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Hello! You can call me Kiri, and I'm a digital artist and a recent college graduate with a degree in Psychology. Eventually, I want to become a therapist. I love to nerd out about the mind and absolutely adore anything to do with mythology and magic. ^^ Some hobbies include horseback riding, writing, reading, and dank memin'. If you're into any of that, let's be friends! I also like brainstorming character ideas, so if you would like any advice, I'd be happy to help. Anyway, looking forward to meeting you. :)



My main art gallery is here!

I am primarily a digital artist and am looking to improve! I would love some tips, and if you have art related questions, I'd be happy to help. I'm sorry, but I am not accepting requests at this time, but will have more information on trades, giveaways, and commissions in the future! :) 



Discord: Kiri#4285