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    Blue Diamond(Ponified)

    Hey guys, I'm back once more on this place, and so I bring a new artwork of mine: It's Blue Diamond from Steven Universe as a pony. I didn't made her on the recent form, because I couldn't find a good reference, so yea.
  2. Sweet Pen

    Pony art!

    Here's my recent drawing that i've done~
  3. Sweet Pen

    Ryu's Inktober Drawthread

    Never heard of the Inktober thing kek xd How about some personality swap between the mane 6?
  4. I've finished this drawing today, after having troubles deciding what pose should be. Eh, I tried.
  5. Sweet Pen

    Just a Twilight drawing

    I sketch and paint and do everything else on Paint Tool SAI. And well.... it depends on how I want to shade it, can be flat or with blur.
  6. That moment, when people compare Overwatch with Paladins.

  7. Sweet Pen

    Just a Twilight drawing

    I actually do shade on few drawings mine, but since I don't have a tablet, I can't do them right and shows the fluffness x.x
  8. Sweet Pen

    Just a Twilight drawing

    It's the day I do canon ponies xD I tend to add some more details, like fluffness x3
  9. Thanks for the feature!

    It makes me feel so happy and such, and that I should never stop drawing! Wooo!

  10. Thanks for the watch on DA ^~^

  11. Sweet Pen

    Morning Stretch! Free Art.

    Hey there friend~ Could you draw my ponysona Lica? If Isn't much, of course.
  12. Sweet Pen

    Drawing icons/headshots!

    Ooooooh, that's cute~ Do you think its possible draw my OC?
  13. Two new drawings on my gallery thread, if someone's interested.

  14. Sweet Pen

    Sweet Pen's gallery of art

    My recent artworks. Part of a trade Corruption
  15. Hello ponies~ I made this thread to post the artworks i've done recently and before, both traditional and digital art. Well, without a scanner, I'll do more digital than traditional, but yh, hope you guys like it. Digital Artworks Dreamin Sparkle in the Darkness Before the Sun Traditional Artworks Young Dragon Empress Lava
  16. Sweet Pen

    Sweet Pen's gallery of art

    Thank you~ And yes, I tend to see Celestia a little more evil xd _______________________________________________________ Another drawing coming up, this time is Luna being hit by a pokeball.
  17. Yes, draw Luna being hit by a pokeball.