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  1. Robobot is a love letter to the Kirby series. I loved and feared the original K64 level as a kid. 


    I wish they'd let you play as Bowser again in a Mario RPG game....


    Metroid Prime is still my favorite game to this day. They REALLY need to release another LEGITIMATE Metroid game. Let alone acknowledge Metroid's 30th anniversary. 

    My favorite Zelda game to this day. Incredibly glad that it got a 3ds port. Glad that TP and WW have Wii U ports.


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  2. I was just happy to get all 13 of my characters on WRA to 100 and geared up before Legion hit. The big question NOW is which characters I'll level first on the 30th - and then if I want to raid with them or not.


    On 8/27/2016 at 10:06 PM, TaliaKirana said:

    I need to post some pics of my latest characters. There's my Gnome Hunter, my Blood Elf Mage, and my Night Elf Demon Hunter. Also need to take some new pictures of the older ones. At this point, the only class I don't have is a Warlock. (If I ever do make one, likely to make her Forsaken.)

    Go for it. Also, I had a lot of fun playing a Destro Lock in WoD wpvp. Used to lob Chaos Bolts for days. Still getting used to the changes in the prepatch though! Demo also seems interesting, but I need to get the rotation down better.

  3. "Like myself, he's well learned - what else would you expect from a Professor? We're both historical buffs, although we go about things in different ways. He's a little more "hoofs on" rather than a dusty tome reader like myself. The students love him because of the fascinating stories he can tell, his wit and personality, as well as the occasional relic he sometimes brings in to pass around. On the other hoof, I'm well respected by my students because I can connect with them well enough - aaaand I suppose it's because I can demonstrate a few impressive-looking magical feats well enough due to being a former wizard." the professor states with a slight chuckle.


    "He's a decent orator, from the few lectures I've seen him give when I was free. Aside from the occasional lecture sneaking on both sides, we mostly connected over lunch exchanging perspectives on historical events and culture. It'll be interesting to actually catch up with him without time constraints from the University and such. Anyways, how did you meet our mutual friend, Miss Bronze? Do you have any interesting things or tidbits to share about him?"


    ((I apologize for the delay between posts. My gramps had a serious fall recently and broke 7 of his ribs. Between making sure he was treated, that he made it home safely, as well as birthday shenanigans - I've been busy. Also, this is probably the best I can do on vague info. Hope it fit your template well enough. Let me know on the ooc thread or PM if anything needs added or changed))

  4. "Yes, the sooner we reach our mutual friend, the better" Kreidal states, fiddling with his beard as he takes out a familiar looking ancient tome to read on the way there.


    He remains silent for a little while, going through a few pages before speaking again. "So how far away is this city anyways, Miss Grit? I know you mentioned that we should have a day's worth of good weather - I assume that will last us the entire way there?" he muses.

  5. One of Kreidal's eyes twitches slightly, the sheer absurdity of music clearing weather was currently getting the best of his thought processes and motor functions. After quickly composing himself and catching up to the others - he speaks: "Erm...pardon me if I sound ungrateful as we're finally going where we need to...but what manner of artifact can casually dispel or displace weather to such extremes? I've heard tales of the occasional Diamond Dog performing magic with instruments, but never to this extreme. This kind of thing would either amaze or upset some of the weather-teams back home."



  6. So many months waiting for these changes....some good, some bad. In any case, it'll be nice to mess around with them on my many alts.


    I won't judge you for rolling a Gnome Hunter. Might be interesting to see how the leveling has changed. And enjoy the BE starting zone whenever you get to it. It's quite dated, but every player should run through it at least once. It's still infinitely better than the Draenei starter area.


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