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  1. Lord Seraph

    Newbies welcome

    Welcome aboard!
  2. Lord Seraph

    Bring Back Minty to MLP

    I would also love to see Kimono, Toola Roola, and Star Catcher as well.
  3. Lord Seraph

    The Banned Game

    Banned from getting out of Australia.
  4. Anything with Shy is beautiful.
  5. Lord Seraph

    NES Classic Mini

    Okay... these are tough fYAYers to find, let alone get. I have yet to even find one in stock. Seeing as how it's basically a miniature NES console remake with built in 30 of the best hit games on the NES. I cannot pass this down! But getting it and finding it is tricky? And scalpers are everywhere trying to dupe people into paying $200-$500 for one(Not falling that) Has anyone here gotten one? Where and how should I acquire one? And whether or not they'd be available again. Please, I REALLY want one!
  6. Hey! How's everyone doing here?

    Been off this site for awhile due to RL stuff and stuff on other sites to tend to. Glad to be back for the moment.

    Is everything more active now in this community? Did anyone miss me? :P


    1. PinkiePie97


      I've been doing good, though I wouldn't say things are more active here.

    2. Error
    3. ArcticEight
  7. Lord Seraph

    Anyone starting to like the films more?

    I can imagine a scenario where they introduce Human Sunset Shimmer into the films with her enlisting for the Crystal Preps. Only to quickly rise up the ranks to become the academy's new star pupil, with Principal Cinch plotting revenge against CHS.
  8. Lord Seraph

    You Can only talk with pictures

  9. Lord Seraph

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  10. Lord Seraph

    The Banned Game

  11. Lord Seraph

    Cute Animals Thread

  12. Lord Seraph

    Post Funny Stuff!

  13. Regardless of who takes over the new generation. I hope they continue to use G4 pony models as the base.
  14. Touhou and various other things. Mostly anime.