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  1. Dinode

    Reveal Your Ships

    Quick question, wasn't there a "tell all book" that said that Applejack had a crush? And that Fluttershy liked Sandalwood?
  2. Dinode

    Equestria Girls Specials Coming in 2017

    So, what does everyone think will be happening in the specials? Perhaps one will feature Sunset visiting Equestria to finally clear the air with Celestia, but while she's gone the rest of her friends have to deal with a magical threat without her or Princess Twilight.
  3. Dinode

    A year on and it still bugs me!

    Um, I'm pretty sure the magic was corrupting her. Quite obviously. Humans aren't really designed to process magic, the only reason the Humane 6 can do it is because they had each other to add the necessary friendship to make it safe for them.
  4. Dinode

    New EQD Forum Mascot

    Out of the trending ones, I like Chatty Bubble the best. As for my own ideas, I like either Lavender Syndrome (would be better if she were a unicorn) or Silver Echo. Oh, I also like the Echo Waves name.
  5. Dinode

    Interest Check - XCOM style RP

    Is this on Earth or in an alternate Equestria?