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  1. Honestly? Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.


    Now before you boo me into oblivion - I will FULLY admit I didn't like playing the game for it's cruddy story. I played it because the vehicle construction system is very reminiscent to CHROMEHOUNDS. (A western mecha game that deserved a LOT more love than it got - online MP was AWESOME while it lasted. Look it up.) I spent the majority of my playtime building insane multipurpose and/or novelty vehicles after I cheesed a great majority of parts. (Ex: A flying Gamecube replica, the yellow submarine, and the Magic School bus) Most of the fun came from seeing what I could get away with in that dumb game. (and frankly, it was a lot)


    Most of what I built after rigorous testing and exploration destroyed most of what the game threw at me. (It was still very much a pain though) I have better things to play now, but I still managed to have fun.




  2. Well to be fair, you can see players from other RP realms when it comes to starting zones (Elwynn is excluded) and sometimes older content.


    But for the most part, WRA is fairly exclusive. Which is fine because it's a populated server.


    Just be thankful that the mild connection isn't as bad as the smaller RP-PvP realms being connected to Emerald Dream with old content. 

  3. I liked Gen 4 for its evolutions and a few new pokemon. Aside from that and maybe the Underground, I didn't really like playing Pearl much. (though I get why some like it)


    For me, Gen 5 is probably my current favorite. B/W had a great story and a lot of the game's aspects reminded me of Gens 1&2. (Johto being my previous favorite) The Gen 5 games had a GREAT soundtrack, with B/W having the best end credits sequence (and the ability to skip it if you wish) - and B2/W2 having UNIQUE gym themes. (which SHOULD be a thing again) B/W also had the best Elite 4 and Legendary themes in my opinion.


    Gen 5 also had a lot of replayability in it's endgame, with trainers to fight each day among other things. (which can give helpful items to help min/max your team) It was also nice that TM's became re-usable like HM's


    I liked having Ghetsis as a villain - it's kind of a big deal that he was the first villain to try to straight up kill the player. N and Colress were fun to spar against too.

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