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    How come you never snap at me for not talking to you every day or two, but you do with people here?

    1. Leonbrony17


      It's over. We solved everything.

  2. Varrack

    [Spoilers] MLP Movie.

    Apparently the Mane 6 are going to transform into "sea ponies" for part of the film. This was revealed back in May but it still seems as though no one knows about it.
  3. -Get pony merch, specifically Dash and/or Starlight -Go to a pony convention. They're expensive but I'm going to find a way. I hope. -Go to an IRL meetup
  4. Varrack

    Hello all

    Hey I'm Varrack, I heard about this place from MLP Forums. It's nice to meet you all, I hope this new site works out