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  1. Cat's Tuxedo

    Thoughts on Spike.

    I think Season 6 has been Spike's best showing yet because it feels like they've finally figured out what to do with him. I'm all for the idea of Spike acting as a sort of pony's ambassador to groups/kingdoms/races that the ponies wouldn't have otherwise thought of interacting with purely because of the possibilities it opens up.
  2. Cat's Tuxedo

    Is the show too slice of life?

    How much adventure and slice-of-life episodes there are doesn't matter to me as long as the show stays fun and funny.
  3. I'd definitely like to try going to a con within the show's lifespan. That'd certainly be good enough for me as an attainable goal, but in terms of the less probable, I'd like to commission a special effects make-up firm to do me up in a full-body Discord cosplay so I could really make an impression at my first con-outing. Though obviously, that would be no small cost -_-
  4. Cat's Tuxedo

    Why did you join the fandom?

    Started being legit part of the fandom around April 2011. A little before that, I was seeing pony popping up on DeviantArt here and there and I didn't think too much of it. Then Krobo/Dikekike started coming out with Pony YTPs and I figured 'Ah what the heck, may as well see what all this is about'. And seeing how cute and funny the show is, that's pretty much the how and why of me being here today.
  5. Cat's Tuxedo

    Show me your OC!

    Somepony's gotta be running that Tartarus place, so I thought I'd mitigate that vacuum with Prince Felix here, or Pony Hades as he basically is.
  6. Cat's Tuxedo

    Hey, I'm here too

    You've probably seen me commenting on the main site once in a blue moon (or know me from my DeviantArt stuff), but for the sake of a proper introduction, I'm more or less a fan-artist who happens to be an MLP fan to go with it.
  7. I don't consider myself that much of a writer, but I did get a little one-shot fic of my own posted some time ago. It started out as a couple short bits I thought were funny in my head (Pinkie declaring herself Mayor on the basis of inventing a new word, Discord whining about how bad he is at restoring the natural order) and I spent about nine months taking the story on in short spurts and connecting things together into something that resembled a coherent story. It was also the first piece of fiction I'd written in four years, so it kinda doubled as a test to see how capable I was as a writer after such a span of time in case inspiration for a future endeavor presents itself. Pinkie Partakes in a Power Trip