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  1. *deep breath*


    1. Tia und Luna: Even if they DO one day retire, they still have to live somewhere. Their old castle is in no shape to serve as their retirement home, so why did anyone exoect twily to move to canterlot?

       - plus, twily already HAS a castle, there does not appear to be any need for the rulers of Equestria to reside in Canterlot

    2. The Grogar Gang (tm): Those remaining three do not seem very into it yet. I highly suspect at least one of them (mo money is on cozy) to turn their back and work with the mane six at some point, maybe even all thre of them

       - at least Tirekt should know Grogar is merely using he three just to ditch them once in power, he did the exact same thing with Discord

    3. RIP tree: Why does it seem like everyone forgot about all those roots the tree has sprouted all the way below the school? And how it had become so powerful it created anvatar for itself and provided the student six with power...The physical tree might be gone, but the...entity (?) is still there and I am sure we will meet it in some way later on

  2. A very interestinc character, even though she falls for the standard "Serve the bad guy just cuz he promised you whatever". I like her colour palette a lot. I can relate to her picking a different name, her original one is just too long ^.^. I am resorting to calling her fizzles now.

    Random Fact: Her german VA is a singer who's never done voice acting before. And boy, she did great, really got that bitter, dark and threatening tone across. And her version of "open your eyes" is definately my favorite song from the movie, though I'd really like to give the original a listen