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  1. "This is quite an opportunity indeed, though it's a lot more crowded than it needs to be right now. Anyways, lead on miss Freya. Deorward, follow me - we're headed back to town. Perhaps we'll bump into Iris on the way..."


    As they're headed back, he decides to make some idle chatter. "Apologies for holding your men up slightly with the loading. Deorward here has quite the imposing presence. So, as it was probably implied, I do have a few quick queries about your ship - though you probably hear some of these a lot. The first being how it's powered - though I could see it looked magical in nature. The other question being: was it designed to hover or can it fly?"

  2. "Oh...pardon my manners - I'm Professor Thornmantle. I taught Magic as well as History for over two decades to the students at Canterlot University. I'd probably be doing a lecture right now if the Canterlot nobility weren't a bunch of gold plated turds. ANYWAYS, rambling aside, we don't need the grand tour - as I see it basically runs on magic. The source of that though...eludes me. I am curious about it's flight capabilities, if any, as well as it's general purpose." he states, polishing his glasses with a cloth.



  3. "Oh, we're not here for souvenirs just yet - perhaps on our way back to Equestria though. The construct just spotted your ship out here as we landed and it's unique design piqued my scientific curiosity. We ponies don't exactly have vessels like these back home, you know?" The professor states courteously.

  4. They'd probably be able to follow it, or get the general gist of it. The references should go over their heads, but I feel the film explains the plot to the uninformed fairly well.


    Just be aware that the movie's a bit of a slow starter for a 2 hour flick. Most of the movie's first half sets the stage for the rest of the film for all to understand.


  5. It was a decent flick, despite some flaws. Quite enjoyable, and it most certainly wasn't deserving of the low ratings the critics gave it. Again, money well spent.


    There were 40 minutes or so cut out of it, so I'd like to see what could have been in an extended cut down the line. Probably would have made the first half feel a lot less rushed when it was building backstory for the folks who didn't play the games.


    Oh and awaiting the Legion prepatch, as I'm sure many others are. Wish there was a definite date for it, but it probably should land sometime in July.

  6. Honestly, the only REAL dumb thing about Widowmaker is that she can currently one shot a Zenyatta (@175 hp) with a quickly charged bodyshot, pretty much forcing you to swap to another character. Aside from that, she's only annoying to deal with - but that can turn into infuriation if she gets a stupid amount of protection from her team. 


    There are a TON of mediocre Widowmakers out there that become a pain to deal with because she's hiding behind a Reinhardt's shield, your team can't get past a choke, capitalize on killed enemies, flank, or your team's "sniper" is rubbish. More insult to injury if you're playing tank/support and your team is letting you down.


    Blizzard said that they're looking into her, playtesting some changes. (After nerfing McCree's fan the hammer) But I think the simplest thing would be to encourage headshots by increasing the damage multiplier and/or simply nerfing bodyshot damage.


    TLDR: She shouldn't get nerfed into the ground - it's already enough of a pain that you pretty much have to hardscope for any kills. But they need to incentivize scoring Headshots somehow.

  7. Kreidal rubs his eyes, still a little sleepy. "Welp. I didn't see where she ran off to so quickly - oh the joys of being young and ignorant." he says with a chuckle. "In any case, she'll catch up to us later. We might as well scout that vehicle out in the meantime." He states, slowly trotting over to the site in question.

  8. I wish Japan's promo applied over here. See, you can get a Mew in the recent games (X/Y/ORAS) for downloading R/B/Y. It sucks because I missed out on getting Mew in February.


    You CAN, however, get a Manaphy this month for said games. Probably one of the rarest promos as you only got it from a code from Pokemon Ranger. It is also the only legendary that can breed - although you will only get Phione(s)


    Either way, hyped as hell for these new games.