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    S7 Trailer when?

    One month before the premiere, I think.
  2. Metemponychosis

    theme :For Honor Game

    I'm going to play on PS4 (my PC barely runs KSP). I'm Moonlight Avenger.
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    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    Since someone called it, I'm going to share a few thoughts that have been with me since the first Equestria Girls was announced and we thought it was going to be a pony movie. Does anyone remember some time ago when the creative staff of several cartoons where "whinning" that the era of creator driven cartoons was ending? This is exactly what they meant. The reason Bunga here is going to be on a MLP theatrical release is that Hasbro wants to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. This is the case ever since the first Equestria Girls. You people decide for yourselves if this is good or bad. I'm now going to share my opinion on this whole thing. It creates worlds that are as wide as oceans and as deep as puddles. The problem is Hasbro's philosophy over it's franchise. On one front, they antagonize the fandom under pretension of protecting the IP when there are other companies that do the exact opposite and the truth is that both are fine. They filled legal departments that need to justify their existence. Also, Hasbro, DHX and IDW don't give a damn about the quality of the franchise from the storytelling perspective. All they want is for you to buy stuff. And this is why the movie is going to widen the puddle and you're expected to buy comics if you want to learn about the history of Equestria. And people complain about the oh-so-evil Disney... Ironically, I can think of two franchises under Disney that are much better from this perspective: The Lion Guard and Star Wars: Rebels. Both are much more focused and even when more limited by TV age ratings and target audience guidelines (Lion Guard), manage to explore their universe in a more mature way than MLP, making better use of their source material and appealing to the fan's want to learn more about the world while at the same time expectation to find familiarity within the world. Just slapping the familiar characters there won't do if they're not in their world. It's going to feel like a crossover fic. Also ironically, this shows how much these IP holders respect their costumers. Disney too wants you to buy their stuff. The difference is that they treat the animated media as part of the product, instead of advertisement. Because they know that you, the person that consumes their product, isn't an idiot that will blindly praise everything that comes out for the sake of praising. Also because the quality of their product is in the product itself, not in the praise from the consumer. It sounds like I hate MLP, but that is not the case. The problem is that MLP is a huge pool of wasted potential. As much as I like it, I like it because of what it could've been and because of what it still manages to give, keeping alive these characters in those episodes in-between season openers and finales. Also, I'm not disappointed by what I'm seeing: this is Equestria Girls all over again, dressed in different clothes. Instead of teaching me more about the magical land that I love, the characters are going to leave it and explore some other crap I don't really care about because it's not what brought me to the cartoon to begin with. Now, that won't stop me from watching the movie and enjoying it if the story it tells is good, well crafted and makes good use of the characters. I don't like Capper's design, but who knows? Maybe he'll crack me up on the screen. This may be a good movie. Just not the movie that I wanted (because I can only speak for myself) ever since being in love with the whole mythos of the two godlike creatures that brought day and night to this magical land, the mythos of the magical power of friendship and where it came from.
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    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    What the hell is that? A honey badger from space??
  5. Metemponychosis

    The Pony Movie!

    The secret to enjoying this whole franchise is keeping expectations as low as possible. And I don't mean this as a bad thing. MLP just isn't really very ambitious.
  6. Metemponychosis

    the strong king kind of look like triek from mlp

    I think that we may be jumping the gun saying that he's like Tirek before seeing the rest of hi body. A lot of people said that he may be a yeti.
  7. Metemponychosis

    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    Well, Meghan McCarthy is involved...
  8. Metemponychosis

    Princess Cadance fan club!

    I wish I saw something like this in the cartoon or comics. It can be with Cadance, Shinning and Flurry heart it necessary. Or maybe see Celestia going full protective parent on Shining Armor and Cadance.
  9. Metemponychosis

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    @Nuke87654 I feel kind of silly posting something here most of the time because you already do such a great job at reviewing these episodes. I'll just leave a few likes here.
  10. Metemponychosis

    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    Check this out. I don't know the actress, but I love it.
  11. Metemponychosis

    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    I'm not digging these designs. Well, specifically, Zoe Saldana's and the cat. I don't see a reason to make them bipeds when Saldana's character could be a gryphon and the design would pretty much be the same and I'd really like to see the cat as a "real" feline. I don't know. I feel like this is a crossover rather than a MLP movie. After the EG movies, I'd like to see more thematic consistency, unless they're going to another world or something. Also... Edgy O. C. "Broken Horn" McEmo makes me laugh every time I look at her. Princess Sushi looks fine, as does Tirek, I mean, the centaur. Take what I say with a grain of salt: I'm really not too excited about this movie because I think that the mindset behind MLP doesn't really work very well with epic stuff. If there is a huge threat, I expect other nations to get involved... I'm sure the bald eagles gryphons would kick ass, but every time the cartoon ignores everything outside of Equestria. So my only hope for this movie is that whatever is happening is faaaaar from what we know from the cartoon and the ponies are there because "ponies!" EDIT: Yes! I know about Catrina. G1 also had humans from the start.
  12. You're right. My butthurt over her on the last seasons make me forget that too often. About MMC: I want to like this episode, because I like the general idea, the songs... But it suffers from the typical season finale syndrome. I read an interview with Larson that said that the original idea was going to make it look a lot more like Twilight got lucky, or something like that. I like the way it turned out better. It's not perfect, but could've been a lot worse.
  13. Metemponychosis

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    I think Fluttershy is written very consistently in the cartoon. If you like her, it's easy to like her in any episode and what make people like different episodes is more linked to different stuff in the episode. I guess. Does this make any sense?
  14. Metemponychosis

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    @ChB I tend to really like Fluttershy episodes. On of my favorites is Dragonshy, but not really because of Flutters. But because of Flutters, I'm thinking Flutter Brutter. I can't think of a bad episode with her. Even Putting Your Hoof Down is worth it because of Fluttershy.
  15. Metemponychosis

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    @Nuke87654 About Rainbow being pushed out of the hospital... At least in Brazil, the decision about releasing the patient from the ward is a decision between the patient, family and the responsible medical staff. Though I'm pretty sure it's similar in the US. The thing is: Brazil has a very present public health system and a patient that doesn't need to be interned SHOULD be released because a lot of public money is involved. However, out-patient care is a thing. So a patient isn't abandoned after being released. This is, to my knowledge, truth in the US too. The thing is... Patients want to leave the hospital ASAP even if they're not directly paying. And they should, because a hospital is a place for sick people, therefore, there is a lot of sickness in hospitals. Even with separated wards and perfect usual higienization measures, there is always the chance of catching some drug resistant little monster. As usual, the problem is that none of that has anything to do with the reason Rainbow is kicked out of the hospital. It is, as you said, because the plot needed it. This is typical of MLP... Everybody loses common sense because the plot needs it and a single line of dialogue would fix it. Wasn't that tne problem in last episode too? MLP is just lucky it's so charming.
  16. Mewtwo, to my knowledge, had a different kind of background that allowed the writers to launch him in any direction because there aren't people with the same kind of story to look at it and say it lacks verisimilitude. Starlight Glimmer has a "normal" background that is familiar to people, and that allows people to judge it. Correct me if I'm wrong. But Mewtwo missed the point of the morality surrounding the way Pokemon fight and that was the root of his motivation. He was created in a way that caused him to lack compassion. Starlight Glimmer was a normal child, that went through an event that is considered normal in the life of any child and yet reacted to it as if she had gone through heavy psychological trauma. This is very similar to the way younger people react to traumatic life events. Even the mild ones. To them, it looks like their world is about to end because they lost a friend or two when moving out of town while their parents are just waiting for them to grow out of it. I was like that and I think there is a high probability that you were like that. The difference is that neither of us turned into a control-hungry sociopath. I still think that, rigidly speaking, she could be categorized, colloquially, as a psychopath (which is actually an umbrella term, but... Colloquially.) because she doesn't seem to miss understanding of social norms. She lacks compassion and a sense of morality. A "normal sociopath" would miss the point of doing things with her friends, but would understand why messing with their minds is off-limits. But I'm digressing. The point is that Mewtwo, to my understanding, was "done right" because they were wise to make him different. I'll be damned if this kind of pandering isn't a big power fantasy of sorts, but I don't really care. I believe that the cartoon could do better, but also believe that raising children is the responsibility of the parents not of a cartoon. It's just a shame that I was lead to believe that MLP was meant to be a smart kid's cartoon and this has a tendency of putting MLP in that category of children stories where the adults are utter incompetents so that the kids can fix the problem. And the kids are actually adults that never grew up.
  17. Metemponychosis

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    @Nuke87654This is why I usually complain about premises. They are the first block you lay on a story and if it's weak, your whole story is at risk of falling apart. The episode introduces the idea of the cider and then the premise of the whole episode is 'villains, representing corporate interest, come to town to ruin local, familiar business by taking away the 'soul' of the whole operation'. Personally, I can get behind this idea, in the idealistic level. Not because I think that corporations are bad, but because, by themselves, they are amoral and don't care what dreams and lives they squash in their path. The problem is that what really happens in the episode is this: 'two stupid villains come to Ponyville with a stupid proposition that business savvy people should laugh at, but Applejack is an idiot, Ponyvillians are idiots, and no one seems to think that the whole competition is idiotic and isn't helping anyone'. In a world of sanity, what would've happened is that the Apples and the Flim Flam Brothers would've made a deal that would've benefited both parties and the costumers, made a lot of money and good cider for everyone. But then we wouldn't have a conflict would we? Therefore, instead of writing another story that would fit the realm of sanity, we make characters act stupid. And then we force a resolution that makes no sense because we can't admit that we screwed up at square one. And it's painful to watch, because I know that the people involved can do better. This is what I mean when I say that MLP ought to respect itself more. Sometimes it's too simplistic for the subject it's trying to tackle, other times it tries too hard. It's like a rocket trying to reach orbit, but lacks fuel to reach escape velocity, because they couldn't use proper fuel: either it burned too fast or too slow. The brothers fail as a foil because they didn't really do anything wrong or contrary to what AJ usually does in the basic idea, only after that nonsense about splitting profits that things fall apart. It falls to contrivance to create the conflict and because of that, it's the script that must contrive, again, a condition for a satisfactory resolution. This was so easy to fix. Make the idea of splitting profits more reasonable and then, maybe the machine was causing some damage that would incapacitate them from making cider next season. Maybe the machine required an undue amount of energy and was harming someone. Or if you must go into the competition, the machine, just plain and simple, couldn't keep up with the Apples' passion and was making less cider without the need to introduce this idea of the quality control. Or perhaps it's produce was of inferior quality to begin with. This idea of quality control only serves to add unnecessary arrogance to the character and to add another element that didn't need to be there. And then there is that joke about Rainbow Dash never getting cider. They say that comedy thrives on tragedy. This is kinda true, and taste in comedy is very personal, but if the character is suffering without need, for no reason other than making the character suffer and through no fault of it's own... Don't we call this abuse in this fandom? EDIT: maybe I'm being too hard, because this is the episode that introduced the two brothers and we don't really know them. It's just painful because the whole only goes wrong because of these details.
  18. Metemponychosis

    Handwave/Retcon Your Least-Favorite Moment(s)

    Ah. Got you. I'm used to people thinking that it is necessarily bad. The problem with the cartoon, and that I think your changes would make better, is that it never looks like whatever happened was intentional.
  19. Metemponychosis

    Handwave/Retcon Your Least-Favorite Moment(s)

    @Nuke87654 About numbers 2 and 5... I think I'm missing something here. I was under the impression that you think that Celestia is already too manipulative. Not that I disagree that those changes would make the whole thing better, but...
  20. Metemponychosis

    Chrysalis' Next Move

    True. But that can be said about any fictional character, who just don't have a "deeper layer" until they are given it. Take it from a disheartened Celestia fan: don't expect much.
  21. Metemponychosis

    Mane 6 Fan Club

    @Sparklefan1234Teenage Colorful Ninja Ponies!
  22. Metemponychosis

    Handwave/Retcon Your Least-Favorite Moment(s)

    @Anti-Villain I don't consider the comics the same level of canonicity as the cartoon. In the cartoon, Nightmare Moon didn't even have time to do anything. I don't have a clue why the ponies are afraid of her and why is Luna filled with regret. Celestia needs an episode, there is no argument there, but also needs the cartoon to stop treating her like a stage prop instead of an actual character. You know the whole sermon. The Cutie Re-Mark? Are you talking about that 'battle' against Sombra's soldiers? I couldn't decide if the lameness in that was intentional, as trying to say that ponies just can't fight, or if the animators didn't care. Not to mention that the whole thing was a flashback inside an alternate timeline.
  23. Metemponychosis

    What's Your Least Favorite Comic Arc/Issue?

    The first arc that made me think that maybe I should stop buying the comics was the Reflections arc. Then 'The Good, The Bad and the Pony' convinced me that I was wasting my time with the main series. Thinking about those fills me with dread that IDW is going to explore the past lore of Equestria.
  24. Metemponychosis

    Chrysalis' Next Move

    Chrysalis next move is being redeemed... Personally, I loved Chrsyalis as a villain because I assumed that her motivation was caring for the changelings. Now that I know that she's just another 'dark-evil-bad', she lost a lot of her appeal to me. In reality, I think that the best thing they could do with Chrysalis now is have her try to wrestle the changelings from Thorax. Maybe she has some dark spell that turns changelings back to their original selves. But I don't really know how they'd pull this off because it would have to involve the ponies and it would make things too convoluted. Maybe the best path for Chrysalis is seeking revenge, even if she doesn't really stand to gain anything from it. Just out of spite, try to destroy what those who defeated her love the most.
  25. Metemponychosis

    Handwave/Retcon Your Least-Favorite Moment(s)

    - Celestia isn't a useless dolt. Somehow... - The Royal Guard isn't filled with incompetent morons. - Nightmare Moon had time to actually terrify ponies and that flashback was inaccurate. - Starlight has a past that justifies her motivation and her abilities, something more than "Boohoo my friend left me to make a life for himself." These are the only things that really bother me in the cartoon. All the rest is completely episodic and doesn't hurt it in my eyes.