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  1. Starlight Glimmer and Trixie? Simple as that.
  2. Askre

    Any episodes that seemed real bad to you?

    Although it isn't the worst for me, I do often cite this episode to show when Pinkie is written the worst. Sorry guys, the catchy song at the beginning did nothing to endear me to her because the rest of the episode showed her terrorising and old man(donkey) who just wanted to be left alone and worst of all, she pretty much got away with it and was even rewarded at the end. But the worst episodes for me is a double, Secret of my Excess and Spike at your service. The first one makes no sense to me since few episodes later Dragon Quest clearly shows to me that this is not how Dragons grow up and Spike at your service totally demolishes the one trait Spike was always shown to be good at, assisting others. These are the only episodes I skip when binge watching MLP.
  3. Askre

    Weirdest Pony Name

    I've ceased being weirded out by Pony names since their naming convention seems to be all over the place, sometimes, especially for supporting characters the name mysteriously ties to their natural talent, at other times it is rather ambiguous and at other times it's clearly done just for the sake of a joke. All Pony names are weird, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  4. Askre

    The Baseball Thread

    Although I live in Norway, I have always been fascinated with baseball, sadly you don't get a lot of news about it here in Europe since well here it's all about Football/Soccer, people just look at you funny if you mention baseball. So as someone who is definitely interested in the game but sorely lacks information on where to gain more knowledge on teams and plays and all that good stuff, where would one go to acquire it?
  5. Askre

    S6 - Episode 18 - Discussion

    It took me two viewings to realise that they actually had minimal cast in this episode despite four of the mane 6 were in the episode. I sometimes forget that Flutteryshy/Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash/Applejack are voiced only by two different voice actresses. As for the episode, I was surprised that they actually managed to make me like Snails. It was an enjoyable episode all around.
  6. Askre

    How often do you watch the show live?

    I usually prefer to wait until it's available without streaming, but I do sometimes catch a stream if I happen to be near the computer when the episode airs.
  7. Askre


    Applejack is my second favorite after Rarity, I can't help it, despite my girth, I like farm life and the outdoors and I've worked on several farms in my youth. I just generally gravitate to farmer characters. Applejack is just so darn likeable and dependable, yet so hilariously stubborn sometimes that I just can't but love her to pieces. Also she makes apple pies, any character who makes apple pies is good in my book.
  8. Askre

    Princess Celestia

    I like Celestia and always have and usually cringe when people depict her as some insane tyrant or other typical negative portrayals of her. I never viewed her as perfect, despite the appearances, I mean from the first episode we learn she was forced to banish her own sister to the moon. From the start I was going "good lord what kind of a mental hell has she been going through for the past 1000 years?" My thoughts on that were pretty validated in the season 4 opener, just making me rooting for her even more. She's had to make so many tough choices, yet in the end it's always paid off. I don't bother with "how it might have gone wrong" mindset, were some of her plans flawed? Maybe, but hey look they still succeeded, so I'm not hung up on "what might have been", I look at her success rate and it's pretty damn impressive. I'm more of a when Celestia shows her plans going "Your plan is insane! LET'S DO IT!!!!" She's a mother to her nation, a parent who isn't afraid to let her "children" get down and dirty to learn their lessons. She isn't a helicopter parent and when it really comes down to it she will take action, just most of the time she doesn't have to. I just can't help loving her. Not because I think she is perfect, but exactly because I don't think she is perfect.
  9. Askre

    Why saddles?

    I personally think initially they were developed for rescue ponies to properly and safely carry anyone that was too injured to walk but still not too injured to need full blown stretches and could thus ride on the rescue pony's back. Or at least saddles initially were developed for work related purposes and slowly and eventually migrated into the world of fashion. I mean jeans were originally created as work clothes, not casual wear. Lot of things we wear today were often initially created for different purpose.
  10. Askre

    Ranking the Mane Six by Wealth

    Personally I would consider that renting, but that's just me.
  11. Askre

    Ranking the Mane Six by Wealth

    Well here is my list. 1. Princess Twilight - she is clearly from a well to do background and her royal status has just elevated that higher. 2. Rarity - Considering she has the means to open the third shop, yeah I'm going to agree that she must be doing well. 3. Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash - Yeah I'm actually going to put them in the same place because I feel they have similar income, Fluttershy's Cottage is just way too amazing to have been built on a budget and then there is Dash's cloud mansion. 4. Applejack - Even if she owns a farm, there have no signs that she employs workers, usually relies entirely on her family to help run the farm and quite often in the show, remarks that they are not doing so well moneywise. 5. Pinke Pie - As was mentioned above, she rents at the place she works at, I don't know about others, but if I had the means I wouldn't sleep above the place I work at.
  12. No thanks, nope, not gonna do it. I wouldn't survive five minutes. I would be the first sucker to die in the latest monster attack.
  13. The show said he was her number 1 assistant. That's good enough for me.
  14. Askre

    Favorite Season of MLP:FiM [Includes Poll]

    I'm going with season 5 for now, the biggest bump was when the CMC finally got their cutie-marks, but also because so far I thought it was the most fun season to watch, it also has my favourite Season Finale. However, season 6 is becoming a strong contender as well.
  15. Askre

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    I couldn't carry on a conversation to save my life.
  16. I don't remember what it's called but the first MLP fan fic I read involved Twilight and Trixie and it left such a bad taste in my mouth, especially the ending that I think I just surgically removed most of it, even the title out of my memory without realising it. I've avoided fics like Cupcake and Rainbow Factory because they are just not my kind of stories. The second fanfic I read was On cross and arrow by Conner Cogwork I remember that one a bit more fondly.
  17. Askre

    The Brushable Thread!

    Nope, just can't use a brush to save my life.
  18.  :cloppa: Updating status.

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    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  20. Askre

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    I claim this spot for all us filthy neutrals.
  21. Askre

    Time Wasting Thread

    Well it was a nice Universe.
  22. Askre

    Time Wasting Thread

    Timezones are fun.
  23. Askre

    Time Wasting Thread