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  1. Greaaaat.... it's snowing.....

    1. Nuke87654


      I want the snow!

    2. Koukatsu


      Arizona FTW.


    3. Sky Spark

      Sky Spark

      @Nuke87654 I don't...

      @Koukatsu Rub it in, why don't you? :P

  2. Do you ever stop? No, seriously. This is ridiculous. 5 topics on the same damn subject. It's time to STOP. You aren't special, and just because everyone else doesn't share the same hiveminded opinions as you, it doesn't make them "oh god evil bronies who hate the show"! Time to face reality. GROW. UP.
  3. Sky Spark

    Hi, this is ChB

    Hey there, welcome welcome!
  4. Hallo!

    1. Sky Spark

      Sky Spark

      Great! And thanks ^^

      How are you? :D

    2. Bojo


      Doin' great as well, thank you! Was thinking about drawing some Twilight art, actually <3

      What have you been up to? :lunadance:

    3. Sky Spark

      Sky Spark

      Not much, work, derpibooru, chatting with friends on Discord, gaming :yay:

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  5. Did you just blatantly ignore every post towards you in this thread? For god's sake, these people "spitting", they might actually have legitimate criticisms. Maybe you should look for a forum that'll share your blatant mindless blind praising of the show. Christ.
  6. Only, in this case, Newworld is like, the polar opposite of Murrison.
  7. Bud, I don't know what you are on about, people are allowed to criticize the show. If you can't handle them, you are not obligated to listen to them. Also, criticism does not equal pessimism nor hating on the show. No one is forcing their opinions down your throat either. You are free to enjoy the season as you wish, but if you would rather not see valid criticisms of the show, maybe you're better off not viewing an MLP fan site. The show is not perfect, never has been, and that's okay, and people are free to express their discontent with episodes.
  8. Sky Spark


    Greetings, my name is Celli! My favorite pony is Twilight without a doubt. Nice to meet you all!
  9. Sky Spark

    Hey, Everypony!

    Hey what's up? Nice to see ya here!
  10. Sky Spark


    Why hello!
  11. Sky Spark


    You can just call me Celli, that first post was more of a joke
  12. Sky Spark


    I decided to use Celli, as it is my name on pretty much every other site I use : Thanks! And I think I got it right haha
  13. Sky Spark

    World of Warcraft

    Can't wait for the new xpac! Gonna main my Ret Pally^^
  14. Sky Spark


    Yep, also on MLPF under the same name!
  15. Why thank ya for the follow, Jeric!

    1. Jeric


      Anytime Celli!

  16. Sky Spark

    WoW Legion - What will you play?

    I can't wait, few days left! My main will be my good old ret pally, Ashbringer ftw! Also got a frost DK, Enhancement, MM Hunter, Affliction Lock, Fury Warrior, and last but not least, gonna tank on the new vengeance DH. I love it, probably the most fun tank imo. Really mobile and almost as invincible as Blood DKs, haha!
  17. Sky Spark


    Thanks for the welcomes, all! And actually you can just call me Celli, haha That's what I go by on almost everything else anyway.