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  1. TaliaKirana

    World of Warcraft

    Patch 7.3.5 drops tomorrow for the US. Patch Notes. Welcome to the patch that'll probably be remembered as the leveling revamp patch.
  2. TaliaKirana

    World of Warcraft

    Faction specific mounts awarded for buying the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket! I love the Alliance one so much.
  3. TaliaKirana

    World of Warcraft

    7.3 drops on August 29th! Since I last posted here, I have gotten my paladin to 110 and got her class mount + ground out Concordance for the color variants. Still wishing I could do the same for my warrior. (I'm still sore about the purple version being locked to prot spec. And I generally main Arms.) Been leveling my DH a bit, and she's 103 now. DK is still in Northrend, got my monk there now. Druid is level 60, considering swapping her to Guardian to run dungeons to skip Outland. Hunter is level 37, thinking of running her through both Plaguelands zones. Rogue is level 50, still figuring out where I want to take her. Rolled an Alliance priest, as an excuse to run through the Worgen starter zone again. I also created a dwarf warlock, who's still level 5. I am looking forward to seeing Argus, especially on my Draenei.
  4. TaliaKirana

    World of Warcraft

    7.2.5 drops June 13th. Official Patch notes. Looking forward to the increased drop rate on the rank 3 mining items. And the new items that will let alts learn the Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor flight paths. My warrior knows most of the major ones, but it's a pain for my other alts.
  5. TaliaKirana

    World of Warcraft

    And Blizz just announced a developer Q&A for June 8th. I suspect we'll get the date for 7.2.5 at the end of that.
  6. TaliaKirana

    World of Warcraft

    Tomb of Sargeras Normal and Heroic unlock June 20th! I'm guessing 7.2.5 will drop the week before.
  7. TaliaKirana

    Treehouse out of episodes?

    Nope. After episode 11, Discovery Family will run the three Equestria Girls specials in MLP's timeslot. So, at least a three week hiatus and could be longer.
  8. hey umm hello nice to meet you....

    1. TaliaKirana
    2. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      *waves back*

      so how are you?

  9. And a dump of new episode synopses, along with the reveal of two new episodes - "Marks and Recreation" and "Secrets and Pies." (Daring Done hasn't had a synopsis revealed yet, so may have been delayed.) "A Health of Information" is revealed to be a Fluttershy/Zecora episode. "To Change a Changeling" is a Starlight/Trixie episode, focused on helping Thorax's brother. "It isn't The Mane Thing About You" is a Rarity episode, with her having a mishap with one of Zecora's potions. "Once Upon a Zeppelin" is a Twilight episode involving her taking a trip with her family. "Marks and Recreation" is another CMC episode, with them encountering a foal who doesn't want a cutie mark. "Secrets and Pies" is a Pinkie/Rainbow episode. Lots of CMC and Twilight this season. I definitely approve.
  10. Synopsis for "Campfire Tales" revealed. CMC + AJ, Rainbow, and Rarity episode. It's them sharing stories with the CMC because their camping trip got ruined by fly-ders. If that's what it sounds like (flying spiders)... Nope. Nope. Nope. *shudders*
  11. And more titles: Episode 18 "Daring Done" - That's a bit ominous. Is Daring about to announce she's retiring? Episode 19 "A Health of Information" - No idea Episode 20 "To Change a Changeling" - I'm pretty sure this will be a Thorax/Spike episode. Maybe Starlight too? Episode 21 "It Isn't the Mane Thing About You" - Considering they're using mane in the title, I assume hair styling will be involved. Could we finally see Babs again? That's her special talent. But watch it be about Zephyr instead. Episode 22 "Once Upon a Zeppelin" - All I can guess is a zeppelin is involved. Zap2It just dropped the synopsis for 11-15. "Discordant Harmony" is a Discord/Fluttershy episode (Discord invited Fluttershy to see his realm. Begins changing it and himself because he's afraid she won't like it.). "Fame and Misfortune" is a Twilight episode. (She actually went and published the Friendship Journal.) "Triple Threat" turns out to be a Spike/Ember/Thorax story (Spike accidentally invited both of them to visit at the same time and is panicking about them not getting along).
  12. Update: the Triple Threat synopsis turned out to be fake. Title's real, synopsis is not.
  13. Three more episode titles revealed: "Fame and Misfortune" - I wonder if we may be seeing Coloratura come back? "Triple Threat" - This one has a synopsis too, and it's crazy. I'd begin to think Chrysalis would bide her time and strike next season. Nope, apparently she's striking in the mid-season and has recruited two old villains to help her kidnap Starlight. (I'm calling it now, she gets left hanging while the other two escape to be the villains for the finale.) I think Chrysalis is going to be dumb enough to liberate Tirek from Tartarus. And what do you wanna bet she finds Grogar there too? I suspected it was foreshadowing when they had him name-dropped in "A Flurry of Emotions." "Campfire Tales" - Have no idea what this might be about.