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  1. Quite Quiet

    Post Apocalyptic Pony [OOC]

    Sorry everypony who was interested in this. I lost interest due to perceived lack of interest from potential players. One character and one expressed interest isn't enough incentive for me to invest my time in running this.
  2. Quite Quiet

    Post Apocalyptic Pony [OOC]

    Great character, lilcipher. Is no one else interested? I was kind of hoping for at least two players before starting.
  3. Quite Quiet

    Post Apocalyptic Pony [OOC]

    That's a good question. At least at the very start, I'd like things to start off in Ponyville, just so players can meet each other. Though who knows what the future will hold.
  4. Quite Quiet

    Post Apocalyptic Pony [OOC]

    You can consider this the recruitment thread. For now, this info would be more than enough. Be sure to explain what your cutie mark is and what your super special talent is, if you have one. Name: Race: Personality: Background: Appearance:
  5. Quite Quiet

    Post Apocalyptic Pony [OOC]

    The way I see it playing out, it's more leaning towards a free roaming sandbox, with story based events scattered about. Meaning players are free to do as they wish within the setting and rules, but every now and then they might stumble upon something related to the main story. In theory, they do not have to follow up on the story events if they are not interested. At least that's what I have planned. I want the beginning to be character driven. Players finding each other, dealing with their situation, and maybe even having fun in their new deserted world. Also, I plan to play my own character within the setting. That way, I won't just be waiting for someone to stumble upon an event to take an active role in the RP. I can also help 'guide' others towards events through him, if people express an interest in this OOC.
  6. Quite Quiet

    Post Apocalyptic Pony [OOC]

    Forward: Hello everyone, I'm Quite Quiet or QQ if you prefer. I've seen a lot of interest for RP, so I thought I'd start one of my own. Thanks for taking a look at this thread, and hope to have fun with everypony. Overview: Life in Equestria was not always all fun and games, but it was a happy and simple life. A life you could understand. Unfortunately, that all seems to have come to an end. The world as we knew it is over. However, that does not mean that what's left of our lives will be filled with nothing but gloom and doom. There will be hardships, and there will certainly be an adjustment period, but surely we can find reasons to smile in this new world, and in that regard perhaps it is not so different than the previous one. This game is about trying to start a new life, after losing the old ones we were used to. It's about finding new happiness, no matter how drastically things have changed. Scenario: Up until yesterday, you were a regular resident of Equestria, the land of pony folk. There was no great war, no horrible plague, and no mysterious invader. One day you just woke up and simply could not find anypony. You were the only one in your home. There was nopony out in the streets. Everywhere you looked you just found deserted homes and businesses. There was no sign of struggle or conflict. In some places you found traces of ponies that make it look like they were just there a moment ago, like a table with a meal spread out across it. However, upon closer inspection you'd find that the food was long cold and stale. It's as if the everypony just picked up and left without a word, and you were left behind. You may as well be the last pony in all of the world for all you know. Are you really alone though? Or will friendship find a way? Rules: On top of the regular Forum rules, I expect everyone who participates to follow the following guidelines to ensure the game run smoothly. Follow the regular Forum Rules for this website. Do not control another player's character and do not write what happens to another player's character. If you wish to directly interact with another person's character, write an 'attempt' and let that player decide how their character is affected. For example, if I wish to attack another character, I'd write something like this: "QQ attempts to attack Lavender Foe by throwing a rock at her." Then I would wait for Lavender Foe's player to decide if I hit or not, and the consequences of the attack. Do not show up with all of the answers. Part of the scenario is that the players do not know what is going on, and solving the mystery is an option I want to keep open for those interested. Do not make up your own reason as to why the majority of the population seems to have disappeared. Not only ponies are gone. Actually, most creatures with sapience have disappeared. Sapience is defined as such: The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. To further define it, I'll use the phrase 'High Intelligence'. In other words, wild animals are still around. Ponies, Dragons, Cows, Sheep, Diamond Dogs, Changelings, Yaks, and Draconequus, are just some of the races that have mysteriously disappeared. However, they have not all disappeared. There are a few odd exceptions for unknown reasons. Thus you can play as anyone from any race, as long as it's understood that the majority of the sapient population seems to have disappeared. There is no night. The sun is up in the sky, and there is no one to lower it or to raise the moon. We are thus trapped in a world of eternal day. I'd like to take this time to remind everyone that this is a fanciful fantasy of colorful pastel ponies. While I realize that eternal day time would very quickly destroy the world beyond repair in reality, this is not reality. For the purposes of this RP, the world can actually function with eternal day due magical magic reasons. The temperature never rises to high above summer like temperatures. Both Canon and Original Characters are welcome. There is no Post Length requirement. Don't feel intimidated by longer posts and feel like you have to match length, but don't feel like you can only post a small amount either. Post the quantity you are comfortable with and remember to have fun with your writing. Conflict will be decided through RP until further notice. I'd like there to be some kind of simple system that decides the outcome, but since there isn't a dice roller on this site, I'm not sure what I want in terms of systems. I'll be testing things out as I go, and am open to suggestions. All of these rules are subject to change, and more rules will be added as needed. Last of all, have fun everypony. If you're interested in joining, please post interest here. Feel free to ask questions, suggest suggestions, and comment with any comments you might have regarding the game, even if you do not intend to play. If you do want to play and have a character you feel would fit the scenario, please post all relevant info in this thread. Please look forward to the in character thread which will be starting soon. If you're interested in joining, the following info should be enough for now. Be sure to explain what your cutie mark is and what your super special talent is, if you have one. Name: Race: Personality: Background: Appearance:
  7. Quite Quiet

    Traditional Role-Play (Interest/recruitment)

    I'm definitely interested. I've RPed with and without dice, but I've never played in a game where the DM rolls all the dice, and I've been meaning to try it out. Do we still create our own character's statistics and such? There are a few pony RP systems out there, encase you didn't know. There's a very simple one called Puzzles and Ponies. Character creation is really simple, and it might be a good place to jump off from, even if you plan to roll all the dice yourself.
  8. Quite Quiet

    Ponyville RP

    Hello, nice to meet you. Is it alright if I join this rp?
  9. Quite Quiet

    MLP RP!

    Hello, nice to meet you. I'm here for Rping as well. Are you hoping to RP in this thread or use this thread to set things up? Have you got a scenario or specific setting in mind?
  10. Quite Quiet

    Interest Check - XCOM style RP

    So is this Ponies in an XCOM type world? Or are we playing as humans? Also, are you going to be handling all the dice and such? Either way, it sounds interesting. I'd join if you need another player.