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  1. gameangel147

    Closet brony or open brony?

    @LostSanity If you're afraid of a friends reaction it's normally because you don't know them that well or you know how they will react and don't like it. It's still better to tell them, that way you'll find out if they accept you for who you are. If not, then congratulations, you now know they're jerks and won't make good friends. This way you don't waste your time with them and can spend it finding better ones.
  2. gameangel147

    Where to get the highest quality episodes?

    @Havocbyte Thanks for the link! Looks perfect! @Metemponychosis I'll check it out then, because I like having them on my computer rather than having to depend on an online service. Thanks again!
  3. gameangel147

    Where to get the highest quality episodes?

    @Metemponychosis Can you download them to your computer from either platform or do you have to use their service to watch? Because I began buying the episodes during season 2, but stopped because I thought you couldn't download them, that you had to keep using iTunes, and it feels almost the same as having Netflix.
  4. gameangel147

    Closet brony or open brony?

    @Shadow Dash Oh, I see. Have you tried showing them the charities the fandom has done? Maybe those kids that were sick or bullied and were comforted by fellow fans?
  5. gameangel147

    Greetings, my fellow ponies!

    Welcome back! Hope you find everything to your liking. So do you do everything in making music or do others help? Are your songs under the name "ValieShy?"
  6. gameangel147

    Who is the cutest filly, in your opinion?

    Assuming this is open to any pony as a filly, I will say filly Rainbow Dash!!!
  7. gameangel147

    Closet brony or open brony?

    Do you know why your parents are against it?
  8. gameangel147

    Closet brony or open brony?

    Well I don't go around telling people, and I only have one pony shirt I haven't worn in a while, but if it happens to come up in conversation or someone asks, I'll admit to it and not be embarrassed. I actually met a fellow brony at one of my jobs because I mentioned it. That gave us something to talk about. I can't say the public knows but most of the people close to me know.
  9. I've been wondering where I can get the highest quality episodes. Netflix is HD but you need to use Netflix, and the episode DVD's aren't made for downloading onto a computer. So where can I find the highest quality episodes out there? Thanks for the feedback!
  10. gameangel147

    Looking for 2017 MLP Calendar

    Well couldn't find it anywhere, ended up buying it on ebay for about $8. Thanks @baltoist and @CookedChicken73 for the help. @CookedChicken73: I know another guy from New Zealand, and he says the same thing. The only reason I knew was because of the currency. You guys need to put some distance between you and Australia. Or do something to make a name for yourselves. @LuigiFan45: Huh, I did not know that.
  11. gameangel147

    Looking for 2017 MLP Calendar

    Yeah, I saw the post here on EQD but it never mentioned any stores. Here's it ranges from $10 - $20, not including shpping. 30 NZD is about $20. Thanks, and New Zealand, cool!
  12. gameangel147

    Looking for 2017 MLP Calendar

    Does anyone know which stores sell the new 2017 MLP Calendar in-store? Target only sells it online, haven't found it at Walmart and the mall kiosks are gone. Any help is appreciated.
  13. gameangel147

    Greetings Everypony!

    Hi everyone! I'm happy there are finally some forums here. I hope to have lots of fun with you guys and girls!!!