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  1. hey fellow gamer so excited for e3?

  2. DawnOfNoob

    Bronycon 2017

    So looks like my brother and I can attend again for this year's Bronycon meetup. Just figured I'd check up on the status of things. Whether you guys plan to share rooms and the like similar to last year. Probably would have chimed in earlier, but it's been a trying couple of months between my Grandfather's injuries and then his death. EDIT: Been over two months since I posted this and not a reply, poke, PM, or anything. I guess that's a negatory on any plans?
  3. DawnOfNoob

    2016 Sucked

    2016 was a year like any other. Sucks about the celebrity deaths this time around though. (Which is funny, because I generally don't care much for most of Hollywood) But hey, life sucks in general. And as said earlier, there have been worse years. We'll survive.
  4. DawnOfNoob

    World of Warcraft

    Felt I had to share a few updates since I had some amazing luck yesterday night. My Dk is still a little under my hunter's ilvl (which is 868), but I closed the cap thanks to a much needed trinket upgrade from the weekly chest. (as well as some xmog swag from older content) The big thing I'm a little giddy about is that my rogue just jumped over 20 ilvls thanks to an 885 titanforged helm off J'im and Legendary pants from a cache. It'll be nice to do mythics and raid on a toon that isn't my hunter. I got my priest, monk, and pally up to 110 as well. Hopefully I can get them geared enough to heal effectively.
  5. DawnOfNoob

    You Can only talk with pictures

  6. DawnOfNoob

    You Can only talk with pictures

  7. DawnOfNoob

    Drawing in pencil!

    Thanks for indulging me. I was beginning to worry that request might have broken you.
  8. DawnOfNoob

    World of Warcraft

    It'll be interesting to see how they handle Argus. More or less how the Draenei handle that as well, with it being their former homeworld and all. Kinda been interesting to watch the Draenei-only guild I'm in react to everything that's happened so far in this expansion. Old god resurgence is probably next on the chopping block. And i'd certainly like to see how they handle Queen Azshara as well - perhaps see a unique model instead of a blacked out Vashj back in Aszuna. I'd also like to hear a little more on potential class balance changes sometime in the future. A few of the classes i enjoyed in previous expansions (like my elemental shaman) could really use some good news about now.
  9. DawnOfNoob

    Drawing in pencil!

    Coincidence, I guess? I was going to ask for something else, but then I figured Discord shenanigans would probably be more fun to draw than some boring OCs. Besides, I can probably do that boring stuff myself on my own time.
  10. DawnOfNoob

    Drawing in pencil!

    Mind trying to draw Discord being Discord? Perhaps Fluttershy as well?
  11. DawnOfNoob

    Tackling mature issues

    There's doing it right and then there's shoving it down everyone's throats. They could probably get away with something subtle, like something/somepony in the background (like they've done before in a few ways) for older kids and up to find and point out - but it SHOULDN'T be the entire focus of an episode. It's a kid's show, after all. This is My Little Pony - not X-Men or Steven Universe. We are currently awaiting the SEVENTH season of this show - if they were going to make an episode focusing on this subject, they would have done so already. Could they still do it? Sure. But I personally feel that the opportunity to even try do so has long passed. Suddenly revealing someone to be gay or focusing a friendship problem around this would just be hollow/sloppy writing at this point. (especially if it involves a recurring character of some importance) It'd basically be tacking on a character trait that's unnecessary and limiting creative possibilities and potential character development in the future to emphasize the fact that X character is now and always has been gay. (complete with constant and forced reminders, which takes away from the story to again confirm that said character is gay. It just leads to bad writing for the sake of pandering.) Probably the thing I love most about this series is the writing - and that so many things are open to interpretation, leading to some interesting and diverse things to read in Fanfiction and RP - or to look at in fan art. You are free to disagree with me, but I feel that forcing an openly token gay character into MLP's show canon is PROBABLY a bad idea for its continued existence. As Aaron said earlier, just let the happy cartoon horses be happy cartoon horses. Let the mature themes congregate in Fanfiction, RP, and Fan Art. (Or watch something else that covers it. there's a LOT out there.)
  12. DawnOfNoob

    Pokemon Thread

    Yep. Don't watch vids relating to the game. I know that the footage and soundtrack were leaked, just resist the temptation for a week now. Mmmkay? I'm pretty excited about this game - and this time around, I'm considering actually filling up the Pokedex again since filling it in gen 2. Because of the 2016 monthly promotions, I don't have to indulge ridiculous requests for most of the legendaries. Yay!)
  13. DawnOfNoob

    You Can only talk with pictures

  14. It is a bit rare these days, but I don't think it'll go out of style. There are just some things that can't be expressed solely with technology. Some artists/animators can't think, experiment, or create using just digital software.
  15. DawnOfNoob

    You Can only talk with pictures