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    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    I think this is wrong. Even if in the execution end of things, conceptually, they are very different characters. For the sake of the argument, I'll ignore all the criticisms of the execution. First of all, the real Celestia is supposed to be something like a school principal, and she took Twilight as a personal student because she was special. But additionally, the pony is the ruler of a nation, and takes care of making the day. And that is the bare minimum. With some good will, one could add to that. Maybe I'm missing something about the character in EG, but I really don't care about it. She could be the Amun-Ra of that universe, I don't care about her. Well, maybe that is the problem. They wanted to do the useless mundane school director and were stuck with the Celestia Lauren had created. I never got that far in the trailers because I rather not know the details ahead of time. And it doesn't matter. It's the same as almost every season starter. An idea that could be interesting but the cartoon killed it a long time ago because it never bothered to be a thing before. Who cares Celestia and Luna are retiring? Most of the time their presence is never important, and I called that at season 4. All of the people who cared about it did. They never said that they would like to retire. Never said that they would NOT want to retire. It means nothing. It's the typical 'woooo wow' to throw at the cartoon and pretend that DHX is telling a story. How many times had the Sisters been gone and it meant nothing? It's embarrassing. But I'm still going to watch it.And I'm still going to like it, because this crap is going to be such a little, unimportant thing in the long run. It's like particularly bad Stockholm Syndrome.
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    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Take what I'm going to say with a grain of salt because not only I know there are fine people in this forum that like it, but I also dislike it on personal level. Equestria Girls only exists because Hasbro wanted a cartoon to occupy that niche. They leeched off their IP since it was already famous and the thing clung to MLP like a tumor. Maybe it's because I'm too enamored with the concept that an author should be impassioned with their creation and also it's actual owner, but the whole idea gives me the creeps. I'm probably too harsh on it, though, but when I first watched it, I thought it was the most bland waste I'd ever seen, that it made poor use of our beloved characters and amounted to an official fanfiction. Which is ironic, since I love alternate universe fanfiction. The only good things about it were the things that were already great in the main series, such as the music and voice acting. One final reason is that when it was first announced, I thought it was actually going to be about ponies, that it was going to show more of their world and build on it. I thought it was an opportunity to properly do one of these 'epic' season opener and finale stories. Finally... Princess Celestia, the ruler of a nation for a millennium, wise and caring, one who literally made the sun move in the sky, reduced to a school principal. Fuck that. If there ever was one thing that showed how wrong these people think of her as a character, it had to be that. Thank Sheshat for fanfictions and people that actually care about these characters.
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    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    To me, personally, it would be because I think that Equestria Girls is one of the biggest problems with the franchise and I couldn't care less if all involved died in a fire. I might've been interested in Celestia's involvement if I thought that the producers gave two fucks about her or anything she could do. But I can't see their Celestia having any more character in her other than, of course, forgiving Sunset Glimmer, I mean, Sunset Shimmer.
  4. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Didn't watch it.
  5. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Absolutely not. What I meant is that I'm tired of complaining about it. In my opinion, a little, but not enough. Not to mention that a couple of episodes that turned the students into a mass of the same character over and over, the school was barely relevant other than serving as backdrop for a story or two. Honestly, most of the season was somewhat forgettable to me.
  6. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    This is why I defend primary and secondary canons. This time the writers are making a point of referencing the movie. Likely because their overlords wanted to make sure kiddies knew the movie was a thing, but whatever. The EEA... It was likely one of the most asinine things out of this cartoon. I understand the need for it to exist, and to be able to do things no non-government institution should be able to do, but with the anemic payoff for all the shenanigans around the school and students... It's a shame all around. I'm not even going to comment on Celestia... It's beating a dead horse by now. No. It wasn't. The problem with it, as in with most things MLP tried to do that had a inch of depth, it went nowhere, became a mess and the producers pretended they told a story.
  7. Yes. I agree it would be a stretch, unless they prepare for it along the season. I guess we'll see. I hope not, personally. This is another reason why I agree that the previous is a stretch. Chrysalis deserves something better. Wouldn't surprise me.
  8. Personally, I doubt it. The production staff knows that this will be the final season. It's going to be something involving Celestia and Twilight, and she is going to 'leave' so that Twilight can take her place. I wouldn't put it above them doing the same with luna and Starlight Glimmer.
  9. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episodes 25 & 26: School Raze: Parts I & II

    Typical MLP season finale... Boring. Obnoxious... We've had a resentful ruler, a spirit of chaos, an evil emotional vampire queen, a magic eating monster, an enslaving tyrant from the past, an actual cult leader and all sorts of monsters as antagonists in this cartoon. This time, it's a child dreaming of... What else? Ruling the world. Ugh... This is why I still say that Nightmare Moon was the best villain in this cartoon. She wanted to be loved, recognized. Cozy Glow was goddamn cringe worth. She even had a crown made with adhesive tape. In fact, i don't know if it was she or Neighsay that was worse. God, what a waste. I hate it when the cartoon does this. It's too worried trying to be all serious and self-important, with these big stakes, but doesn't have the grandiose to feel like it's something actually serious. It's a child! I hope next season we learn that she was Chrysalis that wanted to be sent to Tartarus, or something. Other than that, it wasn't that bad, for a season finale. I feel like the Mane Six were completely pointless, and so was everything else, other than explaining how the hell that kid managed to do what she did. Including the students. The whole mess could've been fixed by the Tree itself. The cartoon really needs to stop with these plots that require characters to be yanked out of the way so that the story can happen. I remember when people used to say the Elements of Harmony where a big deus ex machina, when they actually weren't, but that is exactly what the writer did with the tree here. Since there was that episode about how it tested the students for their friendship, I suppose the idea is that they helped. At least I got the feeling that the school was fulfilling it's job of teaching friendship... But the whole thing felt somewhat rushed and unfocused. I don't know... Maybe I need to see it again... It tried to wrap up the season, and it kinda did, but could've done it better.
  10. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 24: Father Knows Beast

    Of course we wouldn't get a real story about Spike's egg... Or course... Haven't we established already that dragons are jerks and that Spike was better with the ponies? And then, instead of getting an interesting story, we got an episode about an obvious liar using Spike for his gain. Disappointing.
  11. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 23: Sounds of Silence

    Kirin: The Episode! We exist, now buy our shit! Back to you normal ponying. Actually, it was quite fun to watch, and I think this might have been the best song in the season. I also liked the worldbuilding a lot. This is usually the best part of map episodes, but I'm usually disappointed with a couple of things. Ponies always act like they are the saviors when they go to other kingdoms. It's annoying, and the episode never call them on that. Another thing is that it seems that if people weren't stupid in the place they went to, the whole problem would've been solved. While the first is somewhat present, the second isn't. So, it was a good episode, as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 22: What Lies Beneath

    And I thought the series pilot was bad... This should've been a pilot for a new spin-off series and then given more time for each of the individual stories to develop and connect more naturally. Rather than hammering that they really are friends with an iron mallet. Which is annoying as fuck, because I actually liked the idea of the Tree.
  13. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 21: A Rockhoof and a Hard Place

    Boring. Stupid. Poor use of a character. Do you mean to tell me that there are no places in EQUESTRIA where Rockhoof's hero routine wouldn't be useful? I did like the way the other Pillars were handled, however. I think that the problem I have with this episode isn't so much that Rockhoof couldn't fit, like the episode wanted to say. He's just an idiot.
  14. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 19: On the Road to Friendship

    I'm trying to decide which one of those three was more of a jerk, and I really can't. Really fun episode, though.
  15. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 18: Yakity-Sax

    Well, for a while there, I feared this would be Pinkie's version of The Mysterious Mare Do Well. Boy, am I glad It's not what happened. This is was very entertaining and fun to watch. I particularly like the scene with Gummy, and for once, this is one episode I couldn't see the whole plot from the start. So, it's another point I give it. But, man... It's soul-crushing to see Pinkie like that. Also, I'm so glad Twilight has a brain again. What a breath of fresh air Twilight was in this episode. Finally, it was so full of funny things, like the scene with Pinkie asking another ice cream, and I really like this little tidbit about the yaks. I call this one of my favorites in the season. It has 'that' MLP:FIM magic.
  16. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 17: The End in a Friend

    Well, I think this one was a nice episode, particularly considering that I could've liked the previous one better. First of all, this is "Non Compete Clause" done right. If only Twilight didn't get worried the two weren't getting along from the get go, because she ought to know that; a) those two had their differences before, and b) friends get into fights but work it out in the end, otherwise there's not really much weight to her title. Also, this is one of those episodes where I feel like Starlight Glimmer didn't need to be there at all. Why was she doing Twilight's job? She should've been the one to understand what was wrong and how to fix it. It's because of episodes like this one I feel saturated with Starlight Glimmer and feel like she overstayed her welcome. Beside that, the epsiode was entertaining and fun as it needs to be. So, good enough is still good.
  17. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 16: Friendship University

    Took me months to finally see this. And... Man... MLP... Predictable, barely intelligent and even less self-aware. But incredibly charming, fun to watch and even capable of creating relevant stories. Also, ponies are ungodly stupid, and I don't think I needed more reasons to hate Neighsay... If I had to actually complain about something, it would be that the song gone on for a little too long, but, all in all, the episode is nice enough, even if I don't think it's one of the best.
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    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    When I say this, it's hyperbole. But I could imagine that they kept her around because she does have a following in the fandom. But since I think that they don't really give two effs about the fandom, I can't really defend that notion. Call it a hunch. More likely, the problem is that since she is in a 'political' position, the cartoon is too afraid something meaningful with her... Because pretending you're a feminist show is fine, but a political stance would be unthinkable. At the same time, the bottom line is that some of the things they did with her are so bad that can't be unintentional or just lazy. Again, take what I say with a grain of salt. Equestria Daily, comment section of his interview. The point is that giving Celestia this quirk was a bad idea. It would've worked better if she simply decided to try her hoof at acting, given the opportunity. The way they did it, it feels like they tried to input a sort of drama without really trying. "Oh... She had dreams that she couldn't follow... So what? This didn't go anywhere, never existed before, and won't ever go anywhere." Particularly when she jokes that she's going to leave her job and the feeling this leaves behind is that she wouldn't really be missed as soon as you start to think about it.
  19. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    I'll not direct you to specific fics, because tastes differ. However, in these two groups you can find some of the best interpretations the fandom can offer. Just be aware of the 'godlestias'. And this one is nice for some heartwarming stories between Celestia and Twilight. But, also, heartbreaking. It can be hard finding well-written fanfiction, but these groups usually have the best.
  20. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    It certainly isn't very encouraging. They could've done anything with her, down to the benevolent leader with all the 'a ruler is a servant to her people' hoo-ah, or any of the typical benevolent ruler tropes. Instead she's a weird celebrity-thing that is talked about like she's a queen, but ends up being a weird, bland, nothing important. And I can't even complain about it because 'main character, target audience, something something, toys selling, entitlement magic bullet argument'. I wonder what G5 will do to her, if she'll eve be there. Thank the gods for fanfiction, fanart, etc...
  21. Metemponychosis

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    There are two characters in this show that bring out a very weird reaction in me. They are both characters that I like but I can't help being convinced there is something internally wrong about them, I mean, in the inner workings of the franchise. While I'm convinced that Starlight Glimmer is someone's daughter's OC, I'm convinced that there is someone in the decision making process that absolutely hates Celestia with all the might of their black little heart. Profoundly magical, and possessing of a commanding presence, ruling Equestria with her sister, the Elements of Harmony book describes her as and I can't imagine the cartoon landing her further from that. The cartoon can't even decide on what the hell is it that she does and Luna doesn't, while having no problem at throwing princesses around lie the term means nothing to it. While at that, Jim Miller goes on to blabber that Celestia is like Superman and could fix anything too easily. Right... The only thing that will hurt a character more than sloppy writing is aimless writing. She isn't important. She is important in-universe, but neither the intended audience, the fandom in general, or the producers care much about that. All that the first two cares is for pop culture memes, pop culture references and the odd cute pony, while the third only cares that the IP owner renews the contract for more of their work. The quality that is implied isn't more than an after-thought and soe times it's more unintentional than anything. I feel like a fucking hater saying this, but at least I know it's not my fault. It was not by lack of polite asking and educated feedback, years back. Twilight wrote a kindergarten level play, with kindergarten level actors to tell a story that's probably been told [i[ad nauseam[/i] by countless professional theaters and professional actors, recounted in songs and poems like a goddamn religion. Of course, that is on a reasonable world where things make sense. In this cartoon, there are Canterlot ponies watching a school play just so we can pretend that there are any level of stakes in this story. In this cartoon, raising the sun is only important when they don't know what the hell to do with Celestia but is barely mentioned when the focus is on anything else and ponies couldn't give a rat's ass about the lack of her raising the sun. This is the exact opposite of how you build lore around a character and anything it does. Celestia is supposed to be legendary, not a celebrity of a figurehead 'not-queen'. This is bullshit. The cartoon fails to explain why she never did pursue what she said was her dream AND never explained why is it that she ended up 'ruling' the nation instead of pursuing her dream. And still, my profession is medicine, but I still find time, in my limited 80 or something life span to play games, write and publish books and watch dumbass cartoons. There is no excuse for the way the episode treats Celestia and her dream or her motivation. TL;DR: Twilight, again, acts as if she barely knows Celestia. Exactly. Celestia's acting didn't bother me because of two things: I'm already used to MLP and it's heavy hand on anything that requires subtlety; and because that is not celestia's job. If this episode was in a cartoon where Celestia is some sort of implacable, badass queen that nobody can mess with, the whole thing about her goofing off would've been even better. And here is this problem at it's worse. Instead of making Celestia look like she's clueless, she simply looks like a moron. The problem is that it doesn't build up o her character. Anyone, regardless of their walk in life, could've done much better than the wise ruler of Equestria. It borders on the intentional mockery, as if Celestia is pretending that she doesn't understand. It always amazes me how much Celestia is defined by what she isn't, what she can't do. It's as if there is some other series about her that turns her into the ultimate Mary Sue. Of course Celestia was fine with it. Heavens forbid she actually shows a character by having preferences. Oh my GOD! Imagine the riots if Celestia suddenly grew an actual personality being sad she can't act, and should remain as the nation's leader, but is resigned because that is what she is good at doing, and how she better makes everyone's lives better, including hers. Holy shit! There would be a Third World War and it would be called the War of Celestia's Choice. That would be the end of the world as we know it! Fuck this cartoon. Sometimes... Just... Fuck this stupid cartoon. And the worst part of it, is that I acknowledged this episode as, maybe, the best they could've done with her and did acknowledge that it was funny. It's just in the wrong series.
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    How Long did Celestia and NMM fight?

    I feel dirty talking about this. I think it's so lazy and sloppy I think whoever came up with that episode should be ashamed. It wasn't even needed. But whatever.. It doesn't really hurt the series. Headcanon is more than fine, but that scene that solves everything in a couple minutes... It's a wasted idea that could've been a whole movie if they wanted.
  23. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 14: A Matter of Principals

    Agreed. Even having the some of the same , kind of, sarcastic reactions Twilight had in the earlier days of the cartoon in these situations.
  24. Metemponychosis

    Princess Celestia Fan Club

    <Hand raised> Actually thought I was the only one.