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    How do we make the MMORPG genre great again?!

    I just want to see a MMORPG game with a bit more innovation. And I mean, really turn things upside down. MMORPGs often change combat mechanics. They create an interesting gimmick to the world. They have a type of quest that no other game has. They're played with a different camera perspective, or even a different amount of dimensions. There's all sorts of small differences all over the place in the genre. But... They all still feel like it's fundamentally the same game running underneath. The same class/race system. The same party archetypes. The same MILLIONS OF QUESTS type of game. The same community features. The same way of handling loot. The same levelling up system. It's all just so... standard. MMORPG feels more like a mould than an actual genre. There's an absolutely enormous amount of variety in the not-online RPG genre, with tons of games that have absolutely nothing to do with eachother, play nothing like eachother, feel nothing like eachother... Why is it that making one "massively multiplayer" suddenly means you have to do every single thing in this super specific manner? I mean, yes, there's things that can't work otherwise if you're accomodating your game to be played by a ton of people at the same time, make them part of a community, and mantain it for long periods of time, so I guess there is a wrong and a right way to handle the social half of the game. But mechanically, every single modern MMORPG feels like a mere variation of eachother. It'd be amazing for a company to come up with a MMORPG with a bit more creativity and ambition behind it. Like, I'm talking stuff like say, Star Citizen is doing. Obviously, the thing is not an MMORPG, since the game world is not 100% shared by every single player in the server and it's not really an RPG in the first place. But a game with a similar overall structure, with RPG mechanics and a fully shared online world? That'd be the kind of innovation I'd like to see from the MMORPG genre. I guess this isn't exactly what you're talking about, since you're mostly comparing new MMORPGs to old MMORPGs, and I guess most people who are into MMORPGs aren't looking for such a drastic departure. But it's how I personally feel about the genre as of late. I want to see something new and exciting.
  2. Khao Mortadios

    Video Game Music Thread

    For what it's worth, I'm sorry. This was simply necessary.
  3. Khao Mortadios

    Not a Hideo Kojima Game

    I'm still shocked that this is what they revealed right after saying they want to win back the fan's respect. They really thought that turning a beloved classic franchise into a generic zombie shooter was gonna do the trick? Even if the game ends up being perfectly solid, they're just digging themselves into an even bigger hole.
  4. Khao Mortadios

    10 likes per day rule

    Fully agreed with PaperJam here. I kinda feel like likes completely lose their purpose if you can't use them as much as you like. It's the best way to quickly show agreement or appreciation for somebody's posts, whether or not you're interested in posting in the thread and actually taking the time to share your own opinion. Also a good "yes I read this post" tool, and even useful as a way to say "even though we disagree, I totally appreciate this conversation, no hard feelings okay". 10 likes are nowhere near enough for all the times any of these things can happen in a day. It may keep someone from spamming rep, but is that really worth it when you're losing a good chunk of the feature's functionality?
  5. Hello yes, in case you couldn't figure it out from looking at the text above my avatar, I'm Khao Mortadios. Been a brony for a few years now, I first started watching the show in the hiatus between the first and second seasons and instantly (okay, took me a few episodes) loved each character and eventually the world they're in. But I guess you'd expect that from pretty much every person joining this forum. So I'm not all that active in stuff related to the brony community, though I do post some random comments on Equestria Daily occasionally. Though I did create a pretty darn successful pony fangame a couple years back, and I'm still pretty darn proud of it. And talking about video games. They're kinda huge in my life. I play games of every kind, of every system, of every year. I'm super passionate about these things, which eventually led to my current work. I'm a programmer and designer at a small indie game studio that's just starting off (well, we've been at it for three years so far, but we still haven't finished our first game!) and I couldn't be freaking happier about it. Other than that, I like drawing. I play the piano. I love eating delicious garbage. I occassionally create kazoo covers of random songs for fun, including pony ones. I'm probably forgetting a ton of stuff and I'm scared that it's not making me sound as interesting as I want to pretend to be but I'll risk it.