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    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    Shame. Well, that is why they invented fanfiction, right?
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    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    I was getting stuff off the top of my head. Seemed like something related to the sun and something actually more important than being the government... Since you mentioned fanfiction, Daybreaker pissed me off because I love that idea that Celestia is very powerful, but she can't show it all the time because if she did, she'd lose control over her inner monster. That story both Luna and Celestia would be so powerful that they'd risk ruining Equestria (their job is to assist, not control) because they'd get "drunk on power". I just called her Sol Invictus (at the time I didn't know there was a Roman deity with that name, but it certainly fit anyway) and she was a whole lot more terrifying than Daybreaker. I gave her a whole story about how much Celestia actually hurt herself by repressing a part of her. Eventually, one character convinced Celestia that she needed to stop with it and stop running from herself, finally facing and defeating Sol Invictus. Now I don't expect the cartoon to do this, obviously, but I still gravitated towards the idea of Daybreaker (even though I always feared the cartoon wouldn't "do it right". But unless I'm terribly mistaken and somewhat of an idiot, Daybraker wasn't Celestia's inner demon like everyone is saying: she was a construct of Starlight Glimmer's dream because she thought that she had screwed up with the sisters. It was a huge waste of an idea, in my eyes.
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    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    But they didn't actually show anything or even that Celestia would be, necessarily very good at it. Part of my complaint is that I saw that Luna is good at her job, so it's fine that she isn't good at social stuff. But I've never seem Celestia doing her job well, I don't have a reason to believe that she does, while she's bad at Luna's job. They did Luna right, but Celestia has missing information. I'm supposed to imagine that she's good at it, and the point of an episode is to show these characters doing things and changing because of them. Those spells weren't shown as part of Celestia's set of unique skills. As far as we know, any unicorn with training could do the same. I certainly don't have a problem imagining Starlight Glimmer dispelling an enchantment, for example. Not to mention that when Celestia does magic, it's always to service the plot. I can't imagine Celestia appearing in an episode just to dispel something the same way that I've seen Luna appearing specifically to dreamwallk. I've been getting this argument about Celestia's subconscious in a lot of places. Is there a line of dialogue that mentions that? I can't remember. (This is definitively a possibility, because the stream I watched the episode was awful.)
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    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    The first post was too much of a mess... Here is a better, more collected and civilized version. I thought I wouldn't have liked this episode, but I actually did. I liked this episode. It's actually Celestia that I hate in it. I think this episode did two terrible mistakes, but first what it did right. Starlight Glimmer and Twilight are at the top of their form. They were funny, understandable and entertaining. Some of the visuals were great. Not outstanding, but great. I like that they tried to make Daybreaker's magic impressive, but a flash is... Not gonna cut it after what the cartoon has already done. The voice acting was great. Nicole's lines as Daybreaker AND as Celestia were very good and it must've been one hell of a recording session. What I think is the first problem is how childish the two sisters are. Problems that people have daily become a threat so that the map sends someone to fix it. Why? Compared to dragons, hydras, crazy yaks this is ridiculous. But Celestia is the worst. I can't understand how Celestia's fans are praising this episode. (I'm not judging anyone here, it's just... well, you'll see.) I think it was a terrible decision to switch their places. Instead of seeing the two working together and learning, we see the two being awful at each other's job. Everyone ended up looking bad and it's just mean spirited and wasn't even funny. But the real problem is that Celestia's job was too childish. Even for the cartoon. Of course DHX couldn't show real problems of ruling a country because that would've been too political. But then, if you can't tell a story, tell another one. Celestia's job is smelling flowers, talking to ponies, smiling... And that is tiring for her. C'mon... Even children know that real rulers, especially monarchic queens (something that Celestia isn't...) deal with real tough decisions. The episode has nothing worthy of Celestia's rank to show. No outmaneuvering of political opponents, no use of her powers to help someone in need (something Luna does daily), no court hearings, listening to the little pony's problems. No hard government decisions. And Celestia simply has no magical power like Luna's dreamwalking or Cadance's love magic. Or Twilight magical prowess. Why did they leave Celestia so bare on that? What even IS her talent? Just moving the sun around? That ponies in the past have done anyway? She's supposed to be some badass spellcaster, in their own story, a very powerful being. DHX couldn't think of anything for Celestia? Nothing relating to the day, or light? Healing powers? Blessing crops? Giving her subjects good luck? Blessing weddings? Curing diseases? Figuring out the best job for each pony? Nothing? Why? They made Celestia the most pathetic sun-related character I've ever seen in my life. Why are ponies impressed with her to the point they swear on her name? In contrast, Luna's job is exactly what we've seen in other episodes. Except we've seen Luna doing it and being damn good at it. It just made Celestia look incompetent. It was sad that Celestia sucks so hard at anything other than smiling. I do that everyday, working in a clinic and it's not even part of the job. Most people I know do that. Why did they do it to Celestia? The second problem is the whole Daybreaker thing. I feared the notion of showing Celestia as the villain, because I knew the cartoon would mess it up. I loved it in the cartoon and even made it myself in fanfiction, but in the episode, it's just Starlight Glimmer's dream, not even Celestia "dealing with something internal", like Jim Miller likes to put it. And them she started fighting Nightmare Moon... No! It should've been Luna and Celestia fighting it off in a safe environment, not two non-existing entities that Starlight Glimmer's mind created. Then there is Daybreaker's line about how powerful Celestia knows she really is... No! It's Starlight's dream! Not Celestia's inner demon! Why DHX?! Why?! And don't call Celestia powerful. She's not. She folds like a wet tissue whenever she needs to fight. And also don't say how terrible it would've been to have Celestia go all out when another episode showed that Luna's Nightmare Moon was doing just fine by herself and no pony even cared. Why? I'm glad a lot of people liked it, but to me it just put another nail on Celestia's coffin. What a shame. Someone call me when Celestia gets called by the map to fix a problem. Maybe them she'll get some justice done to her. If anything, this episode was a lesson on why you don't abuse your character. So that when you want to, you can actually do something with it
  5. I guess I would. it's not because Celestia needs to be the Goddess Empress of Equestria, or because I just hate, hate, HATE the map. I don't. It's because she's got nothing left anymore and the map took something from her. Thought it would still feel like a little bit of a stretch, because I don't see why she couldn't simply pick up the "red phone and talk directly to Friendship Command". Would be like they're trying to hide her.
  6. Metemponychosis

    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    Nah. Already got some answers that I wanted. I'm gonna wait for an actual Celestia episode where I can see Celestia being herself and looking good. What a waste of a character... A bureaucrat while the her sister can enter dreams and actually be useful, Cadance literally can make ponies fall in love and even beat Chrysalis with her love magic, hold her own on a fight, protect the Crystal Empire and and is generally a nice older sister. Twilight isn't even worth comparing to Celestia, fixing all of her messes from the past. Even the damn baby can do more than she does. If only I could say that Celestia does a good job at being "The Princess", but not even that. Fuck. And I was really liking the season.
  7. Metemponychosis

    Season 7 Episode 10 - Royal Problems

    Waiting for the spoiler filled reviews so I can decide if I want to see this episode...
  8. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    Waiting for some heavily biased Celestia fan to tell me if this new episode is just another body-swap story and I'll probably be disappointed if I watch it expecting Celestia to finally be awesome... *Hint... Hint... Never mind... Already watched it.
  9. Sorry. that wasn't my intention. I mentioned you because you was part of the discussion and it seemed right. Also, I wanted to share my opinion why I think it probably would be better.
  10. Metemponychosis

    If you could delete ONE character. Which one would it be?

    Here's a shocker: Celestia. Like a mercy killing. Put her out of her misery and let the cartoon gorge on Luna being the awesome princess like it wants.
  11. @Cinder Vel @Number? Why do people always bring Ms. Faust into these discussions? If she had her way, another thing that wouldn't have happened is Cadance being an alicorn, Twilight turning into an alicorn. And we can't know if she'd let Chrysalis stroll into Canterlot and just beat Celestia like it's nothing. Because that episode is stupid af because of Chrysalis and her nonsense plan. It was just a place for McCarthy to show off her OC that stood out like a sore thumb and stuck to the cartoon like a plague. At least Cadance is a nice character. More and more getting time and care dedicated to her. Lauren, at least in my opinion, had the good sense of not destroying one of her characters and keeping her distant to let her be mysterious, showing up every now and then in a good light, to give the impression that she's taking care of things. Like sending, herself, Twilight to deal with the dragon (an episode that, ironically, Meghan McCarthy wrote),showing up at the end of Fall Weather Friends because ponies aren't doing their job of making the leaves fall. Or when she turns a concerned look at Twilight freaking out she hasn't done her report and having reasonable expectations of her student. These are a level of subtlety that just doesn't exist in Celestia anymore, and actually justified Celestia's position. At that time, I had no doubt that if things went south, Celestia would likely have another layer of planning to salvage the situation or would swoop down and fry whatever was the problem because nobody messes with her little ponies. Like she actually did! Sending Twilight's letters back to her and literally teleporting all the way from Canterlot and dispelling the whole town. Today, I wouldn't be surprised if Celestia had to fight Flurry Heart and ended a red smear on the ground. The one from the past was wise, powerful and had a presence of importance, even if she personally lost, and when others won, it felt like she had won too, because she was part of the whole. The one in the present might as well not even exist and serves a punching bag for bad jokes, eating cake and for the fandom to turn her into Discord's b****. And the saddest thing is that he likes Fluttershy more. Because of the map, Celestia doesn't even serve as a quest-giver anymore. It is pathetic.
  12. Metemponychosis

    Things in media that scared you as a kid.

    There was as a scene in Robocop II that showed the bad guy's whole nervous system and his eyes in a glass tube. That image scared me, for some reason. Another thing I remember scared me was Alien. The original movie. Not so much the creature, but the sound design, the scenario and the oppressive atmosphere. And Maleficent. She creeped the hell out of me.
  13. Metemponychosis

    Do you think there will be a sucessor?

    It's no likely the movie will have an impact in the series, so I don't really care.
  14. Not at the time. Now after Twilight's fight with Tirek, yes. But then again, complaining about this is a waste of time. Celestia just doesn't fight and even if she did, no way Meghan was going to waste time making Celestia look good just because her fans would like.
  15. Metemponychosis

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    To me this episode is a "bury it in Hell/10"
  16. Metemponychosis

    Season 7 Episode 9 "Honest Apple"

    I feel like I need to say something about characters being OOC and why I think that AJ was fine in this episode. Yes, she grabbed the Idiot Ball, turned it on overdrive, swallowed it and then hit her head on the wall a few times for good measure. But the episode called her on it. Rarity made her realize that she was being an idiot. AJ understood it and made amends. In my opinion, it's not Applejack being OOC, it's Applejack being an idiot before realizing her mistake, and the episode gives very good reasons Applejack thought the way she did. The conflict is balanced, one side is not obviously right and the other is not obviously wrong. And then, next episode, when And I realize that I'm seeing problems with the episode before it airs, but I'm saying that based on what I know from the show and the episode's synopsis. Not to mention that I can admit that I was wrong if the episode airs and surprises me.
  17. Metemponychosis

    Season 7 Episode 9 "Honest Apple"

    @Cinder Vel None of these episodes involved Starlight Glimmer messing with my favorite and constantly abused character. Also, with Luna. If it was any other character, I wouldn't mind, but Celestia is DHX's punching bag and Starlight Glimmer is the new Christ.
  18. Metemponychosis

    Season 7 Episode 9 "Honest Apple"

    I am tired of Spike's crush on Rarity. Really... The CMC have grown. It's time he does too. Applejack and Rarity pairings always seem to get me. Because the episode usually has in charm what it lacks in common sense. Honestly, the whole "honest" thing is one dimensional, but I can excuse that. Especially when Applejack is being Applejack. The episode just missed the mark on her. You know... I think that the problem isn't Applejack. It's Rarity. She's the one that insisted in the whole thing. And the episode was aware of that. So I excuse it, specially since Applejack got carried away. Like I've said about other episodes, this season is doing a nice job of sharing the blame and glory among characters, creating balanced conflicts. I can't really blame Applejack for being bad at something that is pretty much the opposite of what she does. Like other episodes, I think this one had a satisfying conclusion: characters weren't too stupid, understood each other's point of view and then Applejack came clear in the end, having learned her lesson. Not to mention that it was such a nice scene with her helping the others. Finally, I liked the new and old ponies that appeared in this episode. And Applebloom looks cute AF with that hat. I'm going to swallow my words hard and hate them next Saturday, won't I?
  19. Metemponychosis

    Season 7 Episode 8 Hard to Say Anything

    Starlight's old village needs a name... And I wanted to murder the Justin Bieber pony, though I probably shouldn't be taking Big Mac's side. Poor Sugar Belle. Was this episode fun to watch though, and with a decent message and a satisfying ending. I'm in love with this season.
  20. Metemponychosis

    Season 7 Episode 7 Parental Glidance

    Loved this episode. Rainbow's parentes are completely different from what I imagined and I love them. I just want to add that I think that this season is doing very well for my tastes. Mostly because all the parts involved in the conflict have some reason for what they're doing and it's always shown in an endearing way, instead of some black and white contrast.
  21. Metemponychosis

    Season 7 Episode 6 Forever Filly

    Finally managed to re-watch this episode (and the ones that came after)... And boy, did I love this one. What an amazing way to tell such a nice story. Kudos to DHX. I think this episode is technically perfect, treats the characters in an endearing way and tells a nice story about something very relevant.
  22. Metemponychosis

    Rank the seasons.

    I'll always prefer the first season because the cartoon was innocent. The people making it didn't know that it would become so popular and it was just doing it's thing. But I just can't summon the chutzpah to say that later seasons just aren't technically better. So far, having seen episodes 1-9, this seventh season is the best, followed by the third and the second. The rest I just lump together in a mass of "meh and ugh".
  23. Metemponychosis

    Flaws of the Show.

    I just want to add that Lauren wanted Nightmare Moon to be a season wide villain. Imagine if the weakest part of the first episodes (the girls earning their Elements was spread throughout the season, kinda like animes usually handles these things: character episodes that do character development and story-driven episodes that move the plot along AND give characters the opportunity to earn their status in the universe. Most of the people I talk to in the fandom want this fixed. Personally, I don't think that Celestia being weak (if she is) is the problem. The problem is that the cartoon doesn't take a stance and goes with it. The problem, I think, is that the production staff don't know how to solve this. Because they can't make an episode about Celestia ruling Equestria, taking stances on problems and actually serving the people of Equestria as their ruler (actually they could, but they must avoid political stuff like the plague because this cartoon is aimed at US children...) and they can't show Celestia being the badass superpony because they already shot that idea in the head. So really, there really isn't anything they CAN do with her without giving her some day-related power, like they did with Luna. But that would take some imagination... The result is that Celestia is a weird ruler that never rules, the defender that never defends... At least they did show her being Twilight's teacher, even if it was as vague as they could make it. Unless the cartoon is willing to dedicate time and effort to more complex stories, they can't do it right, and then, I'd prefer that they didn't. Simple plots is what the cartoon do best because they're easier to wrangle into 22 minute episodes. But then, maybe the problem is that the cartoon should've ended already. I don't know.
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    Flaws of the Show.

    I think that the show has huge problems with any sort of story that gets more complicated than "Applejack told a lie". It also has problems keeping the world consistent. It's pretty good with characters (most of the time), but I just re-watched Equestria Games and I find it hard to believe that ponies have devices that nullify alicorn magic when other parts of the franchise have mentioned it as very important, unique and powerful (especially Celestia's and Luna's when taking in consideration the Journal of the Two Sisters), but somehow a bunch of changelings just manage to capture all the princesses in one fell swoop. I cannot believe that changelings could just stroll into Equestria and wreak the kind of havoc they do, and it's not even part of the story. Stuff like the map, which appears near omniscient and detects friendship problems and direct the right ponies to deal with it, but only at a specific time, when the problem could've been avoided if the ponies where sent sooner. Or Celestia, that somehow kept Equestria afloat for 1000 years, by herself, but can't seem to do anything on her own. Always being used as a measure of power, but actually does magic less impressive than the magic the freaking baby does. And that is when she actually does any sort of magic. Some extremely convenient situations and artifacts, like Chrysalis's throne that just happens to be able to nullify everyone's magic, including Discord's. Or some magics that just happen to help the narrative along but have no rhyme or reason behind them, like the Crystal Heart that would one season have the power to keep Equestria safe, but in another, it works to protect the Crystal Empire from... The climate. Talk about global warming... Also, some of the storytelling is just lazy. Like some of the problems I already mentioned, but there is also stuff like Cadance and Shining Armor materializing from thin air. The brother of a main character that just happens to be marrying with a new princess. If that was in a fanfiction, people would've torn it to shreds. But that can be forgiven, since they are the ones that make story. What can't be forgiven is how they often rush parts of the story (most importantly Luna's turn into Nightmare Moon into two minutes of Celestia doing nothing and then unleashing the Elements on her, when Luna didn't even have time to do any damage). Finally, something that I just can't forget is how pathetic the cartoon is at dealing with powerful characters when they want to write a story but that character would get in the way. Usually Celestia and this is one of the reasons MLP doesn't deal very well with "epicness". It doesn't have time to properly develop stories, character motivations get rushed and become weak, resolutions come out of nowhere and have no lasting effect on the universe... Because the status quo is God. Unless they need to cram as much as possible of a certain character for no other reason than the writers don't really have the necessary imagination to keep using the same characters without ruining them in the process. Which they do anyway, because not all writers actually have imagination... Thank the cartoon gods MLP does have some good writers that can write a story about most characters without ruining them in the process. Also, thank them the cartoon is very episodic in it's nature, so you can forget most episodes, most of the time. Geez.. One would think I hate the cartoon after all that. But I'm just focusing on the bad.