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    RedBubble Art Thieves

    RedBubble users UserSem and mdesign are selling stolen art. I've posted about UserSem on Reddit but wanted to draw attention to him here as well. I wasn't able to identify all the artwork or contact all the artists so please take a look and help if you can. UserSem's shop: I sent an email to RedBubble about it for all the good that'll do. I have good reason for saying this, because 7 years ago I notified them about mdesign selling artwork stolen from Equestria-Election, and it turns out he's still doing it! Here's a post I made back then: I notified RedBubble twice about it but apparently they don't listen unless the actual copyright holder makes a claim. I notified Equestria-Election way back then but didn't get a reply, and now their DeviantArt account is deactivated so I have no idea how to contact them. If anyone knows, please do so or let me know, because mdesign has been profiting from their art for 7 years now! Here's mdesign's shop: and here's the only dated collection I can find from Equestria-Election aside from Derpibooru: