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  1. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Don't want to be more frustrated with a cartoon I like so much more than I already am.
  2. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Which is retarded for reasons already discussed here ad nauseam. I haven't watched anything past the first half of the last season. That stupid episode about the sisters going on vacation finally did me in.
  3. Metemponychosis

    We need a G5 movie sub-forum.

    DO IT! Not only there is discussion to be had, it would also better organize it.
  4. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    I know it doesn't look like a clock. I'm being disingenuous on purpose.
  5. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    I haven't watched this episode, and honestly, I don't feel like. Much less after reading this. That thingamajig with the sisters magic just... Ugh. Knowing it is in this episode is enough to turn me away. I'd like to have a time machine and tell Lauren Faust, just as she finished the draft for the Sisters background, that in the end of the series all that whimsical and enchanting magic would be replaced by a clock. Just so that I could see the face of a passionate creator finding out that the thing that defined her magical queen princess would be reduced to a gizmo. I would like to enter the mind of someone that comes up with shit like this. The power to control the heavens turned into a thingy. That is not even important. None of the magic or whimsy behind the Elements of Harmony. Not a moral message of relevance. Not even an interesting origin, or requirement. Just a lazy plot-device to solve the a problem that the writers created themselves and are too clueless to fix properly. I FUCKING HATE THAT THING! Probably more than I hate the map and the Tree of Harmony.
  6. There will be references left and right because they can't start anything of their own and they want to milk the fandom for however long they can. My hope was that it would be be just that. References. But as I said earlier, I don't think that they would be willing to start again with a new continuity.
  7. There is another piece of news floating around that says that this is after the ending of G4. Some unspecified long time. I'll try to track it down to shwo you. I would preffer tenfold if this was another continuity, but the milking of the cow must go on.
  8. Oh, boy... I hate this synopsis. Sounds like what Disney did with Star Wars: grabbing a closed and done with story and ruining the legacy of previous characters for the sake of milking it some more because they're too scared of making something new. I hope that I'm wrong and this is something entirely new, but doesn't look like it. EDIT: "Somehow, Sombra has returned..."
  9. Hum.... I hope it's made available in all regions.
  10. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    I notice that we always argue past each other when she subject is quality x reception. I believe that things can be executed in different ways and that makes the final productive objectively good or bad (and everything in between). And that is different from reception from individual people. For example: I agree with you that Luna deserved a better study of her character, and that is a flaw. But, I know that you believe that the spectacle is not enough to justify that flaw, while I say that I am satisfied with the final product. Do we agree that these are two different metrics? Ah. Got it. Ditto. My guess is because it is easier? I don't know. I'd feel like I was doing an incomplete job. And since they said that they didn't get executive intromission into their work, I am at a loss too. Technically he's supposed to rationalize away the wrongs that he did until the Ghost of Christmas Future hits him with the bombshell, and I think that this is a standard that remains in most of the adaptations I've seen. I've seen at least one for a locally produced cartoon in my country, Brazil. And it was ok. I can remember All Dogs Christmas Carol and the one you mentioned. I've seen a Bugs Bunny one that was rather standard with Yosemite Sam as Scrooge. There was one in ST: The Next Generation with Data as Scrooge. I remember The Jetsons did one. I took a look at the Wikipedia page for adaptations and basically everyone and their mothers did an adaptation. So, I suppose that MLP couldn't stay out.
  11. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Then why make an adaptation and not tell a new story. If one is going to adapt, or retell, a story and it is going to miss the authorial intent of the original someone is just being lazy. But at least this episode is entertaining and if the original didn't exist I'd probably appreciate it more. I agree with the rest, but expand on this, please. I appreciate the effort because it feels like they at least learned something. It is obviously not a substitute, but it could be worse, I think. I see what you mean. To rephrase what I said, the ghost should be dramatic and flamboyant. Not to mention that it would follow in the theme of the other ghosts being part of the Mane Six. But, hey... I'm down for Luna-wank any day. You came up with a better example than I did. And I may be remembering wrong, but one of the things that makes Ebenezer change was the realization that their family might deserve his fortune more than he does, precisely for that. In the sense that he was miserable all the time. Great catch. After reading this I remembered watching this one as a child. It was really good.
  12. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    I usually don't like it when cartoons, or series adapt this story. They generally miss the point of the story which actually is not about people and fighting evil, general positivity or even being good because it spreads good. It is about Ebenezer and the salvation of his soul. Now, I am a cynical asshole atheist, but I love stories about damnation vs. salvation derived from the Christian faith because they are already an analogy of the thing MLP tried to do. The problem is that MLP took an intimate story about being an asshole causing a person to ruin the lives of those around him and turned it into one of its typical 'defeat evil' stories. You see, Ebenezer wasn't a random dude that had a problem with Christmas. Ebenezer was a rich person with countless employees and the power to make of break their lives on a whim. Most important, Ebenezer wasn't a hardheaded idiot in a world of cheery goodness. The original story understood something that MLP completely and cheerfully ignores: that evil is perennial and inherent to the human condition. This idea comes from the Christian mythos that Evil is a personification of the choices people make because it is easier, because they're afraid, because they lack Faith, the trust in God, that represents making the right choice. Still, Dickens was smart enough to keep these external representations of Good and Evil outside of the story, following a personal journey into one's own conscience as Ebenezer realized that he was damning himself. The Ghosts represented his own conscience showing him what he caused and it was that realization that changed him, but the additional point is that such change made the lives of all those around him better. It is quite literally good generates good, and evil generates evil, but from within. From a perspective of 'I am the problem'. In MLP, it's the fate of the world, of course, that is at stake. Not Starfall's soul. The concept doesn't even apply. This episode is MLP trying to tackle a subject too large for itself. Again. It's ironic because I also love stories about doing the right thing and beating the bad things. The moral is there, in a way, but in that dumbed down way that general positivity is good, because if not evil monsters will destroy the world. Mwa-hahahaha. MLP took a subtle and intelligent moral lesson that ADULTS need to heed and hammered into the audience's forehead a distorted version of it with the storytelling equivalent of a planetary-scale jackhammer the Vogons would've used. And what pisses me off is that A Christmas Carol is told to children in its original form! Fuck you, DHX. Makes me wonder if Disney isn't really evil for watering down the tales from the Grimms and creating this culture... You see, you can't beat Evil as MLP does. You can only beat it within yourself, because there is where the battle is. It's not for the world, for morals, for ideology. It is for your own soul. But it is okay, because that is what you have to do beat it inside others too, and it is all you can do, because Evil cannot be destroyed. It will always be a threat you have to watch out for constantly. Honestly, the only things that I like about this episode is that Twilight sat down with Starlight Glimmer and tutored her, the way I like to imagine Celestia would do with her if the cartoon wasn't so retarded and hadn't so utterly abused her. Also, the high-quality Luna-wank. Damn. Luna wasn't even herself and that story makes no sense in the cartoon's universe, but damn did she look and sound awesome as the Ghost of Christmas Future. And I even think that Rarity should've been the Ghost of Christmas Future with all her flamboyant and dramatic mannerisms. Luna was there simply for the Luna-wank. Want a good animated adaptation of Dickens' story? An All Dogs Christmas Carol. It is probably not the best, but it is one that came to mind because the characters could fit into MLP. One of the most faithful adaptations while remaining relevant to its own series I've ever seen. It still externalizes 'evil', but it does so in a much more elegant way because the problem isn't that the world is going to end because Carface is an evil asshole, but because the explicit choices he's making are going to ruin Christmas for a lot of people and they will, in change, perpetuate that. Not to mention that Belladonna is a representation of Evil that is both faithful to that Evil I mentioned earlier, but also entertaining to watch. By the way, Belladonna should've been a MLP villain. I just love how much of a jerk she is in 'I Always Get Emotional At Christmas Time'. She would've sung a song about salad dressing with the tears of ponies while the cat devil she works for ate Equestria for lunch.
  13. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    I think this is the sort of ideas that the writers expected to invoke with Daybreaker to begin with.
  14. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    Cute and silly. Cully?