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  1. ID software. Most known for making such classics as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, you'd have to have lived under a rock for the last 25 years or so to not know of this developer's accomplishments. They were pioneers in game development, creating the legendary id tech proprietary game engine, which many engines today are based off of. Wolfenstein 3D was a simple maze shooter, but it was still something. Then Doom came along and really pushed the fps genre into mainstream attention. The game was also a technical marvel, as limitations of computer hardware at the time made game development harder. But iD worked with the limitations given to them and made a game that was ahead of it's time. The game used various techniques to work with the limitations and the result is a game that is still played and modded to this day. I won't go into the various techniques the game used but look into them, it's really interesting stuff. Really showed how Doom worked with the limitations. Quake. Ah yes, Quake. What Doom did for the FPS genre, as well as PC gaming, oh yeah, iD also pushed the PC as a legitimate gaming platform as well, but what Doom did for FPS and PC gaming, Quake did for multiplayer. More on that in a bit. Quake was also a technical marvel at the time, both graphically and, well technically, it was incredible. 3D environments, models, multiple floors, mouse look, fast paced gameplay, it was an incredible experience. It's engine is still influenced today, most engines used today are based off of Quake 2's engine. Now, multiplayer. This game was revolutionary for online multiplayer. It's fast paced gameplay made for fun deathmatch. And then when Quake 3 came out, it was a standard. It started the esports craze which continues today. Were it not for Quake 3, Cod multiplayer wouldn't be a thing, most FPS wouldn't have taken off, and all the multiplayer focused games wouldn't be a thing. The gaming industry owes a lot to iD Software, and that is why they're the most influential developer. They created an amazing engine, which is still improved and modified, kicked off the online multiplayer craze, and popularized the FPS genre. Their legacy will be remembered for years.
  2. Sky Spark

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Dark Souls 3, finished the main game and now I'm doing the Ashes of Ariandel dlc.
  3. Sky Spark

    World of Warcraft

    New leveling is great.
  4. Sky Spark

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Playing through Doom 2016 again, awesome game, one of the best shooters of the decade. quite frankly. Oh, and I started playing Dark Souls 3. Definitely has a good first impression for me, being a huge fan of Dark Souls 1, and DS2 being a pile of shit.
  5. Sky Spark

    worst video games ever!

    I liked DBZ Sagas.
  6. Sky Spark

    Why do you like the games you like?

    I like Dark Soul 1, it's a really fun and deep experience, with engaging combat and an interesting world with bits of lore hidden, which you can read and piece together what happened, the memorable bosses, challenging but rewarding gameplay, and an engrossing and intricate character customization system. It's probably one of my favorite games ever made. Top 5, definitely.
  7. Sky Spark

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Dark Souls 2.
  8. Sky Spark

    If you were thinking about getting Destiny 2 for PC...

    I wouldn't have bought it anyway, it looks like crap, the first one was incredibly disappointing. People give Bungie too much credit when Halo was never even that good.
  9. I haven't seen a thread like this here yet. Basically, what sex are you interested in? Same? Other sex? Both? I'm a Bisexual Male, with a preference towards guys.
  10. Sky Spark

    What's Your Favorite Song In The Soundtrack?

    One small thing or Open Up Your Eyes.
  11. Sky Spark

    Bad episodes this season.

    I liked them all for the most part
  12. Sky Spark

    Bad episodes this season.

    I honestly don't think there has been any bad episodes this season to be perfectly honest.
  13. Sky Spark

    Metroid thread

    Nothing tops Super. Nothing. I'll post my thoughts I had made on another site:
  14. Sky Spark

    Buffalo Man's Review & Analysis Thread

    I don't get it, I didn't see anyone attacking him. I just think he can't take criticism. I'll drop it though.
  15. Sky Spark

    Buffalo Man's Review & Analysis Thread

    @Nuke87654 Well said. Well said indeed, Nuke.
  16. Sky Spark

    Buffalo Man's Review & Analysis Thread

    @Nuke87654 You really hit the nail on the head with your rebuttal to @Dark Qiviut's review.
  17. Sky Spark

    New Trailer

    Why don't you spare us and leave now? All you ever do is complain.
  18. Sky Spark

    worst video games ever!

    Sonic 06 for obvious reasons. Shadow the Hedgehog for similar reasons. Metroid Other M. What an atrocious game. It fucked up Samus's character, had very clunky third person controls, and the first person mode was awful, story was filled with contrivances and continuity errors. Sakamoto fucked up big time with this game, and it will take a lot for me to forgive him. It was an insult to my favorite video game franchise. (And then Federation Force comes around and rubs salt in the wound, I refuse to play that game.)
  19. Sky Spark

    Buffalo Man's Review & Analysis Thread

    @Nuke87654 Great points, I can't really argue with any of them. Especially the bit at the end about not putting politics in your goddamn reviews, Seriously, that is completely unneeded.
  20. Sky Spark

    Buffalo Man's Review & Analysis Thread

    Y'know, just saying, you already reviewed the episode, especially on MLPF, I think we get the picture, you abhore F&M. Like, let it go already. The episode has been out for three fucking weeks.