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  1. Time for an anime night ~ 

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    2. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      No way?!?! That's awesome! What episode are you on? 


      I'm new to anime as well. Madoka Magica is in my watch later list I think, and I've seen Yuki Yuna as well! Magical girl anime is my favorite genre. What about you? :)

    3. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      I'm on episode 17.

      I really liked Madoka Magica, Yuki Yuna was meh, compared to PMMM.

      I absolutely loved Fullmetal Alchemist. That one brought me to tears. I don't think I've been watching enough to have a favorite genre, but I think I like the ones that have a slight dark undertone.

    4. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      Ahh I see. I'm only on episode 7 myself. 


      Well perhaps I'll look into those at some point. ^^