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    What are your thoughts on Starlight Glimmer and Trixie

    I like Trixie. I think she's funny and I like the way she talks. She had a kinda nice development and we learned more about her as seasons went on. Considering the princesses and the Mane Six are my favorites, Trixie comes in very close to them. Starlight Glimmer... To me she feels like that OC that gets a bad "tragic" backstory goes evil but suddenly everybody likes her as soon as she says "I'm sorry! I'm not bad! I just suffered so much!" And now she's in the layer of the following fic that introduced the character, showing off how awesome she is. I want to like SG, specially since she and Trixie bounced off nicely with each other and because she's a good kind of character (I forgot the term for the character that doesn't know everything and so is a good conduit to deliver exposition to the audience). i just don't want her to become Twilight Sparkle 2.0, with what I'm very worried right now.
  2. Metemponychosis

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    I was saying your argument is bullshit. That is not crude nor is it a strawman. It' an opinion. And now you're repeating your point that Equestria must be like the US because its writers drew inspiration from it to come up with Equestria. I said that being inspired by something doesn't make it the same. Specially when you want me to remove parts of what defines Equestria and that make it different. And you're saying that I'M building a strawman? Then you're pretty much saying that anything I come up with to show that Equestria is different must be based on something that you allow it to come from when I already said that Equestria should be seem, for the sake of this conversation, as it's own independent world. Can you name THIS logical fallacy?
  3. Metemponychosis

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    Oh, come on. Don't tell me "bullshit" offended you or something. You're just being condescending. Just like asking "what's so hard to believe about that?" When there is a princess ruling California, said princess got her position for graduating at magical and friendship studies, and the US accepts a president that comes from another country because they admit she's fit to rule them spontaneously, you get back to me with this argument. Drawing inspirations is not the same as making it the same. Equestria may have similarities to the US (there is no way anyone can deny that), but saying that it's necessarily the same and functions in the same way, enough to draw this sort of parallel is a bit too much for me. I get what you're saying, but the US doesn't have rainbow cascades, Washington DC doesn't stand atop a mountain and Obama doesn't raise the sun, people there don't change the weather (at least no the same the ponies do) and I'm pretty sure that apple orchards don't get magically charged and apples turn rainbow colored. I'm also pretty sure that the US National Guard is somewhat more useful than the Royal Guard.
  4. Metemponychosis

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    Bullshit. It is what it is. EDIT: By the way, what do you mean that it is written there?
  5. Metemponychosis

    Does the toyetic nature of the show hold it back?

    I don't think it does. At least I never noticed it. I have a tendency of thinking that it does, but I can't really put my finger at how this would work. I think that Flurry Heart is an asspull but Twilight's palace kinda fell naturally into the narrative. Cadance kinda felt like another character parachuting into the cartoon to sell toys, too. Of course, the "story" itself exists to serve the marketing department, but that is what keeps the whole thing wrapped. Could the cartoon be "better" if it was different? I think so. Well... SW Rebels exists for the same purpose of selling toys but the storytelling part of it seems to be more important and there certainly is an overarching story being told that MLP just lacks.
  6. Metemponychosis

    How would YOU write a Celestia episode?

    I think that Celestia needs to be shown as what we are supposed to see her. I mean that Celestia is the ruler that never rules, the teacher that never teaches, the guardian that never protects... You see where I'm going. Now the problem with this is that any episode needs to conform to the show's formula, so it must have an easy to follow moral and it probably demands the presence of certain characters (of which Celestia is certainly not a part of). Back in the day, people used to say that if Twilight dropped the ball, Celestia would catch it. Seeing that would be fine for me, mostly because the cartoon has no qualms about showing the inverse. After all, Twilight is the closest thing this cartoon has to a main character... But the way I see it, everything that happens in this cartoon feels undermined because Celestia doesn't seem to be that impressive. For example: villain X defeated Celestia. So what? She folds like wet tissue every time we see her fight. And yet we know from "lore" that Celestia is not to be trifled with. There seems to be two Celestias: the one that is the badass ruler/defender of Equestria when we're not looking and the stepping stone for every villain when we are looking. And that is if we're lucky enough to see her even mentioned in the episode. I want to see the other Celestia too. The problem with Luna is that she's too popular and we're too used to seeing Celestia making way for others. It would be too easy for the writer to use Celestia as a crutch to talk about Luna some more. But I also don't want to see the opposite. I want an episode that acknowledges Celestia as the character that she is, because of her, not despite Luna, or because of her. It seems that Celestia's defining moments are when Luna does something or when Discord does something, or Sombra, or Discord. Celestia, right now, is not a character. She's a plot device that sets up the stage for those characters to do their things. For example, Luna's dream magic. Celestia needs something like that, where she can function independently so I know that she has her "uses" that are what she brings in when she's helping others. So, Luna has shown her value for herself and to others. Celestia, because I never saw her show her value for herself, feel like she's more of a liability because she never seems capable of doing things by herself. The keyword is "SEEMS". I think it was "Stranger than Fanfiction", where Twilight can't go to Daring Do's convention with Dash because she's busy with Celestia at some important "diplomacy stuff". I want to see leaders shutting up and listening to Celestia when she speaks because she's the 1000+ years old ruler of a nation that seems to be the most stable and happiest one in that mess of a world they live in, even though a bunny stampede can cause panic. People have this weird notion that an episode about that premise would be boring... Diplomacy is fertile ground for social faux pas and political powerplay. If I'm the only one that can see a great moral and funny comedy from this, I need to quit my job and jump on a freelance writer career. Or maybe see Celestia actually helping ponies with stuff. Teaching Twilight how to make to disagreeing parties on a court session come to agreement simply by listening to them and providing insight. Let them butt heads till they're tired of disagreeing and then show them how stupid they were. Or just see Celestia blow shit up, because she seems to be the only princess that never does any of that. Honestly, anything that SHOWS that Celestia occupies a tangible place and has actual importance.
  7. Metemponychosis

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    For the sake of simplicity, I'm going to assume that my boss is the only boss I can have and it's on my preferred job, and I'm not willing to change jobs because of this jerk (those are three assumptions that everything that can go wrong is going horribly wrong just because you want it). If this foreman is ridding my flank, I'm probably not doing a good job. And if that is the case, I'm was going to be taking the same thing here on Earth anyway, so it's the same. But if I am doing a good job, and this guy is still on my case, I'm going to have a talk with the local Princess. She seems to be interested in getting involved in this kind of problem. Why do you assume that my job doesn't pay me enough to retire comfortably or to care for my health. Starting with that, there is another thing... Just because public health is non-existent in the US, I doesn't have to be in Equestria. Specially with the whole friendship theme going on. It may not be perfect, but it doesn't have to be awful either. And again, I'm sure that if Equestria was real, people would take this sort of issue to Twilight and she'd be certain to look into it. Even if it can't be fixed, there is someone that cares taking a look. That is the beauty of Equestria, in my opinion. I used Donald Trump as an example because that is one that americans can relate and understand immediately what I mean. But the problem are politicians in general and the actual democratic process as a whole. We've made a system that elects the one that manages to hide their dirt better than the others or at least can lie better. And in my opinion, it's worse in the US than it is my country. Here, I literally have a dozen of presidential candidates. I doesn't matter which one I vote for, the're ALL corrupt and they're all in bed with all sorts of corporations with all sorts of interests. Or do you thing that Hillary is factually better than Trump? If the cartoon would delve into the politics of Equestria, we'd see some nice things because the princesses are there, they are in control, and they have good intentions. So why care about Blueblood? I care about Celestia and Luna. They're the ones calling the shots. Here, I have to be concerned about the idiots getting elected in my country and then the neanderthal in Russia and the Clown in the US. And by the way, Blueblood is at least a good diplomat. The problem with this discussion is that Earth wins by default because it's real, but loses anyway because we're imagining "what if we could go to this fictional place?". A fictional place that is idealized and has room for solutions that our real world just doesn't. People are going to make their Equestria be better than Earth if they want because it's a place of "good endings" by design. No matter how many monsters appear on Equestria, things always turn out ok. Here, if I make a wrong turn and end up in the bad side of town, the "least worst" that can happen is that I'll lose everything I'm carrying and the "villain" is not even going to be defeated in the end. Unless the writers from the Game of Thrones series take over.
  8. Metemponychosis

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    I'm sure everyone will agree when you manage to lay on a cloud to sleep on a lazy sunny Sunday, or can move objects with magic. Or can talk to your favorite characters. Visit Twilight's palace and live as her subject. Far far away from Donald Trump and the like.
  9. Metemponychosis

    How would YOU write a Celestia episode?

    If Celestia ever got an episode, I'd do everything in my power to keep Luna as far from it as possible to avoid it becoming about Luna through Celestia. So I guess I failed at your requisites... I want a "Celestia episode", not a "Celestia AND Luna" episode.
  10. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia

    I kinda makes me happy whenever someone posts something like this. It reminds me that I'm not the only one and that the powers that be are bound to notice that hey need to give Celestia some love. Did you read the Journal of the Two Sisters? I despise it, but you may enjoy it because it does give Celestia *some* spotlight and does make her look good.
  11. Metemponychosis

    The MLP Fandom

    Without even reading the other answers, I can say that this is wrong. The fandom isn't dependent on the cartoon and feeds itself. In fact, I think that the cartoon only got where it is because of the fandom. Now, after reading the other answers, if the cartoon ended this week and Hasbro came out and said that MLP-FIM is dead, the fandom would keep going because the content creators (fanfics, fanart, music) can keep it fed for a long time and in my opinion have been shown doing a better job at it than the cartoon itself. What I'm trying to say is that the fandom isn't dependent on the cartoon's success. Every episode could turn into a repetitive mess of recycled ideas (some people think that it already is) and the fandom would keep sites like Equestria Daily and going.
  12. Metemponychosis

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    During the earlier days of the cartoon, when Equestria seemed like a pretty nice place, nicer than the usual on Earth, I would've gone to live there. Specially under these conditions.
  13. Metemponychosis

    What if a cast member passed away?

    Put another person in the job? Now, I'm not saying that these people aren't important or that their death wouldn't be a loss, but what are the producers going to do? Assuming it's a voice actor, kill the character too? Me? I'd understand and keep watching, judging the new cast member on their own merit. Not really an issue when thinking about the reasons I watch the cartoon.
  14. Metemponychosis

    Thoughts on Spike's Love of Rarity?

    One of the things that bothers me in MLP (that is mostly in the past now) is the way that Rarity kinda acknowledges that Spike likes her... Or did like... It's another thing I feel has been pulled down. Because it made me feel uncomfortable that Rarity was using Spike's affection of her to make him do favors to her without ever letting him know that he doesn't stand a real chance with her. It was always unclear to me how did Rarity see their "relationship" and how dis she see Spike seeing it. The thing is that Spike is a child and Rarity is an adult, no mater how many caveats there may be about dragons and ponies aging. And while I think that there are fics that deal with this by simply making Rarity wait for him to grow up one way or another, this is never going to see the light of day in the cartoon or comics. MLP is afraid of calling Derpy "Derpy", of Twilight punching Tirek, and Queen Celestia. The cartoon will never touch this, either to put an end or to confirm it.
  15. Metemponychosis

    Guardians of Harmony show.

    I have to see it before I can decide if i would watch it. The reason I like MLP is because of the characters. The setting. I think that if focused more on action and adventure, it could open a venue to explore more about the characters, but it's all about execution rather than the idea.