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  1. Kreidal motions towards the griffin, coughing lightly before speaking. "This is Freya. She's the captain of an intriguing airship Deorward and I examined when you barreled off on your own upon landing. Runs a shop here too apparently. In any case, I'm certain she can explain herself better than I."

  2. The Professor is actually somewhat impressed Deorward didn't cause any property damage with that throw of his. He stomps his hooves in approval before disarming the rune in front of him.


    Kreidal gets off the bench, muttering something before pressing the ground with his hoof, the latent runic energy traveling up his foreleg in a spiral  into his body, briefly causing a pattern to slightly glow underneath his overcloak before dissipating. He stomps out the pattern he drew quietly, adjusting his glasses before looking at the scene ahead of him. 


    "Well. I guess he does have some self control. Good for him." he states before slowly making his way over to the construct again.

  3. Kreidal turns to Freya, who's been quiet for some time. "Yes, my oversized stubborn-as-tartarus friend is a Golem. I don't know where exactly my esteemed colleague found him way up north, but he's around for the expedition's protection."


    He then looks at the supposed challenge that was presented to Deorward, sighing before speaking again to the Griffin.

    "This isn't going to end well for that bell - let alone what's holding it in place. I fear for any building or being should any of them miss. But....just in case..."


    He extends a hoof off the bench and reaches towards the dirt in front of him, etching a symbol and lines into it whilst chanting something unintelligible under his breath. The markings glow slightly Indigo before returning to normal.


    "We should be fine now - should one of them miss. " he states.

  4. Kreidal groans, left eye twitching horribly at the Contruct's stubborness before composing himself enough to speak.


    "Fine then. Let the adolescent bull try and dent your armor to make it feel better. Just PLEASE don't obliterate the poor chap with your sword. We'll be over there, talking to Sand Script's contact when she finally gets through the crowd. I want you back here after you have finished this ONE Minotaur's challenge."


    Kreidal then teleports to the nearby bench he was pointing to in an indigo flash, then cleaning his glasses.

  5. Kreidal sighs, facehoofing before speaking. "Deorward, if anything, accepting the "challenge" would have likely marked you as a walking contest of strength in a town like this. We are here for two things: Professor Sand Script and the Tomb. We are NOT in town to have bulls young and old try and grapple you all day to test their manliness and/or boost their self esteem. Though if you wish, you may goof off all you like after our current expedition is over." 

  6. Kreidal sighs, about ready to try and stop the pointless challenge with some clever spellcasting - when Iris lands between the two seemingly out of nowhere.


    "Well, I hate to make a terrible pun here - but thanks for dropping in" he states to Iris.


    The Professor turns to the construct, trying to think of something clever to say to get Deorward to back off - but is clearly at a loss of words. He uses his upheld hoof to straighten his glasses instead, coughing slightly.

  7. Extreme Nationalism is always bad. (As is its polar opposite) But everyone has to have a little pride in their country, let alone their constituents having some pride in themselves. If everyone always acted like doormats, the world would likely be much worse off, if anything was left of it.


    To reiterate...by reform, I mean fixing what's wrong. Britain was paying much more into the EU than it was getting back after all. Trimming the fat off nonsensical or outdated rules/policies/programs that might have built up over the years would likely help. (and probably would have prevented this from ever happening.) Same could be said about leadership too sometimes, but hey, that's the people's fault.


    I'm not suggesting that they compromise everything they founded the EU for, but they should try and better their collective selves to try and dissuade another dramatic exit. And in time, they might draw Britain back in. (Assuming they don't cave)


  8. Kreidal listens to Freya, chuckling before speaking. "Definitely sounds like Canterlot politics at work - let me guess: he paid a lot of money and he wants to bring "glory" to his overblown lineage? No archaeologist worth his or her salt would openly divulge specific leads - ESPECIALLY in an overhyped artifact race like this one. A sporting pony might leave a slight clue to the competition, but specifics? Definitely not. Somepony wants extra time to get a lay of the land."

  9. It's still a re-vote a few days after the decision was made. The damage is already done either way.


    What the EU should be doing at this point is to try and reform some of their policies - potentially fix some of their problems. So If Britain does return to the fold, things will be better off.

  10. I didn't hear about this until the night of the vote TBH. But honestly, it doesn't really surprise me - as the EU has had it's fair share of problems.


    The UK and Germany made up most of the EU's Economy - with the rest basically being dead weight. (especially Greece) You can only spend so much of someone else's money before problems arise. (And on a side note, the US really needs to stop driving up the national debt)





  11. "Fair enough. Trade secrets and all. And they're holding everyone up over a registry...? If I'm guessing right? Someponies are going to be PIIIIIIIISSED!" saying the last part in a rather foalish manner, before chuckling slightly.


    ((Been busy this week doing some summer cleaning - and you misspelled tomb near the end there, I assume?))