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  1. Rspectcopyrightmyass

    What makes a PMV good or bad?

    I'd probably go with the timing aspect.. for me personally anyway. i usually focus more on the lyrical syncing and/or beat timing of songs if i can.. but when some videos have long unedited/cut scenes can get rather boring.. but i sometimes start with long running scenes in a video.. but as i add more scenes i want you use, i will then chop them up accordingly and hope the end result is at least enjoyable! There's been a coupe times when i've wanted to be super lazy and just use 1-5 long running dance or action sequences to finish a video quickly.. but as i start to edit i get more into the grove of attempting to edit it properly. - i know next to zero of spfx so i'm pretty useless in that area, but as much fun as it is to edit, i do hope people can enjoy my videos as i enjoy making them!
  2. Rspectcopyrightmyass

    3 Questions For All Bronies Or Pegasisters

    1. So many to choose from.. hard to pick a single Favorite .. but since i haven't seen it on the list yet.. will go with "slice of life" 2. like other shave said... not sure about out right hating an episode vs. disliking it. again would prob be a tie on a couple but "Princess Spike, was just not entertaining at all and i might be alone on this one.. but i just didn't enjoy "Newbie Dash" not exactly sure what it was with that episode.. but by the end.. just didn't enjoy it. 3. Fluttershy
  3. Rspectcopyrightmyass

    PMV song suggestions

    well if i'm ever short on ideas, or feel i could bring some kind of justice to a suggested song, then i might tackle them.. these songs sound awesome, but not sure i'd be the one that should attempt either of them. but i may as well add to this, to one i'd love to see, but don't think i could do myself. found a non full version pmv but still think could be awesome!
  4. Rspectcopyrightmyass

    PMV Collaborations

    sounds good! I've only done 1 other collab with another editor but think it turned out pretty good!
  5. Rspectcopyrightmyass

    PMV Collaborations

    I use Sony vegas.. but the version i have is Sony movie studio which is kinda the dumbed down version of vegas i tend to do more lyrical type editing since i'm fairly useless in the special effects area My Channel:
  6. Rspectcopyrightmyass

    Overwatch:The Thread:The Game

    Fluttershy#1361 is my battletag - feel free to add me
  7. Rspectcopyrightmyass

    New to the Forum, not the fandom!

    if you didn't actually see them - i did the trailers for that specific quote as well -
  8. Rspectcopyrightmyass

    Ace Attorney series - HOLD IT!

    I love the AA series, have beat all the games they've released here.. watched the promo video, beat the new demo.. just waiting for Spirit of Justice in 2 weeks
  9. Hello everypony! just here to say hi... i guess . I been a part of the fandom since later half of season 1. I make PMV's when the right idea strikes... have a decent amount of views on some videos.. and almost none on others. But they're fun to edit