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    Starlight Glimmer fan club :3

    Heyo ! Despite the hate Glimmy is actually a amazing character thats why I made a fan club!!! *********************************** Rules: (Of course normal EQD fourm rules !) Anyone can chat here as long as you don't say bad things about glimmy, if you do please do it in the manner of a organized debate. Have a swaggy time discussing glim glam !
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    35th Anniversary Collector Ponies

    Those are so neat!
  3. Holly Blue Agate

    MLP RP Server

    Hello! I have started a MLP rp server that accepts canon and oc! We are still in need of many canon characters such as all of the pillars, fluttershy, AJ, Pinkie and Rarity. I hope to see you in the server ^^ https://discord.gg/6kXzEm4
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    Im back !

    Sweet celestia i'm back and yes I never posted anything but i'm gonna use this account for something now
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    Who will see the movie?

    I will go by myself because my only friend in the fandom quit
  6. Holly Blue Agate

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    I got hot topic stuff
  7. Holly Blue Agate

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

  8. My wifu Glimmy would of course be the princess of dank memes
  9. Holly Blue Agate

    How do I get better fast

    I have a furry meet up in 5 days and I have a bad cold DX
  10. Holly Blue Agate

    Should the series end here?

    I would be fine with the next series to be the next generation of the ponies
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    Hellow I have been a proud brony for over four years I love potatoes I love anime and everything Japanese I ship Starburst and Twidash I am asexual and aromantic my gender pronouns are they/them I identify as demigirl GLIMMY IS BEST PONY I already see this is a awesome fourm my tumblr: http://moonshineshadows.tumblr.com/