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  1. Metemponychosis

    MLP Currency

    No, they never appeared in the cartoon. But I think it's a good explanation.
  2. Metemponychosis

    MLP Currency

    Checks. You know, written bills that tell banks how much to pass on to another. I thin k it would be silly for a Canterlotian rich unicorn to drop a giant sack of bits on a table when buying a mansion. So, check. Or cheque. I'm not sure which is the right word in English.
  3. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    I feel like I need to add something. I love this whole universe. I didn't bother with the second generation, the third and the 3.5. I loved the first and the fourth and I am well on my way to love the fifth. Which is curious because I don't like the concept of human in Equestria or Equestria Girls. The point of this whole thing is that I expect them to take care of something that I love. I expect, at least, the same level of care and dedication that I give my fanfictions and my original works. I don't think that this is wrong. I'm not paid. I do it out of passion. If was paid to do it, I probably wouldn't even publish anything because I would be pent up on making it as best as I can and I would freak out at every little detail. This is my philosophy in my RL work, and I don't always achieve what I aim for, but another thing is that I will learn from my mistakes and from the feedback I get. And this is another thing that really hurt the cartoon... They kept making the same mistakes, then they tried to lampshade their mistakes. I don't think that I'm asking too much. Especially because I wouldn't if didn't like it.
  4. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Yes. I replied to that that it didn't matter that they poured their heart and souls into their work. I believe that the words were more like "hard work", or something. What matters is that the idea was that. My argument was that working hard was expected from professionals, and that nobody cares if someone ours their soul into whatever they're doing. I pour my soul into my fanfictions, but nobody really cares it takes me about eight hours to write a new chapter, some two hours more to edit, and then review it again when it takes them less than a second to downvote something because they didn't like some random thing that isn't even important. And I'm not even getting paid. Again, the point is that I don't even judge them for trying something and failing. I judge them for not even trying when they are professionals doing the bare minimum. I can see that the people that worked with the BGM did a good job. I can see that animators often did a good job (ironically with a platform that is meant to make the job easier). But the writers did not. About Twilight and her friends in the episode... Yeah. It's the writers messing up their job and it is what I'm talking about. You still can't convince me that at some time they 'put their hearts and souls' into their work, because if they did, I wouldn't be where I am today in this regard.
  5. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    At least it can't be said that the show didn't end properly. Maybe the problem was expecting too much out of some people that never cared about the cartoon, the universe of the cartoon, as much as the fans did.
  6. Metemponychosis

    My Little Pony: A New Generation

  7. Metemponychosis

    My Little Pony: A New Generation

    how's covid in your area? Also, I'm pretty sure that Netflix is cheaper.
  8. Metemponychosis

    My Little Pony: A New Generation

    She passed away with a condition known as Bothersome Parent That Would Prevent the Plot, also known as Murder by Writer and Disney Syndrome. That introduction after the 2d animated sequence was probably one of my favorite movie intros in ever. Very effective in setting up the plot, heartwarming and so adorable.
  9. Metemponychosis

    My Little Pony: A New Generation

    Grrr. ramble ramble... I can't watch it because of work. I'll see it tomorrow. But ratings are through the roof. It makes me a bit warry, but also hopeful. looking forward for the review too.
  10. Metemponychosis

    G5 Related Content.

    If I see G5 ponies here I'm leaving this site forevah! /s I think that the site is gonna be about both G5 and G4, elements from both are a requirement. I fully support the idea of the emotes. And while I love the banner, I think it could afford to be updated with added elements. Let's wait and see what the new movie provides in the form of ideas and vistas that can match the cloud metropolis. Maybe a composite image?
  11. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    That's not what happened. Not to mention that speaking of line of defense in that situation where they already lost and go on the offensive to regain what they had lost is just silly.
  12. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Man, I'm glad I didn't watch this. The whole concept of Chrysalis sowing discord by herself is just so asinine it is difficult to understand how they though it was a good idea. I guess they really didn't care. Just like Cozy Glow 'just becoming an alicorn'. It's like Twilight's journey through seasons 1-3 was just a waste. 'LOL become more powerful and you'll be an alicorn', kind of waste that is just dumb, considering that the two oldest alicorns aren't even remotely more powerful than a random pony that has the plot device magic for the scene. And chrysalis becoming an alicorn... She kind of is already. This is just stupid. Again, it seals 'being alicorn' as being more powerful. I've seem amateur fanfiction that doesn't screw up like that. Nah, in reality they figured it was a joke. What? For real?! I've seen some good fictions where this line actually sounded badass. Another thing that pisses me off is how magic is just a big stick that you can use to poke at stuff, but then Discord's magic is too... Weird. Fuck that. Stupid lore. Seriously, what is the endgame for the villains? Just destroy everything and then fight each other and the winner gets a big pile of nothing? This is why I say that NMM is the best villain. She had a great motivation out of sorrow and an endgame where she would OWN something other than a dead wasteland. What?! LOL Yes... Because Celestia has proved that defending Equestria and ruling are things that happen in these braindead two-parters. I find it amusing that Twilight kept doing the same thing throughout the cartoon, but only now she's ready. Seriously man... Other than the whole thing about Cutie Re-Mark, which does kill the idea this finale tried to show, even if it didn't exist, the cartoon just doesn't have the philosophical oomph to pull off a 'together we win' story. So, here is the problem with MLP's idea of all uniting to defeat the bad guys (and this is a problem with the whole series): Everything is the same. All the cultures in the show are quirky versions of the same Pony America. Over here you have the americans that use horse puns, over there the americans that break stuff and talk funny, over there the americans that are boisterous and bully, over here you have the sneaky americans, there are the sea-americans, there are the frost americans and over there the greedy americans. This is not, by itself a problem, but they don't disagree on how to deal with their problems. EVER. They all believe the same things and will, obviously, unite because they won't disagree on the best way to deal with a problem. Griffons didn't go to Twilight and say "Screw that, we're gonna shoot them dead." The changelings didn't sneak-attack, or hide to investigate. The Yaks didn't use their strength to fight the enemy, and their cultural distinctiveness, what little there is, is non-existent for the time. The thing about the 'everyone just do this generic magic' is that the cartoon says it stems from friendship, but doesn't. It comes from a non-existent clumping together of goodness that disregards individual skills and knowledge that work together. Because THAT would be awesome, but also too difficult for the people behind the wheel of this show. Which is a shame, because that is what inclusivity is about, not dumb consensus. If there were smart people running the cartoon, and if they had committed to going with that finale, Celestia would be doing government stuff related to helping, such as rallying allies, using her understanding of how Equestria works to thwart the enemies, using her privileges as a ruler to help. Luna would be doing dream stuff. Twilight's friends would be using their elements to counter the damage Chrysalis had done. Want a better example? See the ending for Mass Effect 2. There is careful planning and the player must chose the characters for specific tasks while everyone is involved in small parts that make the whole work rather than a big clumping up of bullshit. And it is interesting because characters disagree on who is the best for each task, it falls on the player as Commander Shepard (an actual fucking leader) to know the strengths and weaknesses of his friends to put them in the right tasks and motivate them. It is just legendary. And there. I said it! Commander Shepard is a better Twilight Sparkle than Twilight Sparkle. The twist... Is just there. I'm glad I didn't watch this. I'm busy writing stuff and I don't want to waste my time with this episode. Will you talk about the real ending?
  13. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    I feel attacked. XD



  15. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Don't want to be more frustrated with a cartoon I like so much more than I already am.