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  1. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    I think this is the sort of ideas that the writers expected to invoke with Daybreaker to begin with.
  2. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    Cute and silly. Cully?
  3. Metemponychosis

    Applejack Fan Club

    "Hey, AJ! Did you have your costume ready?" "Sure thang! I'm a be an appul!" "Really? Original..." "Y'all gonna pretend the old wizard costume is original?"
  4. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Actually, if you deposed a ruler, especially one that inherited the title or had this subjective sense of 'blueblood', they would still retain that title to everyone, including the ones who deposed them. That is why regicide was a thing and such figures were typically put under arrest or banished rather than killed. Which is good that the cartoon just let her go, just in the dumbest way possible. The thing is that if you didn't respect that title, the people that used to follow them but didn't get so angry at your actions against their majesty that they'd take action just might. Which is also that when heads are rolling, it is usually the really powerful that wanted change and the masses didn't really have a choice other than pretending they did a thing. Unless one doesn't care about jackshit, it is just a children's cartoon, and this is just boring 'politics' and the changelings simply 100% never really sided with Chrysalis (like throwing themselves on a magical shield...) but they never had a choice and all the benefits Chrysalis gave to her ilk can just evaporate and nobody cares. I loathe the fact that it was Discord all along and that he just lost control. Just saying. It ruined everything that came out of the story other than the nice touches of characterizations and interactions, which were really the only thing the cartoon was good at MOST of the time. Which is bullshit. Chrysalis was a fucking queen. But with the way the cartoon treated characters like Celestia, that is at least consistent. A line or two of dialogue with Tirek admitting he wouldn't dare would've been great. But... But... The show isn't about the villains... Wait. Don't let the cartoon insane logic bulshit you. Everything in that world would be on Chrysalis' face because they kinda like the sun and the ones that keep saving the world from doom. It's that stupid thing I always bring up. Why didn't the griffons do anything about Nightmare Moon, for example? Equestria should be the safest place in the world because the entire world would want it to be fine since they depend on them for the sun. But then, this is the same cartoon that had living trees without the sun and the Mane Six perfectly fine with Nightmare Moon banishing Celestia. I'm never touching anything these dumbasses write ever again. Only if their incompetence was intentional. Or mean spirited from the part of the writers. And just plain retarded for reasons that really don't need to be discussed anymore.
  5. So, today is August 24th and I learned that the comics made Luna a sex ofender.

    And that reddit goes pissy if you call it.

    And that is why I hate the comics and harbor a severe dislike for certain parts of the fandom.

    1. Leonbrony17
    2. Leonbrony17


      You almost gave me a heart attack man.


      Also, why did you delete your reply?

  6. Metemponychosis

    EQUESTRIA part 1: Sweet dreams

    Beautyful --> Beautiful Gets This space in between the paragraphs is a weird break in formatting. It could be used to express that a scene is changing, but in this case it seems like it's there by mistake. I'd remove it. It's a strange way of speaking. If it's not intentional, "I'll quit now' sounds better. Or "I'll stop now". Should be in the same line, since there isn't an empty one between them. In the way this is formatted, it looks like descriptive text, not dialogue. Like this, when the text is clearly transitioning form one perspective to the other. It needs to be one or the other. Another example of the same. It would look much better on the eyes with a constant and predictable formatting from paragraph to paragraph. There is nothing wrong with this, but small sentences like these could be on the same phrase to better connect the ideas. "1000 years ago the balance and peace of our world was held by two alicorn sisters. The elder one, the godness of light, made the day, raised the sun and watched above all of us all day. She was Celestia. And the, there was the younger one, the godness of the darkness. She made the night, raised the moon and watched over all of us all night. Her name was Luna." "It was a time of peace and harmony, the lived in harmony in a world ruled by out two great sisters. Everything seemed to be perfect..." Should. Or would. Should be capitalized. Twilight's This is a stylistic choice, but I will always incentive people to write descriptive prose. For example: Could be... "I love this story!" Little filly Twilight wowed full of excitement and starry eyes. "I love this story! I've got so many questions! What if..." She jumped up and down in her bed throwing her mane all over herself but Arolious patiently rose a hand and interrupted her. "Twilight." He smiled at her. "Twilight! You're supposed to sleep now. Tomorrow is your great day and I'm sure you'll get the answers you want later." Overall it is a cute start to any story and a cute Twilight filly will hook anyone that has a heart.
  7. Metemponychosis

    EQUESTRIA part 1: Sweet dreams

    It's always just a legend, isn't it?
  8. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Dude, you've ruined my night. That is true, though you're pulling it out of context. The problem with Celestia is that she can't do anything that she should be able to do. Also, I just cracked open the comic because something didn't seem right to me. You said that she did convince the ponies of the teacher's capabilities, and you're right. Fuck. I wish I hadn't gotten into this discussion because the damn thing is worse than I remembered. I had forgotten that after Celestia was reminiscing in her room about how useless she is and how awesome Inkwell is, there is indeed a scene where they are judging if she'll stay! Let me try to get this right and show you why this is still a bad use of Celestia. And hopefully that I wasn't completely wrong. Did you understand that I wanted Celestia to exert her authority? Yes, because that is what she should be doing as a ruler, but also as the name that appears in "Celestia's School". It was not me that called her 'ruler' it was the cartoon. It was not me that said it was her school. But even then, not necessarily in this issue. I still think that this is a story that shouldn't exist and the only reason it exists is because the plot creates a contrivance so that the story has relevance, and even then it is within itself. And even though I was wrong when I said that Celestia lacks agency, this is worse. She has agency over an issue that shouldn't exist. So let's make an episode where Celestia must give her throne to King Sombra because the writer pulled a law out of their ass that says Celestia must for whatever absurd reason. The fuck? I expect Pony Life to pull something like that... This comic is telling me that Celestia doesn't have control over her own school by creating a situation where a bunch of idiots can force her to damage her school (assuming that the comic even manages to make a good point about Inkwell's capacity) and she couldn't do anything about it if they decided that Inkwell should go. Even if they were wrong. How about this: if they wanted to tell a story about Celestia being... Convincing? What attribute did she actually use? All she did was tell those ponies things they already knew. You could substitute her for a scene where those ponies are laying on their beds and started thinking and realized that they were wrong. This made me think. I'm amazed at the dissonance between what Celestia's school seemed to teach in season one where Twilight was admitted because she showed incredible latent magic, and this comic where Celestia convinces the ponies of the teacher's value with stuff that has nothing to do with actually teaching magic. But this is just me being me. But let's go with this idea that the story must be about Celestia convincing those ponies to let Inkwell stay. How about this: Inkwell wanted to retire because she saw that those characters thought that she should, and then Celestia stepped in to change their opinion and thus cause the her to not retire. Not only this story gives a good reason to circumvent the fact that it is Celestia's school, giving her agency over a problem that she can't fix with her authority she should have and no asspull plot device is necessary. In this alternative plot I mentioned Celestia's power over her school would be irrelevant because even if she could decide who stays and who leaves regardless of some ponies being idiots, she wouldn't force the teacher to stay against her will. Be honest. Which one of these stories would you rather read? In which one does Celestia's success, and a potential failure, have bigger emotional impact? This comic still does the same that the cartoon does with Celestia all the time. A hackjob of a plot contrivance so that a plot that shouldn't exist because of her suddenly can, and she comes out looking pathetic even if she won. I don't think that I said that Celestia must be all-powerful. But then, she must lose every time unless she's saved by the amazing OC? Continuing on that point about the comic pulling down Celestia, let's remake this comic as though it actually was about Celestia and not about Inkwell. Celestia is considering giving away her position as... Whatever she is in her school. Doesn't really mater what... Praetor. Director. Director and teacher... Whatever. The point is that it is her school and she is a teacher in it, after all, she took Twilight as her personal student. Let's help the plot by assuming that Celestia would give her position because even without her, the school's prestige would still be important. So there you have it. Celestia is feeling insecure because some ponies started saying that she is accumulating too many responsibilities and they are concerned about her ability to rule the nation and also manage/teach at the school. Now Celestia and Inkwell interchange their roles from the comic. The story is about Inkwell reminiscing about Celestia being generally awesome and helping protect the city (notice the change in perspective: instead of trying by herself and failing, she is helping another who can't to by themselves). About how she has a gift for teaching. About how she understands the value of... Stuff. But let's not have a test, because that would be retarded considering her position. Instead, let's have Inkwell inviting those ponies for a tea and sharing some wisdom with them, and then proving what a great teacher she is. Wouldn't that fix part of the problem with Celestia in the cartoon instead of adding to it and make a world more of sense? Assuming you wanted to read a story about Celestia, in Celestia's comic, in the micro series that is about their titular characters, which story would you rather read? The one where Celestia is preaching about an original character or the story about the original character preaching about Celestia? And I'll say more. Celestia ought to be powerful, yes. If not for her age and experience alone, because the franchise constantly uses her a measure of power with the over-mentioned Worf Effect. For the same reason she also ought to be wise, perspicacious and fucking busy. She rules a nation. She doesn't have time for petty shit like educating the retards nobody gives a damn about. This comic pisses me off. Again, that is what she always does. It doesn't define what she is. It defines what she isn't. It's like describing a character by saying that their coat is not red, their mane isn't gray and their eyes aren't yellow. But their cutie mark also isn't a star. It should. For all the reasons I just posted here, and by the context of the character overall in the franchise. Which is not the same as saying that you can't like. You can like it all you want, and that is entirely your decision, but that is objectively a poorly written story with a poorly construed vision of how a character should be explored and a bad use of the source material. I'm not going to pull this on you, because this is completely subjective, but this seems to be a departure from what I understood about your problems with Princess Luna. And I will disagree that this did tell us anything about Celestia. To me, this story seems wholly about Inkwell. Celestia's reminiscing is about her impotence and about Inkwell. The things that convinced the ponies to change their mind were all about Inkwell. Her test is about Inkwell's capacity to see inner beauty... Or whatever that was supposed to be. It was a fucking ugly frog that didn't have anything special about it that the character could lean on to show how unimportant the fact that it was ugly was. You could change Celestia for almost any other character and the plot wouldn't change at all, because even the power to decide is striped from her. I mean, the cartoon at least managed to show that Celestia has this convenient magic that makes the sun go shine. In fact, if you changed Inkwell for Celestia, this would have been a great story about her.
  9. Metemponychosis

    Pony Life Episode 1: Princess Probz

    Bullshit! Discord dropped something to the water and now the ponies are all high! I hope he is happy.
  10. Metemponychosis

    Pony Life Episode 1: Princess Probz

    If the rest is going to be like this... Well it's funny. It just isn't very MLP. When I first started watching MLP one of the first comparisons I made was with some cartoons of the time that were in the same vibration Pony life is and I thought it was refreshing that MLP was trying to be nice, clean and clever. I don't understand why take a step back like this. Low effort? Fan pandering? After all the majority of the fans are going to like it. It's the same strategy behind 3.5, but refined. It's just unappealing to take a children's cartoon and make it more childish. Well, to me the answer is evil Hasbro goes mwaaa-hahahahahaha! They know that this thing is going to trend among the fans simply by the fact that some people are going to like it to spite the people that don't like it to spite the people that do like it. It was designed to be stupid and reference fan memes just in the right way to ensure that the community would have something to talk about until the next product. I don't even think that this is a bad thing. It's like the comics. Innocuous and irrelevant if you don't like it. Wild and funny if you do. That should be Pinkie. Because she did that in the cartoon once or twice and because Pinkie is the insane zany one. Applejack is supposed to be the voice of reason when Spike is being abused otherwise and the stubborn practical one that cares about the family. Talk about not knowing what to do with a character. When in doubt 'muh appuls' or 'HONESTY!" But this is the wrong way of looking at that. Hey, writers, you see that tweet over there? If you ever wanted to write a story where the Mane Six aren't quite themselves but you were afraid of making the characters OOC? That right there is your carte blanche. Have at it and throw this tweet at anyone that gives you grief, along with a picture of Celestia going "There is no wrong way to fantasize." I'm dying to know what they are going to do with Luna. I'm scared of what they are going to do with Discord.
  11. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    You know from our conversations in PM that I have absolutely no problem disagreeing with you because you because you think about why you like or don't something, but it bothers me that it seem that fans have a strange tendency of treating everything around Celestia as tough it's complicated quantum science. I'll explain. Whenever there is an episode or comic issue about a character nobody has any problem with it if it creates a stupid problem for that character to fix. It usually goes with the character learning something they didn't know or the reader learning something they didn't know, then the character does its thing and the problem is solved. With rare exceptions Celestia is the only character in the entire goddamn series that solves problems by stepping away from the problem and/or letting another character steal the story. It completely robs the character of agency within the story and Celestia is the only character that is defined by what she can't do and when she does something it is en passant even in the stories where she is supposed to be the star. Even in this comic in question Celestia is going on about how there were always others that helped her. The whole thing is so inconsequential. It's a teacher that teaches at HER school in HER kingdom. Every time she shows up it seems that any importance she should have because of those things evaporates. If anything, the whole comic ought to be Celestia delivering those thoughts to the parents and foals rather than the reader, and because she felt like, not because she needed to justify her inaction towards the teacher's retirement. So, why is it bad in this fed-up fan's opinion? - The premisse is that they wanted the teacher to retire already, but she wouldn't. By the end she didn't. The story began and ended and nothing changed because Celestia didn't change her opinion either. - It's a main character in a story that isn't about the main character and in which they lack agency. It's like writing a story about about a guy watching dramatic events unfold and doing nothing about them, learning nothing and affecting nothing about his universe because of it. It's like it's trying to convince the audience of something rather than telling a story about a character, which is universally a problem with the comics. - It's a story that is below the main character. I swear to God! If a character has the power to decide the fate of the nation or even the entire world and can control when the fucking day ends and starts, the story should be about that and someone ought to be dragged out back and shot for writing a story about that character worrying about something that has no impact in the lives of her millions of subjects and whatever decision is theirs to make anyway and everybody else can suck it if they don't like. There is an overarching universe on which this story is a part of, and if the story is inconsequential from the point of view it is being told, it should not be told or should be told from another point of view. For this to make any sense, this story should have been about one of Celestia's deputies in her school trying to convince her that the teacher should be retired or not, or about Celestia convincing that deputy of such. - It is a wasted opportunity. The series has started and ended. The comics aren't trying any harder and the books much less. I still don't know why Celestia is even remotely important. I don't know why the producers made the decision to make her the ruler and I don't understand what is it that she contributes. I don't understand why the cartoon used her as a measure of power when that power is irrelevant (like that retarded gimmick about the changeling holes). I don't understand why they gave her control of the sun if the from the storytelling perspective they could've lost that bullshit of unicorns losing their magic and it wouldn't have made a difference and if it still were the unicorns controlling the sun and moon (ironic because even if that was the case, Luna would still have her relevance). I don't understand why they even made a point about controlling the sun and moon when it's completely irrelevant even when it should be crucial. I don't understand why is it that they made her Twilight's tutor if Twilight learned everything by herself. I don't understand what difference does it make that Celestia retired (I still chuckle at the notion) when, if anything things are better because Twilight is the God-Emperor of Friendship without a Lupercal to give her pause, or even a sister to share the responsibility. And then the cartoon had the balls to imply a cycle. Fuck that. It's world class bad writing and this comic is the golden standard of it. Sorry about another rant, but people tell me that I'm angry because Celestia didn't turn turn out the way I wanted when in reality the problem is that she didn't even turn out at all. You know very well that I'm fine with Luna even if I think that the spoiled brat would've fit her better, and even then I agree with you that the cartoon could've used Luna better, if at all.
  12. Metemponychosis

    Pony Life Episode 1: Princess Probz

    What if I don't? Does that make me a hater man-child? What do you say about people that love it without seeing it?
  13. Metemponychosis

    Pony Life Episode 1: Princess Probz

    "Probz"Is it allowed to hate the title? Televised cooking competition. And I hate the premise already. I'm not going on my typical rant about theme because screw it... The original cartoon decided in one damn musical scene that there are arcades in Equestria. I'm having a headache at the notion that I feel like someone animated what would be a comic plot. I'll just copy-past my comment on the trailer from Reddit. And I'll add the following: thank Celestia for fan made content, but who am I to judge... I've watched this... And laughed my ass off. The problem is that it was a parody.
  14. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    Now THAT is useful magic if I ever saw it!
  15. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    Behold, behold. SILLYESTIA cometh.