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    Welcome to EDF! And let me just say welcome to the fandom as well!
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Dan, but I go by the name Viridyan online. I've been a big fan of MLP; Friendship is Magic for a long long time, since 2011 actually when my friend got me into it, and as soon as I discovered the fandom around it, I got swept up in the wave and went along for the ride. I never really got to get involved with the fandom though and as such I missed out on what was some epic moments in time and opportunites to meet new friends, but now with a new MLP movie on the way and what I feel could be an uncoming wave of nostalgia for the show, I intend to engage with the fandom fully this time, if this is a second train ride I intend on being on it all the way!
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    A random longtime lurker appears!

    Thank you for the welcome!
  4. There isn't anything wrong with rewatching a season that was disliked or hated back in the day, i've always felt that saying what season was good or bad has been subjective at best and opinionated at worst, so to answer your question no, we will not be chasing you away with pitchforks and spears for it at all, you should watch whatever seasons you want to your hearts content!
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    Hey !

    Hey welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!