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  1. LuckyMons88

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    ok ok yeah i think i will use oswald the lucky rabbit from disney and i dont like my temmie pfp
  2. LuckyMons88

    The Banned Game

    banned for cringe lol
  3. LuckyMons88

    Any recommendations for a kids bike?

    i recommend using a royalbaby bike and it for kids for that age
  4. LuckyMons88

    Anime Girls + Beach Bikinis Fan Club

    why the girl with red hair is to similar to flaky
  5. LuckyMons88

    Favorite Game Music?

    this song relaxes me
  6. LuckyMons88

    Most-Annoying Characters

    the annoying character to me is papyrus from undertale
  7. LuckyMons88

    Is Potion Nova the new Celestia?

    I do not believe potion nova is the new celestia, her appearance is so similar to rarity yet thier secrets are no longer revealed in Pony life