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  1. Thaliel

    Season 7, Episodes 24 & 25: Shadow Play

    seeing the elements again was nice, but they're kinda old school, aren't they? I'd really like starswirl to meet sombra (and hope) on his travels, so we learn how these two are doing
  2. Thaliel

    Chrysalis To Be Reformed In Season 8?

    Considering that spoiler Tirek will return she might pair up with him at some point
  3. I was really concerned about watching a dubbed movie, since I always watch the series in English, but I got used to the different voices quite easily. Therewasn#t really a moment where I thought "meh, this is boring". Maybe too much happening for little kids to handle. But I'm okay with it. Definately planning to get it on dvd once it is out
  4. Thaliel

    What's Your Favorite Song In The Soundtrack?

    Open your eyes for sure. At least the German version. You can listen to the first minute orr so here (really, do it, it#s awesome):
  5. Thaliel

    Tempest Shadow

    A very interestinc character, even though she falls for the standard "Serve the bad guy just cuz he promised you whatever". I like her colour palette a lot. I can relate to her picking a different name, her original one is just too long ^.^. I am resorting to calling her fizzles now. Random Fact: Her german VA is a singer who's never done voice acting before. And boy, she did great, really got that bitter, dark and threatening tone across. And her version of "open your eyes" is definately my favorite song from the movie, though I'd really like to give the original a listen
  6. Thaliel

    Season 7, Episode 17: To Change a Changeling

    Is it just me or do the new chanelings appear like hippies? It's nice they no longer feed on love, but srugs are not a decent alternative ^.^
  7. Thaliel

    S07:E13 - The Perfect Pear

    Those two were really cute. Thpugh I would have liked to see the respective partners of Grandpear and Granny Smith
  8. Thaliel

    S07:E12 - Discordant Harmony

    More discord is always welcome. I am liking him more and more
  9. Thaliel

    Season 7 Episode 11 - Not Asking For Trouble

    Yak like episode. Yak now go laze in sun
  10. Thaliel

    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    still irritated that they are prtending as if the comic in which luna takes over for a whole day never happened
  11. Thaliel

    Season 7 Episode 9 "Honest Apple"

    Please Miss Libbman, never do whatever you did when vociing lily again, ever. I can't even
  12. Thaliel

    Season 7 Episode 8 Hard to Say Anything

    I hope cheerielee and big mac stay friends, they seemed to have a good time together even without a love potion involved
  13. Thaliel

    Season 7 Episode 7 Parental Glidance

    Scootaloo really seems to be pretty much on her own. Time for the Dash's to adopt her ^.^
  14. Thaliel

    Season 7 Episode 6 Forever Filly

    the message was conveyed well, I simply think SB's ageing up is done a little too fast. From elementary school kid to (almost) starting puberty is quite a leap