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    You know anyone can reply to this topic. . . Couldn't stand the emptyness. . .
  2. Anypony (Or anyone) want to help with developing a sprited videogame? Long story short, I'm developing a sidescrolling that features high speed action and combat. Features planned include exploration, and adventure across a meshed dimension. It's all done in a pixelated fashion. (For examples please go to my devaintart page. http://zups5.deviantart.com/) Who are you looking for? Currently I'm looking for. . . Pixel artists Animators Musicians Coders ----- Contact Details ---- If you would like to assist with this project or would like more details please contact me at kuiquzups5@gmail.com If you would like to help support this project with funding go to this Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/Zon3dy) ---- OC's ---- I'm sorry to say but I'm no longer accepting new OC's to go in the game, if you would like your OC to be a playable character in the game you'll need to support my Patreon. (I understand this is a bit of a sales gimmick but the team doesn't pay for itself and I already have to many commissions.)