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  1. 1 hour ago, Toki Zensekai said:

    This is why you need to stop relying on snaking. Gawd damn pissing contest of a game mechanic in MKDS.

    Okay...? I was never really consistent with the trick to begin with aside from a few tracks. Kinda had to learn a bit of it to stay competitive against my friends in High School. (I was usually in the top 3 at my school) Probably the one thing MKDS taught me was how to handle corners better.


    But in short, I just couldn't get into playing MK7 casually. (And nobody around me played it anyways) I hated the AI and that EVERYTHING worthwhile was gated behind 150cc Grand Prix circuits. And it certainly didn't help trying to fight bad RNG for a couple months while dealing with a lot of IRL stress at the time. So I moved on to other games. It's a solid game, but personal experiences ruined it for me. 




  2. I love the Pikmin games, but my Childhood self didn't handle time limits well. My neighbor was a beast at the game though - so I saw the best ending. I was close to beating 2 with my brother, but memory card corruption kinda put the nail in the coffin for that. Pikmin 3....I just watched a LP of - kinda wish I picked that up though.


    I didn't get to play MK8 either sadly. MK7 was kind of a let down for me when compared to Mario Kart DS. I had so many hours clocked into that game - and Airship Fortress was my bread and butter. (Much to the chagrin of my gamer buddies in High School) I was grateful that my favorite level made a return in MK7, but I LOATHED the cheating 150cc AI in that game - so that put a damper on unlocking everything like i did in MKDS


    They'll probably go the Galaxy route honestly. Mario 64 is one of the flagship Mario titles, but Galaxy and its sequel blew a lot of people away with its creativity. If they do something new and creative - all the better.

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  3. Hm, solid design (I loved the Wii u gamepad) but a decent use for the separate controller too. Looks like both will be chargeable so no need for batteries. And a return to cartridges is actually pretty nostalgic.


    From what I saw we are getting a new Mario Kart, Splatoon HD (or possibly a sequel), the skyrim remaster, and obviously the new Zelda game. I'm sure there will be more details on the launch titles in the months to come, but I'm already looking forward to it.


    At least the Wii U had a solid run, unlike the Wii and it's focus on family games.


    EDIT: It's looking more like a Splatoon sequel. The Inklings have varying hairstyles. Hope they went crazy with the customizations!

  4. I don't really do self inserts either. I mostly write em up for RP, like I do with my WoW characters. The only OC I didn't really do a thorough write-up on is the one you see as my Avatar. I created Dawnshatter for the Pony Fortress 2 community to fit in with the others back near it's start. (And the moniker stuck, more or less.)


    But basically aside from the personal references (the name, cutie mark, etc) I put into creating and naming him, there's no real similarities to myself personally. Anyways, here's a 3-4 year old full body picture of my silly OC I did in GIMP way back. I really miss having access to Illustrator as well as having a functional scanner. GOTTA LOVE THIS CRUDDY ECONOMY!


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  5. 4 hours ago, Steamworks said:

    VR just brings us one step closer to holodecks.



    It'll be neat when technology ultimately gets us there. Assuming the machines haven't taken over by then. (Why are we researching AI again?)


    For now we'll have to settle for "games" that are just as gimmicky as 3D TVs/Movies ever were. I'd be impressed if we've moved past this in the next few decades. Silly technological drought stopping people from getting cheap hoverboards and flying cars!

  6. Well look to see if there are any meetup groups in your area that are going. I certainly saw a few people from my local meetup group at Bronycon 2016. 


    But as it was said earlier, there's a few people on this site that go every year. So if the local connections thing doesn't work out, you can try saying hello to us nerds.

  7. I hate the fact I have so many alts (at least 20 at/over 100) because I have issues gathering the nerve to get one up to 110.


    I have a Hunter and a DK at max level now. Still need to raise their ilvls up a bit to get into more pug raids, but still having fun.

  8. The Death Star DLC is actually fairly great. But I've still yet to see past stage two - but I'm glad the first part alone makes up for the hot mess that is Fighter Squadron mode. It's still not quite at the level of space battles we used to know and love in SW:BF2, but it's fairly close - and great in it's own way. I'll certainly be playing Battlestation as well as the new maps in the future.


    Certainly feels a lot better than the Bespin stuff - but that's mostly my cynicism showing after grinding out the Sabotage goodies fairly late into the DLC. Probably my biggest pet peeve was joining a Sabotage game in it's endgame only for the next round to be Fighter Squadron - despite queuing specifically for Sabotage. I like the Cloud City maps - just wish they weren't tied into other modes I don't want to play. (aka anything that isn't Supremacy or Blast - or occasionally Walker Assault)