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    Season 8, Episode 15: The Hearth’s Warming Club

    I liked this one. I think it's the best one with the students. I just don't have much to say about it other than it was the cute story I expected. At most, I would've liked to see some more creativity in the stories they told.
  2. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 14: A Matter of Principals

    Cameo: The Episode. Deliciously funny, tough. It was good seeing Starlight getting a dose of Discord, too. Honestly, it was ok. Not really much to speak of it and Starlight has a tendency of annoying me when she uses her magic like that.
  3. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 13: The Mean 6

    I'm so glad the episode didn't try to hide Chrysalis or the fact that those were fake. It would've been trite. With that said... I wish I could sit with Discord and watch this episode... He would have a few words to share with the queen. Not really original Crissy... Anyway, I thought it was a lot better than I expected. The set up helped make a better story and better use of the discorded fake ponies. I think that what made it work nicely was how carefully the scenes and dialogue where made, so that the misunderstandings were never too exaggerated. And then, it ended too abruptly. Curious to see where this story is going next.
  4. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 11: Molt Down

    Well, what a cute and fun episode that was. Even if I was somewhat annoyed neither Rarity or Twilight saw the roc before talking to Spike. That thing was huge and was making a racket. Whatever... Not really a problem. The whole joke almost got too repetitive for my tastes, but not quite. Not to mention Spike and Twilight were really cool. So, great episode!
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    Why did the movie get mixed reviews?

    The first reason I'd think of is that it wasn't seen only by the fans of the show. And then, even some fans didn't like it as much. I don't think that this stigma (that I think does exist) is enough to warrant 'a mixed reaction'. Mostly it would get reduced to a few '0/10 Was Gay' kind of reviews that would and should be ignored. In conclusion, I think that the movie was ok, but didn't deserve stellar reviews even if the only reason I ended watching it is because I'm a fan. What I mean is that 'it wasn't that good'. EDIT: I think this thread could benefit from a poll.
  6. Metemponychosis

    MLP: FiM Books

    In my opinion, all of the MLP books are too childish, when compared with the cartoon. It's a gamble, but it might be a good alternative to look for fanfiction, and this is the best site for is
  7. Metemponychosis

    What Is The Best MLP: FIM Song

    Funny. The theme song IS one of my favorite song in the cartoon. But I just didn't think of it as a 'candidate' for best song. I too, never skip it, and often find myself murmuring it's tune, after watching an episode. Man... Daniel Ingram does such a great job in this cartoon.
  8. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 10: The Break Up Break Down

    So, this episode reminded me of something that happened to me some years back and I decided to share because I think it's somewhat related and funny. Though some of you may find it to be sad or pathetic. Anyway, you might just have fun, because I did.
  9. Last episode, when Spike asked Discord for Skelenor in the end reminded me of a funny/sad/pathetic story I took part in. I put it here because I thought it would be too off-topic anywhere else. During the last years of college, and thanks to some endless strikes teachers were pulling at federal universities, I ended up with vacations on weird periods. One such time happened to include Brazil's Valentine's day (it's in May, rather than February). As I usually did, I traveled with my family to a small town in the state of São Paulo where I happened to have a bunch of great friends. We did a lot of things. RPG, LARP, CCG, board games, we even had a reading and writing club. Well, one of said friends owned a nice, rustic, restaurant and decided to create a 'Valentine's Day Lottery' and the prize was a romantic dinner for two, completely paid by the lottery entry fee. The thing is that it was for two, not for a male and a female, but two guys, two girls, etc... It was big because it was a small town and it was full of 'conservative ideas'. We, being the nice friends we were, decided to help her spread the news around town and also entered the lottery. To raise the prize's value. That is when the fun started. All of my friends were either in a relationship or actually engaged. Of course, I wasn't. From that day, they started to make fun of me, because I had a chance of winning the dinner, but didn't have anyone to go with. Some of them even started teasing me, saying they'd find me someone to go with if I won. Particular the owner. See, I didn't want to go. I only got on it because I wanted to help and because everybody was in. I had a cynical view on love, the stereotypical "Oh... It's just chemicals in your head, it just gets in the way. The holyday is nothing more than a commercial gig". Something pretty similar to what Discord said in the beginning of the episode. That is why I thought it was funny, even if it is a kinda overstated opinion. Of course, this friend of ours, the one that owned the restaurant, was the romantic type (the kind to make this sort of thing). Let's just say that if she was in the fandom, she'd be the shipper that wants everyone to be in a relationship, happily ever after. She was also into some neo-pagan stuff, and she was angry at me because I was very into understanding pre-christian mythologies, particularly Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Assyrian and Hellenic. She just didn't understand how I hadn't gone into the same religious schtick she had. Because of that, I still wonder if she rigged the thing so that I would win. Our friends went nuts. Half of them pressured me into getting a date and the other half wanted me to give them the ticket. One of those friends was an Air Force cadet (this town housed the Brazilian Air Force Academy), and this guy was the perfect, annoying, kind of person. He was engaged to some amateur, local, model and they insisted that I had to give them the ticket. It got so annoying that I almost blacklisted his and hers emails and phone numbers. Finally, I lost it when he said "Dude... It's just gonna go to waste with you." It sounded bad, but I knew that he knew I wasn't interested in a date. But it pissed me off when he said it. "Fuck it. I'm going on this stupid dinner." Of course, the 'harassment' didn't end until the big night arrived. I made sure to arrive late, all dressed up and looking pretty. All of our friends were there, after all, the restaurante belonged to one of us. So, in I go, accompanied by a tall cardboard with a stick figure drawn in it, with a blue dress and silver hair, and a bow tie in her head. People thought I was insane. But I gave the waiter the prize ticket and he took me (us) to the center table. The owner went there to talk to me, as she was supposed to greet the winner, and she was somewhat angry, like I was making fun of the the whole thing. I was... But I said. "Seriously? YOU'RE judging me?! You're hurting Platina's fellings!" The twist of the knife here was that Platina is the name of a recurring goddess character in my stories. I swear the only reason I wasn't kicked out of the restaurant was because she was my friend and because people were laughing their asses off. Except a couple of my friends that were actually pissed at me for not giving them the ticket. It took days before some of then would talk to me again, but it was one of the best diners in my life. I swear... If this episode had aired at that time, I would've dressed in purple and green, and taken Skelenor to dinner, because I know that she watches MLP too. It would've been even better.
  10. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 9: Non-Compete Clause

    It's such a shame! I really like the students and wanted to see the cartoon doing something nice with them.
  11. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 10: The Break Up Break Down

    Yes! Discord! Please, deliver me from the torment of the past episode! Also, Discord's definition of Heart's and Hooves Day... I love you, Discord. Well, the cartoon sure has a very realistic portrayal of postal systems... With that said, I don't like these 'misunderstanding' stories. They always feel too predictable and played out for me. Especially in a cartoon like this, where you know they're going to get back together. But I felt the episode managed it well enough. If you're going to do something clichéd, do it right and it can work. Nothing special, but good enough. Anyway... I think Discord gives this episode a huge breath of fresh air, and without him, it wouldn't have been nearly as good. Man... Did he save this episode. Even though I have to admit that Big Mac's moment with Sugar Belle was nice and so was the CMC's part as a whole, to the end. In the end, it's a good episode, and, compared to the last one, it's wonderful.
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    Season 8, Episode 9: Non-Compete Clause

    I only managed to see it right now... I paused the video at the 50s mark so that I could write this, and then I'll keep watching it. The plot is going to be Rainbow and Applejack do something stupid because they're putting their competition above their job in the school. It's going to be stupid and I'm going to regret watching this. I swear. If this turns out wrong, I'll leave it here to admit I was wrong, but if I was right, I'll post nothing more and just let this sink in. But I can't! Twilight LITERALLY spells it out, and the episode does nothing with this. If Twilight was using the two to make a point, that would've been pretty clever, but no. Twilight had to appear in the middle of the episode and actually expect things were going fine. And I thought I had gone past the worst until the two of them started fast-talking Twilight. Then the episode repeats itself in reverse. And that ending... That fucking ending. At least the episode didn't have the nerve to make Twilight say it was all a plan. Now I see why people were afraid of school episodes. The moral of the story is: do not make you characters stupid for the sake of a plot. Do not make them stupid so that the characters you want to look good fix the problem. Instead, write a better story. And while at it, don't reduce your characters to a single point of personality each. This is literally the opposite of everything that makes this cartoon good. Twilight, you are becoming Celestia. Stop it. And, Neighsay! Please! Come back and shut this place down! Good... God... Was this episode stupid AND annoying. To the point of being insulting.
  13. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 8: The Parent Map

    This! So much THIS! These are the words I wish I had thought of to define this episode!
  14. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 8: The Parent Map

    In the comics, one of the things that bothered me the most was how the Elements of Harmony lost their charm. Their... Uniqueness. Until they pretty much became a big stick anyone could grab to beat the big bad with. It's like they never had a connection to the Mane Six to begin with. In the cartoon, this manifested in this dumbass map starting to summon just anyone for missions... But I suppose I'm digressing and I won't go into how stupid this idea of the map is. Instead, let's talk about the episode... I don't know. It just wasn't funny for me. Not to mention that this is practically a single joke, prolonged until it got stale and rotted. in a similar way to "The One Where Pinkie Knows". But, with a little more story. I feel like there is a premisse, but that never got really developed into a proper story. It got repetitive. Honestly, I thought just it was boring. Uninteresting. It's that feeling when you're watching something and the story just fails to grab your attention. I can't say that it was bad, though. Just that it was a dud, for me. But, I'm glad Starlight Glimmer didn't fix the problem with a spell.
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    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    Forgive me since you didn't direct this at me, but I feel like Celestia does something right in this episode. It's not what I'm waiting to finally see, but in the episode's own language, Celestia pretty much snatched victory from defeat. It's easy to mention that she fails as an actress, but she does fix the play that was doomed to fail. Not exactly epic or even necessary, but she did.
  16. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    It's hilarious. In the Journal of the Two Sisters This is one thing that bothers me in this episode. It copies the story from the book, but not quite. Don't know why they didn't create something more interesting. Talk about edgy... Yeah, I think it's very hard to find a good fic about Celestia that doesn't feel like she needs to be turned into the most unfortunate thing in existence or utterly inferior to Luna, because... Luna is Luna. Frustrating.
  17. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    I felt that Twilight got caught up in trying to fulfill Celestia's dream. That is why she acted like she did in the episode.
  18. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    I could not agree more to that.
  19. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    This doesn't change the reason I think that this is a quirk rather than a personality trait. It's too punctual, unexpected, and specific to the episode. I also feel like this is a bad comparison. Twilight never dreamed of making friends. Her 'dream' was learning magic, and that is what she focused her time on. If you're getting surprised at things someone else is doing, the first thing you should think of is that you thought you knew this person. I'm also not complaining that they're surprised that Celestia was bad at acting (I sure wasn't, and don't see a reason they shouldn't either). I meant the scene in the throne room when Celestia starts prancing around because she's excited. Twilight ought to know that Celestia has two demeanors: her royal, public demeanor and her more open, private demeanor. This is the sort of thing that makes you say that you don't know a person, and doesn't fit with a close, personal, relationship. These imply spending time with someone, seeing things that the 'public' doesn't see. Otherwise, Twilight didn't really know her anymore than all the other students in Celestia's school. This is a major gripe I have with the cartoon since the first season, and honestly, this likely happens because the people making the cartoon think this is funnier. Or more likely, don't think ahead. The only thing that really happened is that the sun and the moon were appearing in the sky at the same time and ponies panicked. The first thing that happened is that Twilight took control and then nothing really changed. The cartoon never went into how the government, or whatever, would break down without Celestia. Or how Cadance couldn't keep it up and healthy without Celestia. Obviously, because the cartoon doesn't care about these details. What we do know, is that, in that scene I hate so much, doesn't Nightmare Moon imprisoned Celestia in the moon for 'years' and nobody seemed to be missing Celestia or her sun. I don't think that an episode where Celestia shows some magical (and martial) might would really help much. I sure would love to see it too, but it will only make me wonder... If she does have this sort of power, why is it that she never uses it. Sure, it can be done and rationalized in a way that addresses this sort of concern, but I won't hold my breath waiting for it. What I think would really do well for Celestia, in my way of looking at the cartoon, is an episode that shows Celestia dealing with some sort of problem. Look, as far as the cartoon is concerned, I don't really see Celestia as particularly powerful, or irreplaceable in most ways, but one thing that I think she still has, is that she knows how to use her power and experience to make ponies' lives better. Seriously... She's the ruler of the nation. She's not the director, the president, the whatever title that implies limited power. But considering they didn't want her to be called "Queen Celestia", I don't see this happening.
  20. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    Actually, it did. But it was in the right way. It doesn't raise the same kind of feelings that Celestia as a failure usually does. I'm struggling to find an example of what I mean, right now, but by the things we talked about in the past, you'll get a clear picture of what I mean.
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    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    I'm curious.
  22. Metemponychosis

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    Having watched the leaked version, without background music and missing a few sound effects, I'm amazed at how much better the episode is with them. Beyond that, I love this episode. Most of the problems I have with it come from other episodes. By itself, it is great. As part of the series, it just makes me wish it belonged to smarter cartoon. So, why was Celestia studying magic if her dream was to act? Quirky much? I think the episode was trying to imply that she couldn't follow her dream because of her ability to raise the sun required her to study (if that makes any sense by the episode's own logic). But the connection is never really stablished. But it doesn't really matter, because the actual problem is that the writers keep forgetting her age. One thousand years, minimum, is a hell of a long time to not do anything that is your dream, particularly when the cartoon's idea of rulling a nation is a bunch of social activities and generic meetings. I'm not going into another episode. Regardless of that, the episode deserves congratulations on avoiding the typical cliché of turning Celestia into another princess wants to escape her privileged life and responsibilities. It even makes me think that she enjoys it. I already love it for that alone. The best part of the episode is that Celestia is charming and funny without coming off as an idiot this time. Likely because they didn't slap her to another 'end of the world' or some other important thing that is not her actual 'job'. The whole time, she actually looks like she's trying and having fun. I love it. The conversation implies that Celestia and Twilight were close at one time, but it's still just a conversation. Whatever happened to 'show, don't tell'. Whatever... Time constraints, yadda yadda... I get it. At least she looks legitimately hurt when she hears Twilight venting. And she says that she loves Equestria... While doing charades. She's so clueless it's charming and cute. But it's disappointing when the cartoon tries to show this 'less-princessy' side of Celestia and Twilight/Spike react as if they never saw that. It's hard to believe that they had a close relationship when they act surprised when Celestia is herself. I like the the theater play to tell the story, but it's putting a detail on an story that was told years ago. And like in the Journal of the Two Sisters, it feels more like a patch to fix a big hole in a curtain rather than exploring a character and giving it background. Especially with the minimum effort approach to Celestia's reason for existing, and the fact that it's not even an original idea. If Hearth's Warming Eve had some insight into the role of the princesses in the cartoon, this wouldn't be a problem. Or even if they never said that she rules the nation, and kept repeating it when she never does. When Ms. Rogers wrote the Journal, she was trying to fix a 'sunrise-sized' problem, and not a 'Celestia-sized' one. Still, if the cartoon is going to try and consolidate the canonicity of the expanded universe, they might as well do it right. The story told in the play has several details that are different from the book. Most important, Luna's part in it and the consequence of their connection to the sun and the moon. Not that I like the book, but the way the story is almost the same, but not quite, is weird. And it's frustrating because the series tends to be better written than the books, almost as a rule. I can't help wondering if I'm going to see Luna's dream ticker or her other pets in the cartoon... This whole thing just makes me think that the real reason this whole story got into the cartoon is because nobody really gave two fucks about giving Celestia some thought. Gotta love the adjectives Celestia uses to describe her... Makes me wonder if the cartoon is actually self-aware. Well, the big deal about Celestia is that she is the only one that can raise the sun without losing her magic. I suppose the idea is to ignore the scene in Cutie Re-Mark where nobody gives a damn that Celestia is gone and not even the plants need the sun. That Celestia's ability to move the sun is irrelevant most of the time, that Discord does it at will (without losing his magic), that it's a simple matter of transferring her magic to someone else, that it can be stolen; that ponies apparently have been moving the sun for an untold number of nights and days since the dawn of time... 1. It doesn't make any sense; 2. What is the point? What a waste. I get it, though... Celestia's a leader. Sounded great in the episode, but when put in line with the rest of the series... It's simply conflicting. I'm not going into details because this is already too big, and like I said, this isn't a problem with the episode. Maybe I'm being too cynical and this is the best that they could do with Celestia. I complained more than I wanted, and complaining that something is wrong and then complaining when someone tries to fix it is just pointless. But after seeing the season premiere, I feel like what Celestia needs is an episode that gives some insight of how much she would be missed if she vanished. Despite all the times that she did and it wasn't even part of the problem. I should be praising this episode, because everything is the typical great 'normal' I've come to expect from MLP: the animation, facial expressions, the music, the jokes, the VAs, even the typical complaints that people have about some character being 'OOC' can't be found anywhere. Like I said, the episode is a 5 stars, even if I think that the whole story about raising the sun is simply lazy and that Celestia deserved better treatment in the series.
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    Season 8, Episode 6: Surf and/or Turf

    'Conceding' is a very specific word and full of meaning that the episode doesn't really convey, but I feel like it would make sense, considering characters all over keep saying that she 'rules' Equestria. Did you get that from the comics? It sounds like the sort of thing they'd do. Still don't know why she wouldn't do something about that giant prick, IF she's conceding, but I suppose that this is a discussion for another thread.
  24. Before this Saturday's episode, I would've thought of the CMC. Right now, I'm thinking of Discord. Trixie and Starlight Glimmer. Cadance and Shining Armor could be, but I'm not sure what kind of problem they'd fix. Not Celestia and Luna, for me, which should be something I'd want, but seeing how I feel the cartoon treats Celestia, I'd rather not.