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  1. LittleLooney

    Anyone Else Like The Silver Brumby?

    It sounds very very familiar. I wonder who's told me about it before.
  2. Let's say by some miracle one of us was given the opportunity to write our very own MLP episode in any way we like. With 7+ seasons under its belt and loads of characters to choose from, what kind of story would you tell?
  3. LittleLooney

    Nude Swim

    lol It's just how I go to sleep at night.
  4. LittleLooney

    Nude Swim

    Ironic that I actually ran across this thread while in the nude (at home, obviously, not in public). XD
  5. LittleLooney

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  6. LittleLooney

    MLP vs. Steven Universe.

    I've never even watched an episode of Steven Universe so MLP by default.
  7. LittleLooney

    Season 7, Episode 14: Fame and Misfortune

    I came in after season 4 ended, so the whole drama surrounding allicorn Twilight was in the past and none of my concern
  8. LittleLooney

    Season 7, Episode 14: Fame and Misfortune

    Oh goodness, the townsponies in this episode were like Quibble Pants if he did nothing but complain about everything. XD I suspect this'll be the kind of episode that'll receive a ton of hate, but I for one feel it was a very accurate portrayal of the most negative fans. Even if Larson wasn't directly involved, it still felt like it had his fingerprints on it. The joke about Fluttershy learning the same lesson over and over got a good hearty laugh out of me, as did the rest of the complaints. I love these meta kinds of episodes. XD It also satisfied my need for bringing the journal back so I'm very happy about that. Bravo, Larson, another one out of the park!
  9. LittleLooney

    No more Spike episodes?

    While his episodes aren't necessarily the best, I still get some enjoyment out of them regardless. Even the really unpopular Spike episodes aren't as bad as others make them out to be. Besides, there's only a couple per season.
  10. Season 3, for whatever reason, is the shortest season of the show to date with only 13 episodes instead of 26. If the third season would have had the usual 26, what direction do you think they would have gone in?
  11. Um, unless I'm remembering it very very wrong, Feeling Pinkie Keen is a Twilight/Pinkie episode.
  12. If it wasn't for The Return of Harmony, I never would have became a fan in the first place.
  13. My feelings towards it are the exact opposite. I feel the first part drags on more than the second part. It spent so much time introducing the characters that it took until basically the last minute for the plot to finally kick in. Don't get me wrong, I still like the pilot, but it suffers from a few pacing issues. Lauren was originally going to write Applebuck Season? Where'd you learn that from?
  14. We all know the show has a huge cast of characters, many of which only ever appeared once or twice to never return. What characters do you think need to come back? Mine would be: Cheese Sandwich The Diamond Dogs Gabby Iron Will Babs Seed Princess Dragon Lord Ember
  15. LittleLooney

    What episodes do you find underrated?

    Rarity Investigates! also had a really good soundtrack. I loved the slow jazz music.