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  1. David Coleman

    Fimfiction WordPress Plugin

    I made a plugin that allows you to embed fimfiction stories in WordPress. Read more. Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be great! Thanks
  2. David Coleman

    Any fan of Starlight out there?

    She's not my very favorite, but she's in my top 10.
  3. David Coleman

    [Unofficial] Equestria Daily Windows App

    It was going to a be a Windows Store app. I've had to abandon it sadly, as my only computer is unable to handle Visual Studio anymore. I'm saving up for a Surface Book, so whenever I get it I'm gonna try to continue this little project.
  4. David Coleman

    Minecraft Server Looking for Staff

    So, my younger brother (16) has a Minecraft server and is looking for staff. It is a low-fantasy role play server (There will be lots and lots of typing). No, it is not pony related. I am just trying to help him find staff. If you're interested, you can read more here: http://www.fablesofvelorae.com/news/staff-design-notes/introduction-in-early-stages-r3/ I'm not sure whether this is or isn't allowed here. I've read the rules and they state to not try to steal the user base, but given this isn't pony related, I am unsure. If there's anything wrong with this, I apologize.
  5. David Coleman

    Twitter is for sale

    Looks like it's down to Microsoft & Verizon. http://www.wsj.com/articles/salesforces-m-a-target-list-excluded-twitter-1476834470
  6. David Coleman

    Post yer desktops

    Are you using Rainmeter?
  7. David Coleman

    Post yer desktops

    I think Google blocks them.
  8. David Coleman

    Post yer desktops

    Desktop: Wallpaper: Foreign Market by RhysGriffiths Phone:
  9. David Coleman

    2016 Sucked

    2016 is easily one of the worst years this decade. Everything from Harambe to exploding phones to politics and more. What are some of your worst experiences this year?
  10. David Coleman

    Username/Nickname Origin

    Back in '07 when I was in middle school, I decided to make an email address to use for school since I did a lot of my work on computers (Windows XP. Yay.). I still wanted to keep my last name so teachers would at least recognize it. My first name is David, but since I was like 11, I didn't want to use it because of stories my parents told me about the internet. I settled on colemandadio@gmail.com (still active by the way). In 2008 I started my first YouTube channel, and switched Coleman and Dadio and was left with Dadiocoleman. Ever since it has been sort of a username even though I prefer to use my real name now.
  11. David Coleman

    Improved Forum Theme

    YouTube videos now automatically come with their own collapsible box, and are closed by default. This will make threads a lot less messy. For the person posting the video, the box won't be added until either after refreshing or coming back to the topic.
  12. David Coleman

    Improved Forum Theme

    Oh. I've been here a while. I just don't post very often. We've talked before haven't we? Twitter sale?
  13. David Coleman

    Improved Forum Theme

  14. David Coleman

    Improved Forum Theme

    So doing it using tags only hides in under forum pages. I figured out how to hide them everywhere. Just use [ spoiler ] in the beginning of the post title (without the spaces). To those who can see spoiler posts, the "[ spoiler ]" text will be hidden. (They will be visible in the url though.)
  15. David Coleman

    Improved Forum Theme

    I'm working on adding a feature to hide spoiler topics. In the footer, go to Local Settings > Hide Spoiler Topics. At the moment it doesn't hide them from the sidebar and home page, but it does under categories. I should have it fixed soon. In order for it to work at all though, the topic needs to be tagged "Spoilers". This works locally, so it keeps your setting in the browser even after closing it. After clearing browser data or changing browsers/computers you will need to set it again.