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  1. Gotta say, I'm actually liking the look of the Switch!

    And Zelda, oh my god, it looks amazing!!!

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    2. Sky Spark

      Sky Spark

      I do love the Princess of Twilight :)

      But Majora's Mask just did more for me than any other. Also, I'm not a huge fan of OoT. It's a good game, just I feel it's one of the weaker games.

    3. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      My only gripe is the fact the mobile screen is 720p. There should at least be a toggle-able resolution/energy saver mode.

    4. Sky Spark

      Sky Spark

      Hmm, yeah, I can understand that. Though, I'd imagine Nintendo did that to cut costs.... At least it runs at 1080p docked. Hell, Breath of the Wild apparently runs in 1080p 60fps, also, 720p 60fps on the go.