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  1. Can I interest any of you fine gentlemen in my mixtape?

  2. I will come home....

  3. Vinyl

    CS:GO Competitive Games.

    Ay, I'm LE on alt and MG2 on main, add me if you want(steam name same as this).
  4. We're gonna ring-rang-a-dong for a holiday.

  5. There's a snake in my boot.

  6. Vinyl

    What are you listening to?

    Because soundcloud doesn't seem to work anymore.
  7. Vinyl

    GTA V Heists

    I can do heists, etc. Just add me and talk. I might not be up to play most of the time because I'm pretty bad, but I've got a fairly high level(150+ last time I checked). Profile
  8. Vinyl


    Ay, I'm LE at the moment. Ping will definitely be a problem everywhere except Australia since I live in New Zealand(that tiny country under Australia) probably best to play something like casual or dm. Reppin that 5 mil population lmao.