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  1. Sweet Pen

    Blue Diamond(Ponified)

    Hey guys, I'm back once more on this place, and so I bring a new artwork of mine: It's Blue Diamond from Steven Universe as a pony. I didn't made her on the recent form, because I couldn't find a good reference, so yea.
  2. Hey what up, Welcome to Equestria Daily ms. Liz!

  3. Sweet Pen

    Pony art!

    Here's my recent drawing that i've done~
  4. Sweet Pen

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    Never heard of the Inktober thing kek xd How about some personality swap between the mane 6?
  5. Sweet Pen

    Just a Twilight drawing

    I sketch and paint and do everything else on Paint Tool SAI. And well.... it depends on how I want to shade it, can be flat or with blur.
  6. That moment, when people compare Overwatch with Paladins.

  7. Sweet Pen

    Just a Twilight drawing

    I actually do shade on few drawings mine, but since I don't have a tablet, I can't do them right and shows the fluffness x.x
  8. Sweet Pen

    Just a Twilight drawing

    It's the day I do canon ponies xD I tend to add some more details, like fluffness x3
  9. I've finished this drawing today, after having troubles deciding what pose should be. Eh, I tried.
  10. Thanks for the feature!

    It makes me feel so happy and such, and that I should never stop drawing! Wooo!