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  1. Ooh, a Canterlot Pony now? Fahncy. 

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    2. Koukatsu


      So, this guy, Fhaolan... The last time I went to BABS he actually made cucumber sandwiches. And they were lovely. :getsome:

    3. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      @Light Landstrider Ah, quite smashing! Good sir, shall we play a game of croquet on the lawn after partaking in such lovely refreshments? 

      @KoukatsuFhaolan is from Canterlot confirm! 

      I've never tried cucumber sandwiches, but perhaps someday I will :P 


    4. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      @Lady Kiriness Spit spot old bean, I shall get my mallet and join you on this fine day for joyous divertisment on the well kept lawn of our splendid establishment.