aired or you'd miss it for a week). Compared to my love of MLP, though, Star Trek pales. I loved Trek for its positive outlook regarding humanity's future. Some years ago, I looked around and saw what we were doing to each other, as humans, and I realized that Star Trek was a fantasy, so I traded one fantasy for another, and found myself uplifted by Friendship is Magic. The first season of MLP is still my favorite, because it pulled me from some very dark places.
  9. LotusTeaDragon

    This topic is about Starlight Glimmer.

    She is, yes. It took a little time for me to warm up to her, but I am quite fond of her now.
  10. LotusTeaDragon

    S6 - episode 26 - Discussion (US airing October 22)

    I really enjoyed this episode. We got new lore (how Chrysalis' throne absorbs magic), and we get to see new places (the Changeling Hive). Discord always makes things fun, and his antics here are terrific, as he is forced to work without his magic. Trixie cracks me up as usual, and we do see that while she's not a bad pony, she's not what you'd call a really *good* pony either. Trixie looks out for Trixie, and Starlight, since Starlight is her best friend. I like seeing Trixie grow like that, and figure down the line she'll become more true good than grey area. Also, I laughed my ass off at her mumblings during the scene where Starlight arrives to wake her up. We get to see Thorax expand on his dimension just a bit, and we find out how deep his friendship with Spike actually goes. He loves Spike, and I'd wager Spike loves him, and it's so very sweet. Of course, Starlight herself has worked to apply her hard won friendship lessons, and it leads us to the climax where we finally discover just where the Changelings went wrong. This part was the best part for me, because we gained even more new lore. Apparently, changelings don't look like black husks with blue eyes, but are actually quite beautiful creatures. Anypony with greater lore knowledge may remember the changelings being known as the Flutterponies. It's mostly muddled lore, but it exists, and now is a part of MLP:FIM canon. The changelings are actually quite lovely when they're giving love freely, and giving love erases the hunger in their hearts, so that the changelings are no longer evil, and Thorax becomes their leader! I loved the reunification scenes during this moment. This whole scene was also enjoyable because I was completely surprised and still reeling by what happened to the Changelings. Did you notice they no longer had holes in their bodies? I did! Of course, this was also a chance for Chrysalis to repent and come to know good by befriending Starlight, but at the last second, she rejects the offer and flees. I'm okay with this, as it seems clear while the other changelings were just drones and embittered by years of withholding love from themselves and others, Chrysalis truly is evil. She should stay that way for at least a while longer yet. Plus, it gives us another enemy for season 7, possibly. I think this was a strong season finale with a strong moral lesson (don't withhold love as it only hurts you, not the other pony), with solid characterizations. It's the first season finale I've ever seen without the Mane Six as the leads, so I'm kind of curious where this will lead into the next season. After all, Starlight keeps getting called a leader, and that she can lead, and I know this is going to go somewhere big. Also, regarding Starlight Glimmer, I knew I felt good about her when I saw her trembling in fear, and covering her head with her hooves, back at Our Town. It was at that moment I had absolutely no doubt she had truly changed. While I have long since grown warm to her, this episode made me fond of her. Good job, Starlight.
  11. LotusTeaDragon

    S6 - Episode 22 - Discussion

    Oh yes, definitely, and "Slice of Life" is in my top 5 favorite pony episodes. I love everything they did in that episode.
  12. LotusTeaDragon

    S6 - Episode 22 - Discussion

    Ah, I see. Yeah, it was, but I'm fine with that. For me, affirmations of their friendship often make for good slice of life episodes. They happen to be my favorite episodes.
  13. I think that would be an excellent idea. The way it is works okay right now, but a nice little colored tab on the front page advertising the EQD forum would be terrific!
  14. LotusTeaDragon

    S6 - Episode 22 - Discussion

    Wasn't what emphasized?
  15. LotusTeaDragon

    S6 - Episode 22 - Discussion

    This was a good slice of life episode. I liked seeing Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie doing something together as friends, as they're three very distinct personalities. I think the script did an excellent job of emphasizing those differences. Rarity's take on Applejack's nautical nonsense was fun, and I have to admit I love pirate fisherman Applejack a lot. Pinkie Pie as the ever goofy party pony isn't too different, but both Rarity *and* Applejack make Pinkie seem oblivious to everything around her, and as we've seen in the past, while Pinkie can sometimes miss certain dangerous moments, she would never be so out of character as to let her friends get into such a dangerous situation without trying to help. Each take was interesting, and gave us insights into how each pony sees their friends. The Roshomon effect (as I learned it's called) can make for an interesting story as long as the characters themselves are interesting, and I think it worked here. Thanks to Twilight's efforts to find commonality in each story, we see that each friend only wanted to heighten the experience for their fellow shipmates, and it backfired, resulting in each pony blaming the other for perceived misdeeds. On another note, I loved the new creature we get to see (a tri-horned bunyip), I love the new location (I've never seen a pony wharf or harbor before, so this was cool!), and I enjoyed the resolution to the story, with Spike finally catching a break from Twilight. All in all, a solid slice-of-life episode, with a good lesson. I laughed a good number of times, and liked the new elements and environs we got to see.