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    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    A Royal Problem - Favorite character turned pathetic politician. Need new one. Honest Apple - Apple horse too honest and brutal. Please Nerf. Parental Glideance: Fast horse takes awesome parents for granted....... Scootaloo. Fluttershy Leans In: Fluttershy shows character development, professional ponies are jerks.
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Well, sometimes you just gotta admit that you're wrong and if you're the only voice screaming against the whole world, chances are you're wrong. We'll see where this goes, then.
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Government and security stuff aren't really Equestria's forte. Most likely, nobody in production thought of it. The truth is that MLP, while good most of the time, doesn't usually have that 'something more'.
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Starlight Glimmer had a rough start because I think the writers were insecure about ruining her personality after her "turn to the good side". But you're absolutely right. I think of her as "incomplete" during the sixth season. I was just waiting for the writers get her right. Season 7 almost pure gold for me, across the board, and SG is a huge part of it. I'm talking about the cliché universally, not just in MLP. Let me clarify one thing: I don' think that the problem are the sisters sparring. The problem is that the fact they're sparring is their focus in the episode. In all of the times Celestia and Luna have appeared together, they were bickering over something until the episode required them to do something else, or they weren't the focus at all. -The Crystal Empire -Slice of Life -Royal Problems I seems the cartoon won't move on from this and won't let them be a team unless there's whatever that is more important shifting away the focus. And since Celestia is just a politician, I doubt that DHX will ever bother using her for something where she's in her element and let's the audience really gorge on her doing her thing. Like they have with Luna and her dream powers. But eh... Maybe not. We'll see. You're confusing me for someone. I don't publish stories in English and, because of that, in any of the sites that aren't "regional". Well, regal they are. And I don't know. As much as I can easily see Celestia appearing here and there with the wonderful personality they gave her, I can't see Celestia beating an enemy. I think we got all DHX was willing to do with her. Although, Celestia AND Luna beating a foe isn't that hard (in the past, mostly)... But I still think it's unlikely we'll ever see something like this in the present. I didn't say that she did. I said that the consequences Luna faced for screwing up were lenient and endearing. Her guilt is endearing because it informs the audience what everyone already knew: Luna failed and felt bad. But compared to the consequences if Luna hadn't helped Celestia and the older one had failed... It was a big deal. It was the moment the story became serious. Actually, the point of politics is that anyone can do it. If I remember correctly, to become the most powerful man in our world one must be 35, resident in the US for an amount of years I can't remember and being born in the US. What is more, because of the premise of the episode, you can't say anything about how Celestia would've fared because you didn't see her doing her job. You saw Luna doing Celestia's job. The catch is that you've already seen Luna doing her job and you could see that she's good at it. So it's fine that Luna can't do Celestia's job: she can do her own just fine. You see my problem with this episode is that it doesn't focus on them doing their jobs, but on their fight, which led to them switching their jobs and focusing on them failing rather than succeeding. Which wouldn't make a difference if we already knew that Celestia is as good at her job as Luna is at hers. So you can mention all the hardships of politics, and you're right. But it doesn't matter because you don't know if Celestia actually is any good at them. The whole thing adds nothing to Celestia and Luna other than one thought that the other's job was easy. And saying that Luna can't do Celestia's job adds nothing to Celestia. I, myself, said all the time that Celestia is damn hardcore for doing her job and raising the moon for 1000 years, but this episode made me realize that it's the same as multiplying by X. If you multiply 24 hours for X, or 1000 years for X, it means nothing until you know X. But there is nothing that says all that can't come from Starlight Glimmer. If there was a line from Luna explaining something like Celestia letting her inner demons influence the dream, then I'd be 100% fine with it. But there isn't anything that actually says that. It's not like I care about the Nightmare Rarity arc anyway... Of course Celestia keeping Daybreaker in and under control is great and informs us of her immense willpower. The problem is that the episode doesn't say that. It's exactly the same as some of her fans calling her an all-powerful goddess during season one. It's information that comes from the audience and not the cartoon. Both this and the episode's inability to actually inform about Celestia's ability at her job, and the fact that she doesn't have any sort of unique personal magic, like the others, ruined the episode for me. I feel like I'm the only idiot in the fandom that is annoyed over something that others thought was clear as day. Maybe I should be a lawyer.
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    Been pleasantly surprised by episodes this season.

    Celestial Advice surprised me in a good way. So did Parental Glideance. I liked all episodes, but these surprised me and even stood out. And in Royal Problems...
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    At the mention of people getting angry because of an episode making a character look good, I felt like sharing my thoughts on it. Initially I decided against it because it would go off-topic, but since this happens to Starlight Glimmer and she's important in this episode, I decided to go ahead and Nuke can tell me to delete this if he feels it's off-topic. There's got to be something childish about complaining that a character looks too good. Especially in relation to Celestia and Luna and Starlight Glimmer is an awesome example of things done right, then wrong and then right again. In fact, I feel like she may be the best example of character development in the show. But one thing at a time. A good character enriches the show. And a character that is unbalanced does not look good. Saying that making a character look too good betrays lack of insight. I can't prove it to anyone, but me wanting Celestia to look good isn't just because I like her. It's because she looks unbalanced compared to the other princesses. There are several ways to make a character powerful and yet balanced. Luna is a good example. She is special simply by being an alicorn. The production staff can show Luna becoming pissed and creating a crevasse by stomping the ground and it will fly. Flurry Heart can blue hills in the palace walls and it will fly. What doesn't fly is the top-bitch alicorn that everyone calls powerful (even he enemies) getting her ass handed to her at every turn. A leader with both talent and experience being out-maneuvered every time. But enough about that... First of all, Twilight's Palace should be called "Hall of Friendship", especially after this introduction and one of her lines in "Not Asking For Trouble". This episode had an amazing visual style and overall presentation. I particularly liked the way the sunlight was coming into the room the girls were emprisoned, forming an equal sign over them. Combined with that freakish cult indoctrination theme and Starlight Glimmer's performance... She felt threatening. Not only because she was powerful, but because she was charismatic. That is how you make a leader-kind villain. A simple scene like her fixing a mare's mane during the song, and the song itself, are powerful tools to inform the audience when done right. Later I had a problem with her, but we'll get to that. I also liked the use of Fluttershy in this episode, but also the way all the others contributed, and also the new characters. I particularly liked Party Favor and his balloons. I can't say for sure, but I think there was an improvement in the animation, or at least new angles. After it was all said and done, the only thing I feel like complaining about is that we didn't see wanted posters in other episodes and SG showing up every now and then felt more like a gimmick than an effort at foreshadowing.
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    If I thought that the comics are the golden standard for these characters, I'd probably be on Sombra's team, if I hadn't just left. First: If you catch me complaining about the Sisters disagreeing on stuff, call an ambulance because there must be something wrong. The problem is that this seems to be the only thing the cartoon can do with them because it's what the fandom seems to expect, and it's easy, tried and true trope. The problem is that a tried and true trope gets repeated and that is how a cliché is made. Now, a cliché isn't on itself a bad thing (after all it becomes a cliché because it is a good idea). It's kinda like Celestia being defeated. The problem isn't that it happened, but that it keeps happening. I probably shouldn't be mentioning stuff I've written, but this is just an example: the two also work wonderfully with a "good princess, bad princess" story where they actually agree on something, but because diplomacy is a pain, they must feint a conflict. Another thing is that the two aren't regal immortal goddesses. I wouldn't be complaining if I thought that of Celestia and Luna, exactly because it would bring them closer to the mortals. Please do try to convince me if you think of Celestia as such. I used to think like that, but I was convinced that isn't the case. If the two are just two sisters that happen to fight, it's normal. But if it happens all the time, it's overused and annoying and prevents other kinds of stories to be presented. My problem isn't Celestia's personality. I absolutely loved that. Thought I thought that she talks to herself when nervous, like in Celestial Advice. Now come my actual problem with the episode (much more than my opinion that it turned Celestia into "just a politician". MLP has taught me to hate the word "imply". Unfortunately, I didn't see anything that screamed to me that Celestia is necessarily a good politician (which would actually be my most important quality for her, ideally) or even that she does a good job or even is necessary. Luna doing Celestia's job was played too much for comedy and with barely noticeable consequences for failing, when compared to Celestia's failure threatening to cause real harm to Starlight Glimmer. People all over saw something that I absolutely missed to come to this conclusion that Daybreaker was Celestia's dark side. It was SG's dream and her imagination that made an evil version of Celestia to go of her fear that she had messed up everything. So, to me, Daybreaker wasn't real. Also, Luna didn't fear Daybreaker escaping or anything. She feared the damage to SG. This is why I got so pissed with that episode: it had the potential to "fix" Celestia and even if that was the intention, it was botched (at least in my eyes). For crying out loud! Daybreaker even mentions Celestia being so much more powerful inside and that she's keeping it under control. Never mind what's below... Android doesn't seem to like the editor.
  8. But that's part of her character archetype, at the time.
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Nice. Can't wait to see it. The sad thing is that I can't be entirely honest and say that I didn't find good things in the episode. I just think it fell on that trap I mentioned a long time ago, that it seems that the only thing MLP can do with the sisters when they're together is get stuck on the fact that they don't agree on everything and that Luna dominates the story because she's easier to deal with. Other than that, it's just "typical Celestia" for me. Of course. Mainly taste. And I doubt that anyone here is primarily a writer. Everything we say here is implicitly opinion. I know people that think in a visual medium just appearance is enough to define a good villain/hero. Even the idea of making sense is subject to taste (though I'm not sure there are examples of that in English literature).
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    It was just a joke. And Sol Invictus was a proper monster. Celly is just frustrated and doesn't know how to be evil.
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    About the Elements? Since they replaced it with something analogous, I think that instead of that, they could've explored the Elements. Especially with how curious Twilight can be, and considering that Star Swirl himself studied them, some exploration about their nature and how they work could've been nice. With that, they could've come up with other uses for the Elements instead of simply the magic rainbow cannon. On the other hand, I admit it could look weird in MLP, that is made with character-driven plots. Though Twilight's curiosity could set the ball rolling. Definitively. This is what I think made him "well done". But his motivation, while simple and basic (something I actually like) it's better to have more complex motivations, especially since that was the same motivation for the previous season's villain. Not that I think it's a big deal, just a thought. Yes. Absolutely. What I think differentiate them, (or used to) was her motivation. She said that as their queen, it was her job to feed them. I think it's the best motivation for a conflict in the cartoon until today. But her motivation hasn't changed, and that is what leads me to think that she was a good villain. The execution did get ruined in the process though. Not so much because of her behavior during the first episodes (you know why I excuse it), but because of the flashback in Princess Twilight Sparkle. After last episode's made it clear that I won't be seeing Celestia actually doing something nice, I want an episode where Celestia is fed up with it and decides to go evil. Then she proceeds to switch butter for margarine, cackling evilly while stepping on the grass, spilling glasses of milk, switching cookies for brussel sprouts and blowing raspberries at the ponies from the Society for the Good Manners of the Royalty. EDIT: Add to that recruiting Flurry Heart and painting the whole palace with pink frosting. Probably provided by Pinkie Pie.
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    Princess Cadance fan club!

    <Slowly raises hand> I would... Because one of the benefits of being a cartoon horse is that morning hair makes you cuter. Celestia: You would what? Why, help her brush her mane. Of course.
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    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    For some reason I feel like Twilight may be in danger.
  14. Agreed. But at the time those weren't problems to me at the time. Mostly because I thought "Oh... Celestia has got bigger things to worry than this." So it didn't bother me that she was distant (in my head her relationship with Twilight didn't need to advance where they stood, simply student and teacher), and it didn't bother me that Celestia didn't fly to save them because as she saw it, the Wonderbolts had it under control. Philomena's appearance, well... Honestly, nobody asked her. I think that the problem is more with Fluttershy (who should've asked) and Twilight (who should know Philomena, if you ask me). Not to mention that Philomena is a jerk. Celestia didn't grow as a character in these events, but it didn't bother me because I thought of her as different class of character. Yes... Painful. We're kinda going off topic. But this isn't. The reason I didn't like Celestia losing to Chrysalis, wasn't the fact that she lost. It was pretty reasonable, given the circumstances of that particular scene. The problem is that Celestia kept losing. She kept going face first on all kinds of little details that always prevented her from "being". It's like if the characters kept saying how strong Superman was, but every time Superman would do something with his strength, every single mediocre bandit in Metropolis had readily available green kryptonite. Ans still, the movies would have people mentioning his super-strength. But it was worse, because Superman's movies would be about him succeeding despite that. And then Twilight became an alicorn. Suddenly, as you say, being an alicorn started not being special.Twilight was a princess, on the same level as Celestia, as she herself stated. And the result is that Celestia was just missing while all the others were doing things. They were useful, they had a niche IN THE CARTOON, and that caused them to be interesting as characters. Celestia just sat there and nobody but a few fans cared.
  15. Yes. Nice. Under this idea, can we agree that, overall, Celestia was presented well enough and that the problem is in the details? Because I think that these things only really become a problem after season 3, when being an alicorn started losing it's weight and Celestia shouldn't feel so distant anymore. But that is just my opinion. Not saying that it was perfect, or that you are wrong (in fact, today, I think that this sort of thing should be explained). But Celestia was a different class of character. By the way... The only thing that really bothers me in the show today is Celestia, and how she seems to have stopped at season one and lost relevance as soon as princesses started becoming more fleshed out.
  16. Sorry to you too. I mentioned you two because you were participating in the conversation and I thought it would be right. Are you familiar with that interpretation of MLP as the playground where the children are playing while the adults whatch?
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    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Spoiler for Not Asking for Trouble...
  18. Metemponychosis

    Applejack parents.

    I'm not making any bets. But I'll definitively rush to see the episode.
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    Do you still like the show?

    I wouldn't hold my breath, but I certainly wouldn't say that it's out of the realm of possibilities. Mostly because they pretty much wrote Celestia into a corner and any episode that wants to talk about her has to go way out of the way normal episodes go. This is what pissed me off so much about Royal Problems... I felt like that was the last chance.
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    Season 7 Episode 11 - Not Asking For Trouble

    Official Covert Friendship Mission. Equestria's Black Ops are next level, man. Took me the whole day before I could see this one, had to stop twice and it still managed to entertain. I liked it. Very funny, very... Pinkie. The yaks were particularly funny in this episode, compared to their previous appearance, where I think they were too aggressive and that was funny, but this episode made them a bit better. I liked the moral and the ending, but I don't really have much to talk about it other than it was good. The humor was the best part and the yaks played the biggest part in it. Also... Did Twilight just make plants grow with her magic or am I seeing things? Also... Did she just come up with an official title on the spot or was she humoring Pinkie?
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    Do you still like the show?

    It's different from Luna's episode with the long name. Celestia co-starred in Royal problems. Which is a problem because if the episode was about her, primarily, it would give her more focus and more time for the writers to do things with her.
  22. Metemponychosis

    Do you still like the show?

    Fandoms are inconsistent simply because they're made of huge number of people. They'll disagree about stuff and different opinions float around and nobody will necessarily agree with everything (fortunately). For example, I think that Starlight GLimmer is a great character, but that Celestia still needs an episode. i don't think I've seen a character that looks like a bad oc, and I think that the new blood is doing wonders for the cartoon. About a new season... Before this seventh season started, I would've voted that the cartoon should stop while it's good, but with this new season, i'm confident that the cartoon can go on, even if I didn't like many aspects of the last episode.
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Says you. I'm kidding. Considering the alternatives, it could've been much better, but also much worse. Honestly, I don't think that Tirek is a good villain. He was done well, but that is different than him being good. I always thought that Chrysalis (until last season) was the best villain in the cartoon, along with Nightmare Moon. The two just weren't really given much justice. Chrysalis not so much, but Nightmare Moon really suffered from a bad execution. Not considering all the behind the screen problems with all of them. I was in the middle of a preparatory class for medical residency entry exams, taking notes with my tablet and suddenly I got a notification for Meghan's tweet about not being able to show Twilight punching Tirek. I just started laughing and people probably thought I was crazy. The class was about endocrine response to trauma, I think. Even with the mess that was Rainbow Falls, these moments were one of my favorite things about the season.
  24. Metemponychosis

    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    @WaterPulseSummer solstice is what I was going for, but I also delved a bit into amazonian native cultures (my country) and a few neolithic "mother" ideas from some fictions, being the sun a source of life and the moon of intelligence.