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  1. Cavy

    Why saddles?

    They're used for fashion but I haven't seen ponies use bridles and saddles for a long time now in the show. That was mainly early on. Frankly, I'm glad of that.
  2. Cavy

    How often do you watch the show live?

    I never do. I don't have cable and I wouldn't like watching it on a stream so I just watch new episodes on youtube.
  3. Cavy

    New To This Forum

  4. Cavy

    Who Is Your Favorite MLP Voice Actor?

    John de Lancie. I love him as Q on Star Trek and as Discord in this show.
  5. Cavy

    My Little Pony Tales

    I love it. I got the dvd of the whole series last year I think it was. I didn't have cable when it was on air so I never got to watch it as a kid even though I really wanted to. I think Sweetheart is my favorite character in the show. I also like that there are male ponies in the show unlike in My Little Pony and Friends.
  6. Thanks E^^ I do have a theme song. It's Woulda Shoulda Coulda by my favorite band, Petra. Thanks ArcticEight^^
  7. That would be the first movie. I watched it on youtube for the heck of it. I really hated the idea of human versions of the ponies. The franchise has grown on me though especially since being sent to the human world seems to be a form of punishment for Equestrian beings and I think they made the whole thing work overall so I actually have grown to like Equestria Girls and have the Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games soundtracks even.
  8. Cavy

    Reveal Your Ships

    I relate the most to Fluttershy and my husband relates the most to Discord so I definitely support that pairing. Plus they have such good chemistry in the show^^ I also support the Derpy and Dr. Whooves pairing. Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie would make sense as a pair to me as well unless they're just too much alike for it to work.
  9. Cavy

    S6 - Episode 17 - Discussion

    One of the best episodes of the entire series in my opinion. This is one of those I'll definitely watch more than once. Discord was really in his element here. I loved his attitude and how he got all pouty when he found out Fluttershy had to leave, even going so far as planting an active volcano in the train's path saying afterwards it wasn't his fault it was there when it completely was his fault. XP I also loved all the self absorbed comments he kept making while speaking to Spike and Big Mac. Loved it when Discord rose above them in intimidating fashion after they had pushed him too far half covered in shadows and surrounded by swirling storm clouds speaking in his 'Lord of Chaos' voice. Just a great episode.
  10. Cavy

    Thoughts on Spike's Love of Rarity?

    I think it's kind of cute in the puppylove kind of way mentioned in above posts but still weird because he's a child and she's an adult.
  11. I will. Thank you for you hospitality.
  12. Thanks^^ Enjoying it here so far