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  1. EquestriaGuy

    Who Is Your Favorite MLP Voice Actor?

    Tabitha is just absolutely beyond godlike. She's by far the best VA.
  2. EquestriaGuy

    Hey now

    thanks, all
  3. EquestriaGuy

    Guardians of Harmony show.

    There's no reason to steer the show in that direction. The way it is now works exceedingly well. It would be a meaningless move that moves FiM away from being a show that was 10/10 often without using hostility and adversity as a crutch .
  4. EquestriaGuy

    Guardians of Harmony show.

    it is what it is. GoH is a toyline for the whole series, rather than just a season, like Explore Equestria is. They've chosen a militaristic theme because it broadens the toy's appeal. edit: let me put it this way. I see what you're saying, but there's zero point to incorporate this theme and then do nothing with it. In a theoretical series, which isn't happening, these militaristic elements would be prominent.
  5. EquestriaGuy

    Guardians of Harmony show.

    I can't even begin to decipher what your point is.
  6. EquestriaGuy

    Guardians of Harmony show.

    ....but this is exactly what GoH is... Toys generally are based on a theme. Usually the theme has derived from a season. GoH's theme is derived from the show and comics over all. S4 had Rainbow Power S5 had Cutie Mark Magic S6 is Explore Equestria FiM+IDW is Guardians of Harmony
  7. EquestriaGuy

    Guardians of Harmony show.

    No. GoH is simply a more boy and adult friendly, meaning militaristic and scowly, take on various events, themes, and characters in the show and comics, spanning G4's lifespan. It's not a future series. I wouldn't watch it because it was the show's goodhearted, cynicism free, charm that made me fall in love with it. I don't need a 3edgy spinoff.
  8. Discord said today Spike is Twilight's friend.
  9. EquestriaGuy

    Will Brazil air EqG 4 before Netflix?

    And you believe this because........
  10. donits donits donits donits donits donits donits donits donits donits these Walmartians would lose their minds in New England. I have 4 Dunkin Donuts within 3 miles, as is the unofficial rule.
  11. EquestriaGuy

    Top 5 Personal Episodes

    1) Return of Harmony Part 2 2) Crusaders of the Lost Mark 3) Saddle Row Review 4) Lesson Zero 5) It's About Time Honorable mentions: Fall Weather Friends, Party of One, Magic Duel, Castle Mane-ia, Filli Vanilli, Trade Ya, Bloom and Gloom, Slice of Life, Party Pooped, Amending Fences, Rarity Investigates, The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows, and The Cutie Re-Mark part 1+2, A Hearth's Warming Tale
  12. EquestriaGuy

    Will Brazil air EqG 4 before Netflix?

    The book comes out Sept. 6th, so everything should be spoiled long before even the Brazilian version airs.
  13. EquestriaGuy

    Have you met an MLP cast/crew member?

    At Las Pegasus Unicon I met McCarthy, AKR, Larson (who signed my Red Bull), Tabitha, had dinner with Andrea Libman, and briefly spoke with De Lancie, New, and Cadance's VA.