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  1. Quibble Pants

    IDW MLP:FIM Comics

    Well UK won't work. Sorry about that. :/ It has to be within the states. I can help with shipping cost. It probably go in one of those USPS boxes type. I want $60.00 for the lot. I will also include a Daring Do Book. I have pics if you wanna see what they look like. I have issues 8, 12, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 34, 36, 41, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 52. I also have a few of MLP:FIM Friends Forever series. 14, 30, 33, 34. The Daring Do book cots me like $10.00. I spent like $80.00. LOL You are getting a reasonable price for it. Pic 1 - https://sta.sh/07yw1k4wk9h Pic 2 - https://sta.sh/01pjd640fsha If you are interested send me a message here or at my DA page.
  2. Quibble Pants

    IDW MLP:FIM Comics

    Where do you live? LOL Just curious. It depends where and such.
  3. Quibble Pants

    IDW MLP:FIM Comics

    Hey! I have a question? Is it Ok if I make a topic about me selling my comics? They are IDW My Little Pony Friendahip is Magic. Its just that I stop reading them and buying them. I'm more into the cartoon anyways than the comics. Since this is a pony related site I thought I ask here. Just making sure its Ok to do that here. So if its Ok to do that here. Let me know? I can only mail it to USA States only. Anybody is interested let me know. I spent a lot of money with getting this comics. So not asking for too cheap of price. I pretty much read them once only. If I try to sell them to a comic store they might rip me off. They are in good shape.
  4. Quibble Pants

    To settle a dispute

    My vote goes to Vapor Trail. <3
  5. Quibble Pants

    S6 - episode 26 - Discussion (US airing October 22)

    It was also kind cool to see Starlight's old home town and those ponies that live there.
  6. Quibble Pants

    S6 - Episode 25 - Discussion (US airing October 22)

    That was kinda interesting to see the new form of the changelings. I thought that Chrysalis was going to change too but she just ran away. I guess we have to wait and see if she does or not or get defeated by Throax. LOL I really liked seeing Discord being part of the group. XD Good ending for season 6. He so much loves his Fluttershy. <3
  7. Quibble Pants

    What are your thoughts on Starlight Glimmer and Trixie

    I like them as like best friends. Don't forget to include Spike in the group. LOL
  8. Quibble Pants

    Reveal Your Ships

    Here are a few of my favorites - Fluttercord, SpikexStarlight, DashxSoarin XD
  9. Quibble Pants

    Who do you want to see as a human?

    Discord and Spike I would like to see them as humans.
  10. Quibble Pants

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    If I had an option to be at both worlds and the same time. Then I consider it. I can either be a pony and stay pony for awhile. Hang out with my favorite ponies. Then go back to human real world.
  11. Quibble Pants

    S6 - Episode 18 - Discussion

    Buck Ball looks like a fun sport. I want to play. I liked the episode and seeing Snails again. LOL Braeburn! XD
  12. Quibble Pants

    Weirdest Pony Name

    Who me? But I like my name. LOL What about Fancy Pants? Is kinda a weird pony name. XD
  13. Quibble Pants

    Do you like Sunset Shimmer?

    Yes! I like her. She is a pretty cool pony. :3 I like her colors. Her colors are kinda like Sunburst.
  14. Quibble Pants

    Hi From Quibble

    Eyup! That's what I meant to say Spike The Brave and Glorious! LOL I'm a Spike fan too. Hi ABronyAccount! XD
  15. Quibble Pants

    Who are the best ponies?

    My favorite best ponies are Quibble Pants, Sunburst, and Cheese Sandwich. Pinkie Pie! LOL