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  1. Here's a couple other examples.
  2. Without a doubt, this fandom is full of creativity, from art, fics, comics, music, games, and of course, animations. The fandom has pretty much been involved in just about every possible form of media. However, I feel that there's something that the fandom hasn't delved into enough, and that is hand drawn, frame by frame animation. 98% of the animations uses the show's style, which is basically animated with rigged puppets. Frame by frame on the other hand, looks way more fluid and expressive. While it's good to keep the spirit of the show, it would be nice to go above and beyond in terms of animation style. Even though the characters in the movie, look smoother, I still believe that they are still rigged. The best example of a fanimation that doesn't use the show's style is Lullaby for a Princess, and even some parts of that are rigged. Here's a few examples of frame by frame animation. Now, just imagine a full animation with that kind of movement. Yes, I understand that it takes lots of time to make, but it would look utterly amazing in the end.
  3. VGmaster9

    Rate the song above you

    9/10 Style is very good, I like it.
  4. VGmaster9

    Rate the song above you

    7/10 Nice and chill
  5. My point is that this kind of studio could make movies that are meant to be taken seriously, unlike Sausage Party. Think Disney/Pixar/DreamWorks, but more mature in terms of storyline. Hell, they could even also buy Laika and make it a subsidiary (like Disney did with Pixar), as well as distributing various foreign language animated films from countries like Japan and France. That would be going awfully far.
  6. Yet we are yet to have movies that are mostly geared toward adults. Granted there's Sausage Party, but that's just a toilet humor comedy.
  7. So we now know that Lionsgate is distributing the MLP movie, but lately I've been thinking what it'd be like if they actually made their own animation studio. In terms of animation and production quality, it could be up to par with Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks. Unlike those three, this studio's films could be geared towards teens and up, and would be rated either PG or PG-13. For animation they wouldn't do just 3d, but also 2d and hybrid. Even their 2d films would all be done with software, with programs like TVPaint, Photoshop, and After Effects, with Maya being used for any 3d elements.
  8. VGmaster9

    If the show was hand drawn instead of rigged

    Isn't Steven Universe hand drawn? That seems to be doing well production wise.
  9. What do you think it would be like if the show was drawn frame by frame as opposed to having rigged puppets? I think it'd look a hell of a lot better than it already does.
  10. VGmaster9

    New episodes confirmed for 2018

    You can thank all the veteran writers for leaving the show. At this point, we can all say that the show peaked at season 5.
  11. VGmaster9

    If the movie was 3d CGI animated

    On Toon Boom yes, but I'm talking about if the movie was 3d instead.
  12. VGmaster9

    Rate the song above you

    9/10 Very nifty!
  13. VGmaster9

    Rate the song above you

    8/10 Totally solid
  14. VGmaster9

    Headcanons & Fan Theories

    The government of Equestria has three branches - The princesses (executive), the Royal Assembly (legislature), and the Royal Court (judiciary). There is an extremely wealthy family in Equestria that owns Equestria's central bank (kinda like the Federal Reserve). They'd be like a pony version of the Rothschild family.