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  1. KimOlsen87

    Politics (of Skyrim)

    But the empire are bringing less freedom. Like ban of Talso worship, people should be free to do so. No wonder the Nords don't like outsiders bringing them all sorts of stupid laws and stuff, reminds me of the modern real world. I've only sided with the Empire once. Ulfric never appeared "racist", maybe at most dislike for foreigners who came and told them this and that, and he has some good points. But i'll be starting a new game soon, as a elfish mage and i'll start reading some of the many books in game, should be some insight from them.
  2. KimOlsen87


    We don't really need a holiday for those? I for one never liked x-mas songs, only exceptions are the HWT songs (not really x-massy songs tho). I always prefer blasting doom metal over those bells jingling all the time.
  3. KimOlsen87

    Tackling mature issues

    If the kids are too young for it, then chances are they may not "catch" the thing about sexuality. Maybe have it more subtle enough that the bigger kids, from 12+ understands. But not so much it turns into a standard biology class, it's a entertainment show, not school show.
  4. KimOlsen87


    Talk about holidays? I wonder: what is really the use for holidays? I've been thinking about quitting celebrating x-mas because christians stealing of it. But i know it's not originally christian, it's more a mashup of several traditions, and mostly pagan, atleast here in norway it is. After all, it only really lasts for a few weeks of the year (the stuff we have in october/november is just stupid stores putting out stuff too early). Listening to boring songs, doing boring stuff, just to have it all packed away and forgotten. Atleast Halloween decoration is good for a whole-year decoration spree.
  5. KimOlsen87

    Opinions on VR

    Atleast the Vive is becoming better now, read about a small battery pack (to place on top of the HMD) for it, giving around 1.5 hours of playtime, and a bigger one to have in the pocket. Resinite: no one should be concerned about health and VR (that crashing into things is worse), about everything is dangerous in a way or another.
  6. KimOlsen87

    Opinions on VR

    The moving around IN the games, physically using your feet, that's the whole thing about it, especially with the Vive. 2 sensors, 2 controls, a HMD, some cables, not much hazzle really, only the headset itself is cabled, the rest is wireless, and very precise. And it's 1000x more immersive than sitting with a keyboard/mouse a few feet away from a monitor/TV. Just imagine having to look up to a Behemoth in Fallout 4, you can really see the size of those things, and they might be huge. The Blu is a Vive tech demo, one of those allows you to stand on a sunken wreck when a blue whale swims by, and yes,!
  7. KimOlsen87

    Wish List - Fallout 4 mod

    seems like there's some radioy stuff already. as for Lil' Mac, it's nice, but not moddable unlike the other 44.'s, so it's strength becomes inferior compared to moddable vanilla guns.
  8. KimOlsen87

    Rest of Season 6 to air early next week in the UK

    or countries that doesn't show them on regular TV and still missing even season 5 of MLP.
  9. KimOlsen87

    Wish List - Fallout 4 mod

    Well, there are texture replacers. A mod that adds pony "plushies" (replacers some toys and misc. items). One that alters the SPECIALs and perks window with animated ponies. Some clothes with pony inspired design. Some weapons instpired from FoE, like Lil' Mac. Tattoos for the player character. And some sound replacers, like Fluttershy's "yay" on levelling up and similar stuff. What i do want is: animated pony companions WITH usable magic/abilities, Twily gatling laser FTW! Preferably voiced.'s all i want for now :3
  10. KimOlsen87

    War Thunder!

    i'll probably get back into WT (and WoT) now that i've finally gotten my own mobile router with hopefully stable connection. i'll see ya there, probably.
  11. then it wouldn't be a wasteland, nature would have taken back the ponylands...
  12. KimOlsen87

    What making a statement gets you

    well, since you seem to think you've been unfairly banned, may you tell us what you've been banned for? if they told what it was that is.
  13. KimOlsen87

    S6 - Episode 21 - Discussion

    who knows how long time it has really taken? if you have something official, i'd like to hear it. still, as i said, soon enough to make a few hiccups along the way, considering she may not have had much use for "mind control" magic between her episodes. even we humans, years after, may quickly learn something new in our jobs or lessons.
  14. KimOlsen87

    S6 - Episode 21 - Discussion

    i enjoyed it, really. a very nice SoL kind of episode. and it was so good to see Starlight again with her own episode. and as usual it's the "reviews"...people seem to forget that this doesn't happen 10 years after the season 5 finale, it's obvious it's still soon enough that she might struggle a but here and there.
  15. KimOlsen87

    Should the series end here?

    Of course not now, there's still much to see and places to visit. Not to stop now, not to go on forever (even tho i voted forever), but a few more season atleast, maybe up to season 10. It can't go on forever anyway.