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  1. Caffeinated Pinkie

    Wat Do?!

    Google what pure dookie is because I'm an uncultured swine. A picture you drew of Trixie comes to life and attacks you. Wat do?
  2. Caffeinated Pinkie

    Wat Do?!

    Worship corn for being the one true god on a cob. You're steam pipes are leaking and giving your guests third degree burns, but Applejack is dead. Wat do?
  3. Caffeinated Pinkie

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    Shadow Blaze Moon Blaze Night Wind Quiet Night
  4. Caffeinated Pinkie

    New Section for Misc

    Where would I make a topic about, say, the newest Bronies React. Or if I just wanted to make a post that said "*Gasp* pffffft"?
  5. Caffeinated Pinkie

    Change Notification Post

    We should be able to change the "Notify me of replies" button after posting a topic or comment.
  6. Caffeinated Pinkie

    New Section for Misc

    There should be a forum section for just random or general posts that don't have to do with anything specifically. Like discussing fan creations or commenting about fandom things or just saying silly things for fun.
  7. Caffeinated Pinkie

    Wat Do?!

    Pull out a casserole and murder the crap out of him. Then you can take the money and become a pegasus. A portal opens up that leads to The Elements of Cringe universe. Wat do?!