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  1. Sky Spark

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    While I respect that this episode is very good narratively, it wasn't particularly interesting to me.
  2. I guess differing opinions are irrelevant to your ridiculous high standards, eh?
  3. I've enjoyed it. And I don't go all "REEE Starlight's being shoved into my face!!!!1" When she appears in one episode with Maud, and makes a two second cameo, and then is mentioned in one episode. Lemme tell you something. I don't think Starlight is a great character. Not even a good one. But her haters are just as goddamn annoying as her fanboys. Like give it a rest, she's part of the show. Live. With. It.
  4. Sky Spark

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    One of my favorites. Just a sweet, heartwarming episode.
  5. Sky Spark

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    @Nuke87654 Great retrospective. I can't wait to see how you tackle the best season especially when the time comes to Amending Fences, probably the best in the season if you ask me.
  6. Actually, I'm gonna change my answer and break the rules of the topic title and say remove Spike from the show.
  7. Sky Spark

    Which game to buy next

    Buy DOOM 2016.
  8. I can't fathom why anyone would want to buy an Xbox Scorpio other than because they really really really like Microsoft. Like, if you actually research things and look into it it'll a complete waste of money.

  9. >:V I'm not a fan of you right now >.> *eyes closely*
  10. Sky Spark

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Probably my favorite finale, barring Best Night Ever, which I still hold as the best. Just a fun and entertaining episode. Also, I disagree on You'll Play Your Part, I thought it was a beautiful song.
  11. Um..... Trixie Spoiled Rich.
  12. Sky Spark

    Quake Champions

    Ooh, nice! I didn't think the NDA meant people couldn't discuss it elsewhere. And man, 9 GB patch. And this one's up for a week, so I imagine this means the closed beta is coming to a close soon?
  13. Sky Spark

    Quake Champions

    Quake Champions is iD software's newest upcoming first person shooter. It will be a return to the old arena style of multiplayer gameplay, with an added twist of varying champions with some interesting special abilities. The game looks fun as hell, and I can't wait for the full release. The game is going to be free to play, but you can pay a set price and get all the champions. The closed beta is going on and is released in random spurs. I was invited and have been having a lot of fun with it. The game is PC exclusive, (sorry, console owners, Quake is at home here, I don't think it would fit on a console anyway) and touts 120Hz gameplay, just like the old games. Anyone hyped for the game? Anyone get invited to the closed beta?
  14. Sky Spark

    Quake Champions

    So no one else looking forward to this game?
  15. Sky Spark

    Do You Like Your Job?

    No, but I've been there for 5 years and it pays the bills, so it's something. I work at Wal-Mart btw.
  16. Sky Spark

    Xbox is the best console now in my view

    That's not even an insult..... It just means you need to do more research. Also this ^^^
  17. Sky Spark

    Xbox is the best console now in my view

    If you gave PC gaming a chance, you might actually see that it really isn't that difficult to get into. It's cheap, and building one is like legos. Also, you can use a controller on PC. Consoles don't always work right out of the box. You need updates as soon as you boot up your console, yearly subscription costs, etc. Also I am not a snob. I like consoles as well, PC is just my preferred platform. It just baffles me how people can be so ill-informed of PCs.
  18. Sky Spark

    Xbox is the best console now in my view

    Can you explain why? "It sucks" is not a valid explanation.
  19. Sky Spark

    Games You Can Play Over and Over Again

    Super Metroid, probably my all time favorite video game. Metroid is hands down my favorite series, and Super to me is a nearly flawless masterpiece. I could play it over and over again. There's just so much to enjoy about it, I could gush for hours.
  20. Oh my god Quake Champions is so much fun!

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      Glad you're enjoying it!

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      How are yo posting statys updates when your last activity was on april 15?

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      Sky Spark

      Oh, I have my online status set to private.

  21. Sky Spark

    Xbox is the best console now in my view

    PC is best. I can list over a dozen reasons why, don't even get me started. Lol, the Nintendo Switch can go with you on the bus, but that's about it. That's literally the only thing going for it this gen. Also, good luck making it more than a few hours before needing to dock it. Games? Ooh, Mario. Mario Mario Mario. I'm sick of Mario. Zelda is cool yes, but it's already on the Wii U. Pass. I'm gonna need to see a Metroid game before I think of buying one. Storage? Crap. Specs? Meh. Third party support? Nope. They claim "oh, we promise good third party support!" But they made that claim with the Wii U. Oops? Quite a few gimmicky games. More re-releases. Yay! /s A sequel that looks exactly like the first, and only a year or so after it came out. I'm sorry, but Nintendo is faaaaar behind this gen. As for Xbox, I'm sorry, but Microsoft shot themselves in the foot this generation. The Scorpio looks like it could be very good, or very bad. The specs are better than the original Xbone, yes, but the supposed cost is not worth it. And it'll alienate users of the OG Xbone who don't wanna upgrade. As for the first party titles? Oh yeah, those are on the PC. "Exclusive" indeed. Not. Might as well just spend $500 on a decent gaming PC that'd outperform the scorpio. PC and the PS4 are the only ones doing anything right. The PS4 has the exclusives and great third party support. The Pro which is powerful, but not too powerful. PC continues to innovate with new hardware. Linux continues to improve for gaming. We just had a new CPU line from AMD, Ryzen, which is solid and is finally giving Intel some much needed competition. Their GPUs continue to improve as well, with Vega coming out soon.
  22. Sky Spark

    World of Warcraft

    Honestly 7.2 is proving to be a drag. The world quests are tiring and I'm pissed they didn't add emissaries for the new faction. The weekly campaign is nothing but doing the same grindy shit up until the raid unlocks. If Argus is like this I'll probably quit again.